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Hal Cyon the Dissonance (Hal) is a very young member of the Sages of Song and Poem (SSP). He is named after Halcyon (the fabled bird of legend) by his adopted father Jerry Catcia (the current leader of SSP). Hal was an orphaned kitten adopted and raised by Jerry, who would teach and heavily instill in him the ways of the SSP. Hal, however, challenges the group’s traditional forms of song and poem construction by tweaking and developing a rhyming, ‘rap’ like style, which is deemed sacrilege by SSP’s rules and very highly discouraged.

Unlike all the other Sage members who are of Persian descent, Hal is a Tabby who embodies a defiant and an independent spirit, seeking to carve a unique path and identity for himself. Foregoing the enforced jester-like outfits that the Sages wear, Hal rebelliously rejects this outdated style by wearing his own uniform of a white tee and denim vest with the patch of a metal panther skull (logo for his most favorite magical rock band, the Silver Panthers) stitched onto its back. With a near obsessive fascination with the Elevation of the Black-Arts Union Legion (EBUL), Hal believes that if he can be accepted by this elite group, he will be able to provide it a new power of song in the dark arts that no sage has yet seen or heard, making him a super coveted and valuable member.

While he has such visions of grandeur, Hal is admittedly aware of his present lack of technique, knowing his need to practice in upping his magical rap game. Another weak spot that Hal shows is his tendency to react with great fluster when others jab or mock him, which leads his magical powers to run out of control, causing him even more embarrassing havoc! While he attempts to become the best rapping bard to ever exist, Hal also spends his time playing vintage magic-related video games, and hanging with his best companion, a pet Chihuahua named Tank. Hal and Tank share a very special bond, with Tank always traveling along and being Hal’s number one fan.


MEET JERRY CATCIA - Jerry Catcia is an old, orange, flat-faced Persian cat who is always carrying a lute with him. Like all members of the SSP (Sages), he has a deep love for singing. Jerry enjoys taking part in merriment while drinking wine, keeping a leather flask on hand, and taking healthy swigs on occasion. He is not very poetic nor does he speak in riddles, instead speaking with an upbeat, chipper, Scottish accent. Often laughing nonsensically, he is considered slightly slow in his aging years. Jerry is also the adopted father of Hal, who found the orphaned kitten in a basket by the ocean 15 years ago.

Jerry along with all members of the Sages dress in jester-like outfits that are very colorful and festive. He is mostly recognized by his ornate hat featuring a large bird’s head on top, which he can magically activate and animate to sing simultaneously with him. Jerry is heavily involved in documenting the Sages’ history as way to keep their legacy alive, while attempting to enforce a strict code of conduct on such a fun loving group.

The EBUL believe that the SSP are miscategorized, and should be considered part of The Society of the Arts for the Divine (SAD) rather than the Union of Magical Trades and Crafts (UMTC). The EBUL issued a statement that they should not be associated with the Sages, claiming they act as a “gateway guild to the way of light.” The EBUL runs a public service announcement on the radio against SAD and the guilds they represent: “Good magic will rot your brain. This is your brain, and this is your brain on good magic.” As a result, all other guilds in Catalist do not regard Jerry and the SSP with much seriousness, and view them as the antithesis of the black arts.

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