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Can you do a head cannon of jeff and tony being jealous cause clay keeps hanging out with sheri (like clay you made out with her once)


+So clay starts for some reason hanging out we Sheri more and less with Tony and Jeff
+suddenly Jeff and Clay’s study sessions are getting few and far between is well
+ At first Jeff and Tony don’t really think anything over it until it becomes a few weeks and nothing has changed
+Tony is the first to get jealous, Jeff thinks he’s over reacting being the more relaxed one
+Jeff does end up getting jealous, he walks into school and sees Clay and Sheri laughing over something and he officially become jealous.
+Tony is the obviously jealous one full of glaring at Sheri and when Clay finally has some time to spare for Him and Jeff, Tony is more open to PDA and i mean full on making out with Clay as Sheri walks by (He probably flips her off as well)
+Jeff is quietly jealous he doesn’t voice or show his jealousy in anyway but every time he sees Clay and Sheri laughing together he turns and walks the other way 
+Eventually (Like it takes a long ass time, cos boy is Oblivious, and some intervention from Alex during one of his and Clay’s weekly Monet meetups) Clay realises Jeff and Tony have been acting differently, Jealous even
+Clay asks them about it because again i say poor old Clay is oblivious
+Tony just straight up says “Yea we’re jealous”
+”Why you guys know I love you”
+”Dude you did make out with her once” Jeff ends up saying
+”Yea but that was before this”
+”Still you did basically ditch us for her” Tony says with an affectionate roll of his eyes
+Clay then ends up apologizing for being an idiot and the three hug it out and make it up with a movie night full of cuddles
+Clay then lessens the time he spends with Sheri and makes sure to make lots of time for Jeff and Tony
+Tony still acts jealous around Sheri though, whilst Jeff just tells him to knock it off


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are you still doing the jealous jensen thing? because i thought of one more if you are. and is it just jealous jensen or both of them? because i saw some funny jealous jared stuff on twitter today.

I am definitely still doing it. It may have to be both of them. We talk about Jensen getting jealous when someone else has fun with Jared because he’s so damn obvious about it but oh man. Jared cracks me up sometimes. Like the upfronts in 2014. Jensen is being all cute with Colton Haynes:

So Jared just slips riiiiiight in between them because he’s smooth like that:

DENIED. And then Colton ducks like Jared’s gonna smack him. 

But wait! See Paul Wesley over there looking Jared and Jensen’s direction?:

Uh oh. Yep. He’s going to talk to Jensen:

Someone should do something about that nonsense….


Reminds of of the Saturn Awards where someone else had the NERVE to make Jensen laugh:

And Jared had to spring into action: 

Or maybe the time at sdcc last year when Mark made the same mistake:

Honestly, it’s hilarious. I have about 10 more gif requests to make and very little time right now but I swear. I’ll make it and have the whole thing in one set ASAP. 

Who Is He? | Zach Dempsey x Reader

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Jealous!Zach
POV: Reader’s/First Person

A/N: Hey guys! I really missed writing about Jealous!Zach so I had to bring him back even for just a short one-shot. A couple of people also requested for a Jealous!Zach imagine and I thought now was the perfect time since it’s been a week since I’ve started this blog! Happy week-sary to me haha! Anyway, enjoy this cute little write-up starring Jealous!Zach and a special participation from Clay Jensen. LOL.


“I could get used to this.”

“So could I.”

I reply as Zach and I laid together on the leather sofa in his living room. He laid on the sofa with his legs spread out and his back leaning comfortably on the armrest. I was on top of him, my head resting on his firm chest with my arms wrapped around his waist. I placed my ear where his heart was, I could hear it beating every second or so and the sound of his beating heart calmed my head and pulled the corners of my lips upwards. His arms were wrapped around me, almost like a warm blanket and his chin rested on the crown of my head. We just sat there in silence, although it was very comfortable and calming.

It’s only been a couple of months since we had officially started dating but for some reason it’s almost like we’ve known each other for more than that. We’re very comfortable with each other, and we already know each other quite well if I do say so myself. But of course, like any other relationship, ours wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

It was times like this when I didn’t mind him always being busy with school, or basketball for that matter. He has to do well so that he can get a scholarship in his chosen university. He was busy, he was always either at the school courts practicing or in different states battling it out with other high schools, and I understood, seeing as he is the captain of the Liberty High basketball team, and he is their most valuable player. It’s his dream along with becoming a marine biologist, and who am I to get in the way of his dream. I’ll always be there for him, to support him, to help him, to encourage him whenever he feels down but I missed times like this, if I’m being honest, and these were the days where I could be selfish around him. What meant the most is that I still get to spend times like this with no one else, but him. He was mine, only mine, and I was his, only his.

“I really missed you.” I look up to face him.

“What? Babe you see me in school almost everyday.” he replies with a chuckle.

“Yes I do see you but I don’t get to actually spend much time with you since you’re always so busy.” I answer with a pout.

“I’m sorry Y/N. You know I have to do well to get a scholarship.” he says as he strokes my hair gently.

“Of course I understand Zach. We’ll just have to spend times like this wisely because we rarely get to be together like this. So what exactly do you want to do today? Do you have anything in mind?” I ask him. Just as Zach was about to reply, my phone which was resting on top of the coffee table, lit up. A person’s name came up on the screen and I got up immediately to answer it.


“I’m good, I missed you! How ‘bout you? How are you doing?”

“Uhm, nothing much I’m just with Zach right now.”

“Sure! Sure! He’ll understand. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

“Alright, yup, i’ll see you soon Helmet!”

I smile as I take the phone to my chest and run to Zach’s bathroom. As I freshened up, I can feel heavy footsteps coming closer to the bathroom door. A few seconds later, as I turn around, I see Zach’s tall figure leaning against the doorframe.

“Who was that?” he asks with his arms crossed infront of his chest.

“My helmet.” I reply without looking at him as I hurriedly tried to brush my teeth.

“What did he or she need?” he asks.

He wanted to see me.” I answer as I got out of the bathroom.

“Why did he want to see you?” he asks once again.

“Because we miss each other?” I reply with a smile and my eyebrows raised.

“Where are you meeting each other?” Zach continues to ask.

“The coffee shop down the road.” I say as I put my jacket on and take my purse with me.

“I’ll go now baby, I’ll be back soon I promise.” I continue as I quickly give him a kiss on his cheek.

I run out of Zach’s house and walk my way to the coffee shop. As soon as I saw the wooden sign of the cafe, I went in immediately with a huge smile on my face. And there he was! He sat at the seats near the glass window in front of the coffee shop with a navy blue hoodie on; a pair of headphones hanging on his neck.

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Jealous - Destiel

“Dean?” Castiel asked shyly.
“Yeah Cas?” Dean turned around from the studying he was doing to see Castiel dressed in a black suit that clung tightly to him, especially around the waist.

He had his top button undone and his hair was still as messy as always, but Dean thought his messy hair was adorable. No matter what the two did to it during the years, it always ended up a mess again, it just wasn’t tameable.
Dean tried to say something, he really did. But when Castiel was stood in front of him like that, with shining blue eyes, glistening in anticipation.

He just couldn’t find any words.
“It looks terrible doesn’t it?” Cas said, looking to the ground and seeming to take sudden interest in his shoes.
“No, it looks fine Cas.” Dean said, rather bluntly.
“You don’t seem so sure.” Cas stated, unsure what was wrong with Dean.
“Why don’t you ask Shaylee or whatever his name is.” Dean spat.
“It’s Shay, what is your problem?” Castiel asked, slightly annoyed but still concerned nonetheless.
“I don’t have a problem.” Dean said.

Cas could tell what he was doing, he was doing that thing were he turns aggressive instead of talking about what is bothering him. Cas was hurt, Dean had done this to everyone, everyone but Cas.
“Dean, why are you shutting me out? Tell me what’s wrong.” Cas pushed caringly. Placing a comforting hand on Dean’s shoulder, which Dean pushed off scowling at it.
“Get off me. Save it for Shay.”
“Dean..” Cas half pleaded, still unaware of what was wrong with Dean but assuming it has something to do with Shay.
“If you have a problem with him then tell me. Has he done something to you?” Castiel asked.
“It’s just that-” Dean started but was soon cut off by a sharp ringing sounding from Castiel’s phone.
It was Shay.
Dean looked at it menacingly, almost daring Cas to answer it.
He did.
“Hello, Shay” Castiel said in a tone way too flirty for Dean’s liking. Even though it wasn’t anything but a simple ‘hello’.
“How are you?” Shay asked, the volume was loud enough for Dean to hear every word.
“I’m okay. Listen I’m gonna have to call you back.” Cas said while looking Dean straight in the eye. He cared about Dean more than someone he met only recently.
“Okay, what time should I pick you up babe?” Shay asked. Castiel blushed a little while Dean growled and snatched the phone from Castiel.
“Call him that again and I will cut your fucking tongue out.” Dean snapped and hung up on him.
Cas looked at him in shock.
“What the hell is your problem?” Cas shouted.
“My problem? Is that some dude you’ve met like twice is calling you 'babe’ for fuck sake Cas. Do you know how hard it is to be fucking in love with someone and for them to blatantly flirt with some guy in front of you and then for them to look hot as fuck in that fucking suit and ask for your opinion and have to force out a no-” Dean rambled, only to be cut off by Castiel crashing their lips together in a long awaited, hungry kiss.
“Do you think I would go with anyone else if I thought I had a chance with you? Dean, surely you know that I love you."  Cas said as he pulled away.
Dean smiled before pulling Castiel back into himself and once again connecting their lips. Dean draped his arms around Castiel’s waist, pulling him impossibly closer to himself while Cas rested his arms around Dean’s neck. Fingers tracing aimlessly into his hair.
Castiel bit down teasingly on Dean’s top lip pushing him to take it further, so Dean complied.

He pushed his tongue against Castiel’s lips and was allowed access almost instantly. Their tongues roamed, exploring every area. Cas tugged on Dean’s hair earning a small moan to escape from Dean’s mouth.

It was in that moment they felt more alive than ever had before. Suddenly all of their surroundings blurred and it was just them and the radiating heat from their bodies being pressed so tightly together. From the burning desire.
Suddenly it all made sense, and they just knew, knew it could only get better from here.

Jensen in Green (Jensen x Reader)

Originally posted by brothwinchester

Title: Jensen in Green

Summary:  Jensen may or may not be jealous

Warnings: Jealous!Jensen (not sure if that really needs to be a warning or not lol)

AN:  I had posted the link to this story on here, but I realized that sometimes it’s annoying to be forced to go to AO3, so I decided to repost. I’m going to be doing that with a few stories that I have posted.

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jealous desires (jeff atkins)

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Request: Omgggg please do a jealous Jeff. Like someone keeps flirting with you at a party and it becomes uncomfortable and Jeff(your boyfriend )pushing them back and kissing you😭. If you’re not comfortable writing this I completely understand. And I hope your page goes far. And by the looks of it you seem like a really good writer. ❤❤

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this! It’s my very first oneshot and I tried to make it as good as you imagined to be! And thanks so much for the compliment! I appreciate it! I also have 1 more request in my inbox to do so leave some requests!

Originally posted by painfulblisss

(this gif is perfect for this scenario aha)

The smell of alcohol filled the house while naive teenagers were sipping their red cups while moving their hips to the blasting music.

And among those people was a girl named Y/N.

As her hair flew across her back, the boys of Liberty High awed her presence. But as she walked through the crowd, one boy had a pout on his face as he watched his girlfriend walked with her friends.

Jeff Atkins was groaning to Clay as he said, “I just can’t help it. They know I’m Y/N’s boyfriend, but why won’t they accept it?”

“Jeff, instead of complaining maybe you should go to Y/N and talk to her about it.” Said the boy once oblivious of love.

“Maybe you- See! Zach’s flirting with her now.” 

“Jeff, you’re being ridiculous. Who’s Y/N dating?” Clay asked.

“Jensen, what does that have to do with-”

“Jeff, just answer me.” He repeated.

“Y/N’s dating me.” Jeff mumbled.

“See! Now, go get her back.” Clay said with a small smile.

Y/N wanted to leave the party. Zach Dempsey had been flirting with her for the past 10 minutes and all she wanted was for Jeff to come.

“You know, this beer tastes good, but I bet you taste better.” Zach said with a small smirk on his face.

You made a face of disgust as you tried to move back. Zach got closer to you and now all you wanted to do was smack him in the face.


Soft lips come upon your lips as you start to think. These lips were familiar, they were Jeff’s.

Lips were moving in sync as people continued to dance to the music.

And as all this happened, Clay and Hannah smiled as they adored the sweetness happening throughout this mishap. 

Justin gets jealous over Clay

Originally posted by cherryblo-ss-om

Request: “Can you make an imagine of Justin please? Of him being jealous because you have spent a lot of time with clay. So to mark territory in the aisle is school he push u into the looker a kisses you with passion when clay walked through there” + “Can I get a jealous!Justin imagine? Sorry if you’ve already done that, if so can you please link it below? Also, do you write gay imagines? Because I’m a sucker for Justin x Alex 😍😍” + “Can you do a Justin Foley smut for Ali please. I love your imagines” + “Brandon Flynn or Justin one pleaseeeeee”

You and your boyfriend Justin were leaning against his locker chatting. You love Justin with all of your heart. He’s just the sweetest boyfriend ever. You know that he has a pretty cold and tough exterior, but once you get to know him, he’s really nice.

You’re laughing at a funny story that Justin just told you, when you all of a sudden see his face turn cold.

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So I bet that Jensen didn't appreciate that green screen guy getting super handsy with Misha huh.. (this is the part where you say AHA HE TOTALLY DIDNT and write us a fic to prove it) (please) (there has been a cockles drought)


Jared’s the one who starts it, unfiltered and insensitive as he is. So how do I get that green screen job??? he texts him, followed by 5 consecutive heart eye emojis.

Misha smirks and texts back, I already walk all over you at the job you HAVE.

Lol comes back immediately, but the little grey dots are still ticking away. Misha puts his phone face down on the counter and goes back to stirring his cereal around with his spoon. It’s getting soggy by now and he doesn’t really have any intention of finishing off the bowl, but the kids aren’t screaming yet and he’s going to savor this tiny bit of alone time.

His phone buzzes again and he picks it up. I don’t get paid to grab your ass like that, though! Heart emoji. Peach emoji.

Misha snorts, but his eyes catch on the heading and he groans a little. 

Jared sent this to the group chat. As in, Jensen is going to see these text messages at some point today.

Which isn’t. You know. A bad thing, per say. It’s just… Look, it’s not even like Jensen gets jealous very much. Anymore. He doesn’t have a right to anyway since Misha’s fucking married and all, and he’s chilled out over the years in regards to whatever they have going on. But he does get lonely and insecure sometimes when Misha and Jared get too close, toe too many lines together, and Jared really doesn’t have to throw the fact that Misha was being groped yesterday on camera by someone without the last name Ackles in his face.

He knows it’s too early for Jensen to be checking his phone, so Misha sighs and resigns himself to the fact that he might be a little short with him over the next few days. 


Surprisingly, Jensen throws in a text almost immediately. 

No way green screen guy gets paid enough for that, he sends.

Hm. Misha shrugs and types out, Perk of the job. Groping my ass is a reward all its own and requires no further compensation.

Jared sends back three crying laughing face emojis and a straightforward ew, but Misha’s already composing a separate text message in a private thread.

It was like 5 minutes of touching max, he says. Hardly anything to write home about.

Jensen takes no time at all to respond. Ok, comes back, which is slightly unnerving.

You’re not mad or anything, right? Misha sends, with a tiny emoji to accompany it.

This time, JENSEN sends back a crying laughing emoji. Jensen, who hand types all of his smiley faces and uses so much shorthand his texts border on illegible sometimes.

Pfffft he sends, and Misha bristles because hey now, there’s no need for that. Not when this is the same guy that ends up throwing his arm around Misha whenever they go out with anybody like some primitive possessive display.

A third text comes in from Jensen.

Maybe I’d be a little more pissed if I knew there was anything for him to grab, Mr. I Haven’t Been On A Bike In Six Months.

Misha almost drops his phone down the garbage disposal. 

He sends the poop emoji back and eats the rest of his soggy cereal out of spite.

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My friend and I are sitting at work talking about our Dragon age OTPs and I may or may not have told her my only pairing for Zevran is Zevran/Colt then I showed her your art and she squealed like 'OHHHHH MY GOD'.


YEESSSS!! Heehee!! Okay okay I wasn’t gonna post this before but I must celebrate people talking about/shipping my ship so here, just for you anon!

jelly Jen (1/infinity)

So about the “hand on hand” action…

Remember that time Matt got up on stage and Misha came real close to him and Jensen got obviously jelly?

I do. And it’s always good to bring it up, so let’s look at the moment in detail

look where Jensen’s eyes are. Misha wrapped his arm around Matt and Jensen well, let’s just say he was clearly not too happy about it, and here he comes to remind Misha of the fact that he’s there too>>

He tries to touch/wrap his arm around Matt too, (obviously in order to get Misha’s attention, look, again he’s looking at Misha, not Matt) just to be a part of that or y know, just to ruin Misha/Matt “happy moment” ahahha

And it kinda fails.

And that’s when shit gets serious.

Jensen DOES NOT like it at all anymore.

Matt and Misha were way too close for Jensen’s liking. So he chose a different tactic, let’s make Mish jealous, let’s see how HE likes it

And Mish DID NOT like it much…

He did not like it AT ALL.

And it was then that Jen decided to just put his hand on Misha’s, you know, very “subtly”, Jensen-”subtly”

And Misha approved.

With Enthusiasm.

Let me also remind you that it all began when Matt mentioned going off the stage while Misha still had his arm around him. And all of a sudden Jensen started caressing Matt’s face,“asking him to stay”, cuz “he just clearly wanted to have Matt there with misha and himself so very much” that right after having made Mish jealous he sent Matt off the stage juuust like that>>

and let’s just say it looks like they both (Mish&Jen) knew exactly what the Matt-caressing moment was about

Judging by their expressions here Misha knew. And Jensen knew that Misha knew and was quite happy with himself. :D

and so it could get all back to their happy hour…

Imagine Sam being unable to hide his feelings...

Description: Some jealous!Sam fluff (yay) where he gets jealous of you and Dean

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: jealous!Sam, fluff

A/n: this was probably the quickest fic I’ve ever written

also look at this gif. I love Jared so much.

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

The hunt went surprisingly well. Research was easy, and the vamps never saw any of us coming. On the downside, we were all covered in vamp juice, and in desperate need of showers. Luckily, the boys were kind enough to let me go first. When I got out, Dean went to take his next, then Sam. While Sam was in the shower, Dean decided to be Dean and mess with me.

“Hey, Y/N, better watch out!”

I opened my mouth to ask what he meant, but was cut short when he tackled me on the bed and started tickling me. I could barely breathe, and was silently cursing how ticklish I was.

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Good Luck, Jensen

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 2,685

Summary: Jensen gets jealous which leads to a fight with the reader. She leaves wanting space but Jensen tracks her down.

Requested by: @marvelfreak019

Jensen can’t wait to stroll through the front door and see your beautiful face. He’s only been gone for about five hours but he misses you already. You’re the best part of his day.

He heads inside after a few rounds of golf with Jared and hears you laughing, the sound always makes him smile.

Then he hears a man’s voice and it makes him stop in his tracks. Jensen listens closely and he immediately recognizes the obnoxious voice.

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