Two Prompt Tuesday #36

Prompt: Some of the best moments in life are the ones you can’t tell anyone about .
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 665
Warnings: None.

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anonymous asked:

I know it's a ways away. But I cant wait for the J's anniversary with their wives. I wonder if Jensen is going to use a picture off a Google like he did last time.


That was honestly so shady that he did that lol. 

(But was it for their anniversary or was it for something else? I can’t remember, for some reason I’m thinking he used google pictures for something else. But your probably right anon, everyone knows I’m not good with dates lol.)


- K


Part 1 

Requested by anonymous : Hi there! I saw that some time ago you wrote a Jensen x reader story where she was a volleyball player. I was wondering if you could do some sort of second part of it. Where the reader along with some of her teammates are choose for the olympics games. Jensen can’t go with her because he works , but he with Jared and Gen surprise her going to see the final match? And this is their first public appearance together? Thank you so much

Pairing : Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings : None

A/N : Took more time than I thought, but here it is and I hope you’ll enjoy it. If not, then I apologise :/ Anyway, the sloth that I am posted two things today so yayyy !  

      Jensen request Jumping a little on your feet, you couldn’t feel more on the edge. Nervous and excited at the same time. This was it. The Olympic Games had always been a dream to you and you never would have thought you’d be able to go this far and yet, it was happening.  " So, [Y/N] are we going to see your way-too-perfect-to-be-real boyfriend ?  " asked Amy.  

 " I wish but unfortunately, he has to work. “ you answered a bit sad. She put a hand on your shoulder to comfort you and said ” Well I guess you’ll just have to bring a medal home to him, right ? “ ” Or tears of defeat in which case he’d just have to try and cheer me up “  ” Don’t you doubt us [Y/N] ! Now come on, we have like 3 minutes left before stepping in front of the whole world to represent our country and kick some asses ! “  


 The public was very encouraging and it gave you strength. Jensen request Looking at the ball, you were completely focused, forgetting about the world around you. The ball came your way and you jumped the highest you could in the air, hitting it and throwing it back to the other camp. In this moment, the only important thing was to win the game, that’s all you asked for.

It was your last game, your last occasion for you and your team to prove yourself to the world. It was the reason why you got up every morning for the last fifteen years. Why you always refused to cheat on your diet and your trainings, it was for this moment.


What you didn’t know though, was that, while you were focused on playing and winning, someone else was focused on watching you and being proud of you. It was almost the end of the match and Jensen couldn’t shake the excitement in his veins. “ Come on [Y/N], I know you can do it “ he said. 

Jared and Genevieve had taken the boys to their grandparents so that they could come with Jensen.  “ Don’t worry, she’s gonna kick their asses “ assured the giant actor. “ If she doesn’t she’s gonna be so disappointed. I talked to her the other day and she was so nervous “ said Genevieve. 


“ I got it ! “ you shouted, throwing yourself in the air to hit the ball. Right before the end of the match was announced, you saw the other team missing the ball as it fell to the ground. 

The whole place erupted in cheers, some were even singing the national anthem and you were just standing there, speechless and motionless until your teammates threw themselves at you. Turning around you looked at the girls with a huge smile. “ We did it “ you said “ WE DID IT ! “ 

Joyful tears fell down your cheeks as you hugged each girl. “ Out of the way, I think someone wants to congratulate [Y/N] “ said Amy quite loudly for the team to hear. You didn’t understand until two breathtaking green orbs stood in front of you. 

“ Oh my god, you liar ! “ you exlaimed as your jumped into his arms. He held you tightly to his body, enjoying the feel of your body on his. When you broke the hug, he looked at you with that smile he was only giving you. “ You did it, babe. I’m so proud of you “

Chuckling because of his compliment and the intensity of his look on you, you grabbed his face. “ I love you so much “ you said before crashing your lips on his. 

The Olympic Games proved the whole world your team was talented, but the kiss revealed that your dating life was doing very well. It was your first appearance as a couple in public but you didn’t mind. You’d just win the most important match of your career and the man you loved was there with you so, why the hell not ?