So we finally found out what Jensen was wearing when he flashed his underwear at Misha.

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You’re mine, Omega

(Chapter One) Jensen x Reader

Characters: Jensen, Jared, Reader, mentions of danneel

Warnings: none, just some angst

Word Count: 2093

A/n: so excited for this series! Hope you guys like it! Tags will be under the chapter


“Em! Hurry up, it’s about to start!” You sat on your couch with a bowl of popcorn laying on your lap. It was the season finale and you were extremely excited. As you were about to call for your roommate again , she appeared and jumped on the couch beside you. Smiling widely, you directed your attention back to the screen as the first lyrics started to play. 

 Carry on my wayward son, There’ll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest, Don’t you cry no more.

 The moment you saw those green, emerald eyes, your heart swelled and you couldn’t help the soft blush that crept onto your cheeks. From the moment you laid eyes on Jensen, you felt a deep connection and you never really knew why. Then again, you were a 23 year old omega with no alpha, any man attracted you at this point, even though, he wasn’t just any man. He was like a god with that chiseled jaw and that gorgeous smile of his, but it was his eyes that always drew you in. They were beautiful and mysterious. They were fierce and soft. They always allured you. His eyes gave you so much comfort and peace and they also made you more horny than you physically can handle. You always had that one fantasy of him being your alpha. You tried not to think of it often since it always sent you into a big horny mess that would take you almost an entire week to just calm down. But thinking of him being your alpha, it made you go crazy.

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What if we have an AU where Cas is openly gay. As in the camp kind of gay. I only say this because I watch a show called shadowhunters, and there was an AU episode where Alec was so camp, openly gay and comfortable with himself, whereas in reality he was still figuring shit out and had this tough guy approach going on. Anyway, I thought that would be cool seeing Cas like that and Deans reaction to it lol

I mean… ok? As long as camp doesn’t necessarily = queer then fine, if you mean just being more comfortable and not showing off a purely macho man attitude then sure :)

But wouldn’t it be is much better if it was an AU DEAN?!

I mean they wouldn’t even need to get Jensen to act, just be himself :p

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Reality Chapter 9 (Jensen x Reader; Dean x Reader)

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Title: Reality Chapter 9

Summary:  Is this real life, or is this just fantasy? (Y/n) struggled to figure out if she’s in an alternate universe after a car accident, or if she’s just suffering from the after effects of a coma.

Warnings: Language, fluff-ish

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