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Greetings. (God, I feel like we should all be greeting each other in a way that shows mourning or something.) Anyway. So we've seen the gifs going around comparing Dean being pulled away from Cas vs Sam being pulled away from Jess. And I felt that, for sure. But when I saw Dean getting pulled away my first thought for his thinking was "Oh no, this is like purgatory all over again, please no, I can't loose him." Because the grey filters, the closing portal - Dean couldn't let it happen again. Ow.

Urgh yeah you are so right. Just like how Jensen said that it was ‘purgatory-ish’ it really was at the end there and that whole moment with Dean calling out to Cas whilst Sam pulled him back to the portal just was a perfect call back to that time in purgatory. 

I have NO DOUBT that that is what Dean thought of. 

Instead what he got was WORSE though! That is the kicker! Because Dean THOUGHT he had lost Cas through a portal… which potentially means he could find a way to save him… there was still some hope even in that moment of terror and “I can’t lose him again!”.

2 minutes later and he sees Cas stabbed through the chest with an angel blade followed by charred wings on the ground. Dean’s worst nightmare right in front of him. 

I also think that the purgatory call back was totally intentionally done by the writers/director because they wanted to make those last few moment as emotional as possible whilst also playing the destiel card. A sure fire way to get the destiel shippers worked up is to remind us of purgatory. As you said, the way it was shot, edited, framed and lit, it was all very purgatory and there is a reason for that. 

Remember as well that after purgatory Cas went through an entire arc of brainwashing that culminated in one of the most destielicious scenes the show has ever given us. Is this foreshadowing season 13? 

dean winchester is so strong and loving and just this amazing character that does so much for the world and i love him so much. i’ve never loved or cared for a character as much as i do for him and my one wish is to be able to actually tell him that and i hate that it’s not possible.

i can tell jensen how much i love dean, but that’s not the same, so that’s why i write fan fiction. i think that’s why a lot of us write fanfition, actually, because we care so much about these characters and this is how we tell them we love them.

fanfiction isn’t just about telling a story, sometimes it’s a personal love letter.

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How do you think Clay and Tony met? In the show it's stated that they've know each other since at least the 7th(?) grade, but I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on how they're first meeting might have gone? :)

How cute would it be if they met on the first day of primary school? Out in the school yard, and maybe Clay got lost and it was one of Tony’s older brothers who found him and walked him to where he needed to be. And then it was that older brother that introduced him to Tony, and Tony decided to stick around with Clay to help him around the school, and that’s how they became friends and why Tony’s older brothers are so protective of Clay

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my fave thing was how when jensen was playing that little melody (sweet home alabama?) jared wouldn't look at him the whole time. they both don't look at each other when they're very emotional, so I'm thinking it made jared feel very emotional

Yes, yes! Totally forgot to add that. Thank You. Everytime they can’t look at each other in emotional moments, you know something is up. And I love that they give themselves out like this. Because it’s all out there, if only you’re willing to see the truth. 

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I don't think that convo was JUST about Dean dismissing John as a father tho. Amara brought Mary back because Dean needed that conversation specifically with his mother. What Dean needed most was to confront and forgive Mary.

I didn’t mean to say that the convo was JUST about Dean dismissing John as a father, I’m sorry if my words made it sound like that. But it had many layers and Dean’s feelings towards John were definitely a layer there. Also I was talking about Jensen’s comment about how he’d expect the show to have Dean confront John, and that he had a hard time understanding why what Dean ‘needed most’ was a confrontation with his mother rather than the parent who actually turned their lives a certain way (like, it’s not Mary choose to die, she chose to make the deal but it’s not like she killed herself, while John made choices after that) and he said that Dean’s words in the script for 12x22 made him fully understand the meaning of the storyline. There is no facing Dean’s past without bringing John in the equation in some way, and Dean chose to bring John in the equation in a certain way - he wasn’t a parent for them. Just like Mary was absent because she was dead, John was absent because he became ‘a shell’. Mary’s death took John away from Dean and Sam, too - it deprived them of both their parents. Dean’s line about being both a father and a mother was about that - there would be no need for Dean to forgive Mary if they’d grown up with a valid parent. A lot of kids don’t grow up with two caregivers, but they still live normal childhoods… Instead Dean said that Mary’s death left him and Sam alone, because John basically died there as the ‘good father’ Mary remembered him to be.

oh my god i watched the jensen/misha panel and jensen was so drunk like???? i was cringing at some of his reactions… he was screaming at times like really screaming…. for nothing??? and he flashed misha like it was perfectly normal???? and ok the underwear seemed funny but come on dude. I just want to know how jensen felt the day after realising what he’d done

i actually felt bad for misha, i don’t care about him but i legit felt bad for him…. he seemed uncomfortable at some parts 

it was misha who was being serious, it was misha who brought up the campaign when he could have used the question for even more pandering, that must tell you something right? 

im not judging, they can do whatever they want but just the fact that the only panel where he gets smashed like this is the one with misha which happens only once a year is just so sad

and i really don’t understand that people would want to pay, like use the money that you earned to watch someone get drunked??? it’s just ????

i mean there, jensen was the only drunk guy in a room full of sober people and they paid to see that??? i mean if it was a private party with close friends well then ok of course but during a convention???

 i really just don’t get it at all, personally i wouldn’t want to pay to go to a convention and watch j2 get drunked, but that’s just me

and i say that because i’ve had some bad memories with being surrounded by drunk people and watching jensen be like that in PUBLIC and only to be able to go through a panel with misha makes me very sad 


Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles, AHBL8 Melbourne
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jared just slipped up and confirmed that misha!!!!!!!!, jensen and him already went to the studios to read the script for 13x16, the scooby-doo-crossover-episode!!!!!!!!!!! the whole room was screaming!!!!!!! jensen was covering his head!!!!!!! jared tried to cover it up by saying mark, ruth and a bunch of other actors were there too, but here’s new confirmation guys!!!!!!!


I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride; I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving you but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close. | Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

It’s interesting because we make decisions and choices, even spur of the moment things happen within a scene or an episode that they then continue to write for. That’s part of the process for a character within a television series. 

The actor does things and the writers watch this and then they start writing towards what the actor’s doing and they start into a collaboration as the character develops


Jensen Ackles on Cas and Dean’s characters at JIB 2013.

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So, what you’re saying, outloud, to a room full of fans here Jensen, is that you and Misha did some things at the beginning of the series that the writers have picked up on and started writing into the show?

Thank you for this beautiful clarification.