jensen ackles and jared padelecki and misha collins

Imagine Playing Pokemon Go! With the Supernatural cast

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** = Smut


Dean x Reader

Sam x Reader

Jared x Reader

Jensen x Reader

Dean x Cas


Not A Fic, But It Is A Series (In Case You’re Keeping Track)

What They Think About Our Love

REQUESTED BY @storyofmyotp: could you uh maybe do a MishaxReader imagine? Maybe they have a panel at spn con along with J2? Lots of fluff and cute PDA from Misha and the reader? If that’s not your thing then I understand. Worth a shot to ask though lol. Love your writing❤

You put on your jacket and take the mike that is handed to you. You look beside you, Jensen, Jared and Misha already ready to get on stage.

Today is the most exciting event in the year: Convention. You love doing panels, being able to see and learn more of the SPN Family. Also, the panel is with Jared, Jensen and your boyfriend Misha.

You fell in love the second you met him. You already seen him on TV, but in real life, it hit you right away. In the show, you play Sam and Dean’s Winchester little sister, and Castiel’s soul mate. You like to think that you are also soul mate in the normal world.

“Ready?” Misha asks you.

You look up at him, smiling widely and grab his hand. A simple answer to say that you are.

“Please welcome Jensen Alckes! Jared Padalecki! Misha Collins and (Y/N) (Y/L/N)!” Richard shouted out from the stage.

The four of you walk on the stage, smiles on your faces and waving to the fans who are ecstatic.

“Hey guys!” Jared greeted.

The public shouts becomes louder.

Everyone greets the fans and finally start the panel.

After twenty minutes of panel, a surprise arrived on stage: Jeffery Morgan and Samantha. Your fake parents, and it is amazing that you are all gathered here.

“Hi” a nervous fan greeted you all “my question is for Samantha and Jeffery: what do you think John and Mary would think about their daughter having a relationship with an angel”.

At this question, both you and Misha burst into a laughter.

“Well” Jeffery started “John wouldn’t believe in angels and then probably be angry and then threatened an angel so that he won’t hurt her”.

“Dean already did that” Jensen said raising his hand “Jensen too”.

“Oh come on” you laughed “you know that even in real life he is an angel”.

“That’s cute” Misha teased stealing you a kiss.

The public shouts as your lips connects and you even hear some people shouting “ooooowwwn”.

“I did too!” Jared said “(Y/N) is like a little sister to us”.

Misha takes a step away to speak “I wouldn’t hurt her anyway. Also, if I want to stay alive, I have too. There’s a moose who is very tall”.

The crowd screams.

“Also, I would beat your ass” you pointed out “I learned a few tricks from (Y/TV/N)”.

“Like a total badass” Misha agreed.

You sit on the chair and Misha beside you and your left, Jensen at your right.

“And I think that you two are cute” Samantha said “when I saw that you were a couple in real life and in the show, I was very happy”.

“Thanks” you smiled.

Once again, you steal a kiss from Misha and once again get the crowed to scream.