In The Moment Part 2

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy, Pregnancy Pains

maryjcarman asked: can you do a part 2 to in the moment loved it :)

anonymous asked: can you do a part 2 to In the Moment please?? xxx

Part 1 

Didn’t think that so many people would want a second part to this, but you did, so here it is. I really like this one too. This has been fun to write. Enjoy guys!! Sorry for any errors, no time to proof read. I need to work on Lucky so I can get it typed up for tomorrow, otherwise there won’t be Lucky!! Not a good thing lol.

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Imagine: Playing Card Against Humanity with Castiel.

When Castiel layed two cards on the table you were laughing so hard you almost stopped breathing. Of course this worried Cas but you assured him you were okay. When you asked him why he picked those cards he just shrugged and said he liked cats. This caused you to laugh even harder. Cas definitley won that round. 

So my boyfriend and his friend went out one day to walmart. They both seemed to find themselves to posters when Drew, my friend stops and points to the supernatural post hanging up. He points to Jared first and says,“ So, this is the one Mercedes’ man,” Mercedes referring to his girlfriend. Then points to Misha and says,“this is the one who Anaïs’ man,” talking about me. And my boyfriend points to Jensen and says,“this ones mine!” nightmarepotato