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Jared Padalecki’s Birthday Keg Stand - CONAN on TBS

Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki On A “Supernatural/Arrow” Crossover


Hey @idreamofhazel, Happy Birthday!  Lots of love from your SPN Family!

You couldn’t stop watching the clip of Jared doing that kegstand last night, even when you had been watching in real life from just off stage.  The way he just launched himself upside down, the gulps he took of the beer…

The happily tipsy attitude with which he greeted you backstage when their interview was over…

You loved that your birthday was the day after Jared’s, as the two of you often planned something special for those two days.  This year it was San Diego Comic Con, and while that meant that Jared’s schedule was a little more packed, you got to have a lot of backstage access to some pretty cool things around town.

Jared had gone off with Jensen to do another interview, so you had some time alone in your hotel room to pamper.  You took a nice, long bath, relaxing as much as possible before getting out and donning a dress and make up.

Jared had promised to take you out, just the two of you for your birthday night, once he got away.

Not long after you finished getting ready the door beeped, Jared entering your suite with a smile.  He greeted you with a hug and kiss to your forehead, heading to his suitcase to change.

“Whatcha been doin, babe?” he asked, grabbing a fresh button up and undershirt. 

You turned your computer screen, the kegstand video still up on screen.  “Just watching you regress about fifteen years over and over,” you teased back, laughing as he scoffed, pretending to be offended by your comment.

You went back over to him, wrapping your arms around his waist as he finished taking off his top, fresh shirt in hand.  “I think you’re hot, Jare.  Even if kegstands are for 20-year-olds, not 35-year-olds.”

He grinned, kissing you firmly on the mouth.  “I have a few more plans for tonight that 20-year-old me very much enjoyed to do, if you’ll let me get dressed…”

You immediately let him go, eager to see what Jared had in store for your evening.  Hopefully later it would include taking those new shirts off as well…

Happy birthday from @just-another-busy-fangirl