jensen ackles in drag

I want the supernatural cast to be guests at RuPauls dragrace in a challenge where the dragqueens have to turn THEM into dragqueens. Like we know Jensen do a mad lipsync, Misha have no problem wearing dresses, and I would love seeing Jared in fucking highheels!

If Walls Could Talk

Part 2: Don’t Kill Anyone Today.

Summary: Ashley and Jensen’s date doesn’t go exactly as Nicole had hoped.

Word Count: 2315

Pairing: Jensen x Nicole

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my entry for my own YouAU Challenge! It will be five parts total, and I’m having way too much fun writing this. Yet, here we are. Enjoy!

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Other Worldly

Pairing: Reader x ??? (Reverse!French Mistake)

Words: 1582

Summary: Y/n, a superfan of Supernatural is going to her first convention. But when she is suddenly knocked out, she wakes up in the same bed as freaking Jensen Ackles. This has to be a prank right?

Warnings: Weaponry

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Shutting down your computer, you sighed and stretched your arms high. Checking your watch, you realized you had to go. Ducking your head as you passed the other cubicles, you ignored the stares and longing looks that passed your way as people noticed you were leaving. But they didn’t care about you, just about the prospect of you leaving early on a Friday.

You had memorized the bus schedule in your excitement last night and knew the exact bus you had to take to get downtown. Once on, you checked in on Tumblr, quickly typing out a update to your followers.

‘Headed to ChiCon! So excited!!! Will be updating pictures and such throughout the weekend but won’t have the next part of Forever Yours until Monday probably. It’s gonna be a great part though so get ready!’

You put a couple tags and then posted it, smiling as you already saw likes and comments coming in, wishing you a great time at the convention. Forever Yours, a fic you were writing right now, had gained you a lot of followers. As a Dean girl yourself, you had fun writing the fic and couldn’t help putting yourself in the Reader’s position, which is a good thing you guessed.

The next part was when Dean and the Reader finally confessed their feelings towards each other but you were having a hard time finding the right words. So, you were glad that you had things going on this weekend to let you procrastinate and maybe come up with an idea.

You pulled out your earphones and smiled when ‘O Death’ played, one of your favorite songs from the new seasons. Closing your eyes and resting your head on the window, you imagined finally getting to meet Jensen and Jared this weekend. The thought made you smile.

After years of being part of the fandom, you had finally scraped up enough money to buy a gold pass for your first convention, with autographs and a jenmish photo op. You were so excited.

Fifteen minutes and four songs later, the bus pulled up a couple blocks away from Creation’s building. You hopped off, pulling your hood up to shield from the autumn wind, even if it was only the beginning of September.

When you got to the location, already swarming with screaming fans in cosplay, #YANA, and #AKF t-shirts, clutching posters, tickets, and fan art, everything seemed to blur. Suddenly, without even registering what happened, you were inside, your inner fangirl freaking out at being at your first actual Supernatural convention.

You walked around, giddy with excitement when suddenly, you were grabbed from behind and yanked through a curtain. You were about to scream but unable as everything went black.

When you awoke, it was to a very soft surface underneath you. It felt like it molded around you, almost like memory foam… And it was so comfortable you felt like you should just fall right back to sleep….

Suddenly, a weight fell over your waist and your eyes flew open, glancing down quickly to see a large, strong arm draped over you.

“AH!” You screamed, bolting straight up and shaking the arm off you. A deeper yell resounded beside you and you heard a gun cock. You swerved your head to catch fan fiction green eyes behind the barrel of a .45 caliber Colt pistol you would recognize anywhere.

“You’re Jensen Ackles.” You breathed, but now was not time to marvel and you screamed again, falling off the bed and taking the covers with you. A half naked Jensen Ackles was revealed and he quickly stood up, not taking his eyes or the gun off you.

Scrambling farther away on the ground with wide eyes, you hit legs, halting your travel. You glanced up to hazel eyes, shaggy, disheveled hair, and the glint of a jagged knife. Once more, you screamed and stood up, dashing around Jared Padalecki who was too sleepy to stop you. At least at first.

Before you could get ten feet, a large weight knocked you to the ground. Trying to kick and squirm out of his tight hold did nothing and a bandana was tied around your eyes.

“What the hell?” A familiar voice that was unusually rough with sleep sounded behind you.

“Who is this?” Another far too familiar voice came from behind you and you squirmed against his hold on you. His hands almost completely enveloped yours and he sat on your legs to stop you from kicking, but you could tell he wasn’t putting his whole weight on them. Finally, you gave up trying to fight him.

The first familiar voice, now a little clearer, spoke again. “I have no idea. I woke up and she was just… there.”

“Get dressed, I’ll get her to the dungeon.” The second voice responded and you gasped. This could not be happening. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles didn’t have a dungeon.

But you were still dragged behind large footsteps, his grip firm but not hurtful. A sigh came from the man and you could just imagine him running his hand through his hair as he assessed the situation.

“You can make this a whole lot easier for yourself if you just stand up.” The man said, slight humor in his voice.

“I didn’t think I was allowed to stand up.” You replied and struggled to get your footing with your hands still in his grasp and impaired vision.

“Well I think you would have used magic already if you could’ve so I don’t think you’re getting away from me anytime soon. Although I will still have to restrain you until we figure out who you are… Or what.” He explained and your mind was suddenly clouded in confusion once again.

“Magic? What are you talking about, Jared? And where am I? Why did I wake up in the same bed as freaking Jensen Ackles? What happened at that convention? Ow! My head hurts.” You winced behind the bandana and could practically feel the concern coming off of Jared.

He maneuvers you around and sits you down in a uncomfortable chair. “Hey, calm down okay? I don’t know who you are or who you think I am but I’m sure we’ll get some answers soon. For now I have to take some precautions and I’m sorry about this in advance.”

Metal cuffs linked around your wrists and ankles and then the blind fold was taken off, revealing a eerily familiar cement room and Jensen Ackles walking through the door.

Now that you got a good look at him in real life, you felt your breath catch in your throat at his gorgeousness. The same thing happened when Jared came to stand beside him. The camera seriously didn’t do them justice.

“Who are you?” Jensen asked and you were jolted out of your admiration, glancing around the room until you finally realized why this place was so familiar. It’s the dungeon from the show that Crowley spent so much time in.

“Wait, are we on the set?” You questioned incredulously, ignoring him.

Jensen and Jared exchanged a look. “What set? Who are you?” The former pushed again. He uncrossed his arms to let the gun hang by his side. Why was he holding that gun? It’s a prop. Why would he have used it as protection earlier?

Jared, you noticed, also held a weapon. You had seen it earlier but hadn’t registered what it was until now. The demon blade. That thing would surely be blunt so why had he used it earlier also?

“Jensen… Jared…. What’s going on?” You finally asked, done with whatever act they were playing at. Maybe this was a fan prank and there were hidden cameras all around the room. Your followers would never believe it.

But instead of dropping the charade, the men just looked more confused. “Who’s Jensen and Jared? Who are you?” Jensen was starting to get angry and you were starting to panic when a look of realization crossed over Jared’s face.

The younger put a hand on Jensen’s arm to calm him down. “Wait. What did you just call us?” He questioned hesitantly.

“Jared and Jensen.” You replied but when neither reacted, you pushed further. “You’re Jared Padalecki and you’re Jensen Ackles. Why do I have to tell you this?”

Jared seemed to space out for a couple seconds and then abruptly jolted back to the present, looking at you with a shocked expression.

“What?” You wondered and he walked very close to your chair, crouching down to look you in the eye.

“This ‘Jared and Jensen’, do they happen to work on a tv show called ‘Supernatural’?” You could tell exactly when the elder man realized by the groan he let out, but you were still a little behind.

You looked between them warily. “Yes… You do work on Supernatural. Can you please just tell me what’s going on?”

The men exchanged a glance, Jared’s full of hesitation and Jensen’s full of annoyance. “Oh for the love of-” Jensen started, looking you straight in the eye. “I’m Dean, that’s Sam. You somehow went through a portal from your wacky world into ours. Congratulations.”

You looked between the two of them for a couple seconds, then burst out laughing. “That’s a good one. But seriously, where are the hidden cameras? Is this being live broadcasted to the fans? Is Misha going to suddenly appear?”

Suddenly, right behind Jensen it looked like the air was shimmering and then, Misha Collins stood there in his trench coat and tie. He hadn’t been there, and then he was. 

“No way.” You whispered, then everything fell into black.

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Lucky Part 20

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10,
Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19

I’m sorry for the cliff hanger guys, and I’m sorry for making most of you if not all of you scared. I’ve never had my phone go off that much while I was at work, but sadly I enjoyed every minute of it. I say sadly just because I tortured you guys. I promise we’ll get through this! I love you all so much! Hang in there! I’m here for you!

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Jared and Jensen on Sam’s decision to take the MOC in 11x22

JibCon 7 - 2016

Better with Age

This is NOT a continuation of “The Plot” nor is it related whatsoever.

deancasheadcanons: OK SO LIKE in the plot, misha says something about how he and jensen will always be a secret and will always have to hide everything in public so it got me thinking: could u pretty please write something where jensen and misha “out” themselves either on purpose or not, and i don’t care which one of them is responsible. and then maybe they’re like totally cool with it and they actually really enjoy the attention and freedom. thanks ary!!!!!!!

          “So, when did you realize it?”

          “I don’t know, man. Why does it matter?”

          Misha adjusts himself beside Jensen, taking extra care to keep his hand pressed into the small of the man’s back—rubbing soft circles into the freckled skin. “I suppose, I just didn’t expect this out of you. You didn’t strike me as the type.”

          “The type to wanna fuck guys?” Jensen hisses, trying to play up his offense but failing miserably as soon as he sees his new friend isn’t buying it.

          “Basically.” Misha smiles, still watching his own hand. He’s in disbelief that it ended up here tonight. He thought it would be holding a slice of pizza or a beer and eventually, the TV remote. Not his co-star. Not like this. “I mean, I’ve seen the pictures of your girlfriend. You two are about as all-American as they come. I guess, this was a curve ball.”

          “Well, I like to be unpredictable” Jensen smirks, but the look Misha gives him easily cracks his usually cocky exterior.

          “I don’t think you try to be unpredictable—I think you just are. I think I’m going to have a good time getting to know you, Jensen Ackles.”

          Green eyes slowly drag back to the fawning blues—and Misha recognizes the worry in them instantly. “What’s the matter?”

          “Man … like you said, I do have a girlfriend, and I—”

          “And I have a wife.”

          Jensen tenses up with the blunt reminder. “Yeah, but according to you, you guys have some kind of open-thing going on.”

          Misha finally moves his hand away, rolling over and scooting up the bed until he’s sitting with his back against the headboard. Jensen quickly slips around to match him and soon, the air feels tight with their new, rigid displays. “So, does your girlfriend not know about this then—about you? That you’re bi?”

          He shudders with the word—labels like that tend to get people in trouble in this line of work. He tries not to think about it too much as he sneaks a peek back to this strange man who he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since he had to stab him on set. “No, she knows. She’s known since day one. I wasn’t going to bullshit her or anything” Jensen says matter-of-factly. He turns to stare out towards the rest of his small room, thinking about the first and last time Danneel was here. That was a fun night too. “I mean, we haven’t made anything official yet—like, not verbally anyway.” He puts his hands together across his bare stomach and starts to wring his fingers nervously. “I don’t know though, I really like her … and I am just sort of realizing that something like this might fuck it up.”

          Misha tries not to smile but he does anyway, looking down at himself and then to the man beside him, both stark naked and having such a serious conversation—it seems so strangely normal. He thinks again to when he first met the Texas-boy … all sports talk and gruff—he was so not expecting Jensen to be like this. “Well, if you haven’t discussed being exclusive and if she knows that you’re bisexual, I don’t see how she could be too upset.”

          “You never know” Jensen finally spits, sounding much tougher than he looks.

          “You’re right.” Misha glances over the young man one more time, feeling a little knot form in his stomach with the realization that this might be the last chance he really gets to see him this way. “How about I go ahead and go, and you give your girl a call and talk this out. I have a feeling she’ll be fine, but you should do it anyway. You’ll feel better once you do.”

          Jensen looks up from the distance as Misha pulls himself off the bed, smiling at the man’s consideration. “You really don’t mind? Like, isn’t that kind of a dick-move if I make you leave after all this?” He gestures towards his own waist and then peers back up to see a wide grin he wasn’t expecting.

          “Jensen, when you called me tonight and asked me to come back to the set, I wasn’t thinking anything even close to this was in store. I thought you and Jared were just going to congratulate me on booking more episodes or something. I wasn’t expecting it to be just you and me—and I really wasn’t expecting you to get right to the point and ask me out on a date … and I sure as hell wasn’t expecting it all to lead here.” He licks his lips a little as he drags his eyes over Jensen’s body once more. “You have been anything but ‘a dick’ to me … well …” he grins wickedly and Jensen laughs, vibrating the headboard behind him. Misha continues. “So, as far as I see it, I am going home one happy guy.”

          The dark, messy headed man smiles again before turning to pick up his boxers and pants, pulling them over himself and causing Jensen to frown a little. Once Misha is clothed, Jensen finally relents and slides out of the bed too—grabbing some sweats out of his dresser drawer and pulling them on. In another moment, he’s walking towards his friend—hands gliding over sharp hips, eventually grabbing them and yanking them in for a soft, slow kiss. They both stay quiet and hold onto this—filing away the memory just in case it will be all they have.

          “Thanks, Mish” Jensen whispers, pressing his forehead against his friend’s.

          Misha pulls away and stares at him, eyes narrowing as his chin cocks out to the side.

          Jensen tilts his head back as well, shrouding himself in the same, puzzled expression that Misha is wearing. “What?”

          “You called me Mish.

          “Oh …” Jensen looks down at their feet, a slight blush rushing his skin. “Sorry, do you not want me to call you that? It just kinda came out.”

          Misha smiles and leans back in to kiss the man’s cheek. “No, it’s okay. Just … not many people call me that, but—it sounds good coming from you.”

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