jensen ackles: a director's journey


This is the most thought I have put into an episode that’s for sure. Usually I read the script about twice, I’ve read this one about a dozen times. I’m not generally responsible for every actors part,every departments part,so I kind of feel like I am now. It’s nice, I’m learning a lot.  

Jensen Ackles: A Director’s Journey (part 1) [x]


I thought, “Oh, that’ll be easy. The acting, pff, I can do that, no problem”. Like that’s what I’ve been doing for the show for the past five years…so that’ll be no problem. I’ll focus on the directing of that scene and stuff. And what
need to perform, I can perform. What I didn’t realize was that, I was in a totally different frame of mind as a director than I was as an actor. And I guess I just didn’t realize that until it happened. You know, for somebody that’s not used to producing or directing a show this big and trying to fit it into that small amount of time, it’s very daunting and it can be scary.

Jensen Ackles: A Director’s Journey (part 2) [x]