So basically i’m the type of person who’s shy to strangers but kinda loud when super close. I’m the type of person that will do whatever it takes to help you. I really love art. And also poetry. Sometimes i do some lettering. But only my friends see it. I’m not really that great so i don’t like boasting. I’m really found of abstract drawing/art, really gets you thinking. I appreciate art very much, like if you draw me, i’d probably still have it in 20 years without anything bad happening to it. I may not be an expert in art but i do know that every art created is beautiful and has a meaning. I’d really love to have a drawing made by you. I hope you consider. :)xx

I love art and drawing! I think you are very talented and the drawings on your blog are beautiful. I would be really really happy to have a portraint or a drawing! Anyways i just found your blog and it’s amazing! I don’t have a portraint on my blog, but i will post one if you ask me to. Have a nice day!

anonymous asked:

why did you reblog jennys-art's artworks and change the source to your blog?

Hey sweetie jennys-art/ho-neysuckle were my old blogs. I left them as they were and created this new account. So rather than re-uploading my artworks, I rebloged them and changed the sources instead. Sorry if I confused you. Have a lovely day/evening! xx