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Misha Collins’ Ice Bucket Challenge.

Doesn’t he look cosy?

He nominated Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackels and Senator Hillary Clinton.


Sunbeam Tiger, 1964-67. It was Carroll Shelby’s idea to fit a Ford V8 into the engine bay of the 4-cylinder Sunbeam Alpine. The initial series was fitted with a 260ci motor, the second series with a 289ci V8. The cars were built for the Rootes Group by Jensen Motors and Shelby received a royalty for each one produced, having missed out on building them himself. However production stopped once Chrysler took over Rootes as none of their V8s would fit and they did not want to rely on Ford to supply them.

Fic List

I recently organized all my fics so they would be easier to navigate. I have this same list on my blog, but I thought it might be good to put them in a post as well. I hope you all enjoy. Thanks for reading!



              Cas reads a letter from Dean

              Dean reads “Twist and Shout”

              Benny remembers purgatory

              Dean finds something in Cas’s jacket pocket

              Castiel tries to get Dean’s attention

              A prediction of season ten’s finale

              Dean thinks about when he and Cas finally got together

              Dean can’t remember who he is or where he belongs

              (Poem) Metatron talks to Castiel

              (Poem) Dean questions why Castiel always stays

              Castiel reluctantly turns to God for help

              (Ficlet) Castiel won’t leave Dean’s side


              Dean gains a little weight

              Dean tries to tell Cas how he feels

              Dean catches the flu and is driving Cas insane

              Castiel meets a new “friend” and Dean has to make sure it’s legit

              Castiel is human and Dean wants to show him the ropes

              (AU) Castiel and Dean keep accidentally matching their outfits

              (AU) Dean doesn’t like when his husband makes him eat salads

              Dean relies on Castiel a bit too much

              All of their friends and family return, so the boys have a BBQ

              (AU) Uncle Sammy tells his niece a bedtime story

              (AU) Dean and Cas’s daughter is sick and Dean just can’t handle it

              Dean is sick of Sam and Cas dirtying up his kitchen

              Dean forces Sam and Cas to bond

              (Ficlet) Dean tries to cheer Cas up

              (Ficlet) Cas gets a little chilly

              (AU/ Ficlet) Dean and Cas have Bobby’s cabin for the weekend


              (AU) Castiel has to deal with his very defiant student

              Dean finds out some more of human-Cas’s odd habits

              (AU) Castiel faithfully serves God, so why does Dean walk into his                      church?

Chapter Fic:

(AU) Dean feels as if he lost everything, so he seeks refuge down the neck of a bottle. Castiel tries to help him– even when Dean pushes him away and fights him tooth and nail, he never gives up.



              Something is wrong with Misha and Jensen tries his best to help


              Everyone is becoming an angel on set, even Dean

              Misha and Jensen get a little careless with their secret over the years

              It begins as an innocent disagreement; but soon, it turns into                             something else


              A lucky fan finds herself in Misha’s bed … but someone else is there                 too

              Jensen really wishes that Misha joined him at the Tough Mudder                         competition

Chapter Fic:

Jensen is happy that his wife gets along with his friends and their wives; but sometimes those relationships can turn against him– and sometimes they can change his world completely

               –     After The Plot: Motoring

                                 Jensen and Misha go to VegasCon

               –     After The Plot: Odd Ingredients

                                 Jensen visits Misha and his family in Los Angeles

You know, sometimes being a guest star on a long-running series isn’t much fun. Either the leads don’t like each other or they don’t care about new people coming in. That’s not the case on Supernatural. Jensen and Jared are like two peas in a pod but they make sure everyone feels welcome. They’re just such nice boys.
—  Dee Wallace yesterday when I told her how much I enjoyed her performance on the show.