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Seeking Friendship ‘Verse

45,600 words
College au
Angst and fluff, Asexual!Castiel, plot twists

The information pops up in Castiel’s head as if he’s reading it on his computer screen right in front of him. He had come across Dean’s dating profile the very day he made his own three months ago. He must’ve looked at 20 or 30 different profiles that day, but Dean’s was the only one that kept replaying over and over in his head for a week after. Dean W., seeking friendship.

oOHMH MY GOSH okay so i had a dream last night that sam got a boyfriend

they were on a case in detroit and this guy at a bar started flirting w sam (in my dream he had short red/auburn hair idk) and sam was all bumbly like the guy asked where he was from and sam was like “uh….. … d-d-d-detroit!! i , uh,  i mean, not really we– we grew up on the road” and the dude just thinks sam is So Cute. and they go on a date together seeing the sights of the city and sams blushin the whole time


Honestly I can’t believe this whole “No one congratulated Jensen” thing and the discussions about it, I do stand with that group though as after doing cons for over a decade, they are beyond “Just work and the show”. We’re not a fandom anymore. We’re a family. Just a little “by the way, congrats Jensen” to show that we’re happy for him? We love and care for him? Give him back what he gives us which is exactly that? No? Wow ok. I can’t even look at pictures of Happy Jensen right now, because it hurts me how people think it’s a good idea to try and bring this man down.

There’s been some stuff going on lately, and fans are starting to not show their love for Jensen/Dean anymore. Jared gets all damn of that. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Jared, but how can people do all this crap to a man like Jensen? And I’m not just talking about the twins by the way, that just was what made me realize this has been happening enough now. It really brings me to tears to think about what could be wrong, why people started acting like this, because it does not fucking make sense? Please fucking love the actors like they love us, only like Supernatural fans could. Because we get to. They do conventions all the damn time. for us. JENSEN IS GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE DEE AND THE TWINS LATER, TO BE AT CONVENTIONS. FOR. US. ARE PEOPLE EVEN GOING TO THANK HIM FOR THAT? Ya know, I wouldn’t know, but maybe Jensen even told us about the twins days before the next convention because he knew people would want to know more, and he was excited to talk about it? Could be, right?

So I hate to say it but I am ashamed to call this fandom a god damn family at the moment.

Start acting like it again first, okay?

I by the way don’t need anyone to try and start a discussion with me, thanks. Sorry ‘bout this all, but I’m just really pissed and sad. This family is supposed to make me feel better, right? Why is it making me feel like crap?

I just want to know what’s happening.