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La ética según las religiones

Regla básica: “Haz a los demás lo que quieres que hagan contigo” o “trátalos como quieres que te traten a ti”. La ética es universal. 

BAHA´I: Bendito quien ama a su hermano antes que a sí mismo - Bahá ´u´lláh, Tablas de Bahá ´u´ lláh

BUDISMO: No trates a otros de maneras que tú mismo encontrarías hirientes - El Buda, Udanavarga 5, 18.

CRISTIANISMO: Todo lo que deseen que los demás hagan por ustedes, háganlo por ellos: en esto consiste la Ley y los Profetas - Jesús, Mateo 7, 12

CONFUSIONISMO: La benevolencia máxima consiste en no hacer a los demás lo que no queiras que te hagan a ti - Confucio, Las Analectas, 15, 23.

HINDUISMO: El deber supremo es no hacer a los demás lo que te causa dolor cuando te lo hacen a ti - Mahabharata 5, 15, 17.

ISLAM: Ninguno de ustedes cree verdaderamente hasta que quieran para otros lo que desean para ustedes mismos - El Profeta Mahoma, Hadito.

JUDAISMO: Lo que para ti es odioso, no lo hagas a tu prójimo. En esto consiste toda la Ley; todo lo demás es un comentario - Talmud, Shabbat 

TAOISMO: Considera la victoria de tu prójimo como si fuera la tuya, y la derrota de tu prójimo como si fuera la tuya - Lao Tzu T´ai Shang Kan Ying P´jen 13- 218.


My religion is Homicinism.

We worship Death herself! We are her Reapers, we must help her in carefully selecting who is or isn’t ready to die. In doing so, we please Death and help control overpopulation (which is a problem nowadays, won’t you agree?). People look down on what we do sadly, so we keep low profiles. I shouldn’t even be telling you this! That is unless you’d like to convert. Haha~

We don’t really have a Bible or Qur’an. Just a few rules to follow, one being to select at least 10 people per year (Already chose 8!). And that you cannot become an official member unless you’re at least 16 years old and have chosen somebody. Also, you might want to avoid using the words “kill” or “murder” around other members (it’s disrespectful).

And we’re all over the globe! I’ve met a few other Homicinians on vacation who live all the way in Egypt! The Church I belong to though is currently located in Canada.



Moooore iPhone backgrounds! This time from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella because I’m currently obsessed with the soundtrack. 

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Fiiiiiine. You know a few already but still:

1. The Lake House AU

2. She’s The Man AU 

3. Post CACW fic idea with Tony deleting his memories due to ‘reasons’ and starting a new life with Harley and his sis. Only, the world thinks he’s dead and so do the Avengers. Till they come across him during a mission and he has no clue of who they are.

4. The Newsroom AU where Tony is the reputed news anchor and face of Triskelion Cable News, and Steve Rogers is his ex who comes back as his producer.

5. Soulmate AU where the number of scars on your body will indicate the number of times your heart will be broken because of your soulmate. Steve cannot get scarred and Tony is a body of scar tissue. Yet, both of them hurt.

6. Pitch Perfect AU

7. Cutting Edge AU - You know the gist.

8. The comic book store Post CACW fic idea

9. The Lie Spell - Truth spell but concept reversed.

10. Steve and Tony are set to get married but there’s just one problem : Steve has run away. Now it’s up to Tony if he wants to find him or stay heartbroken in his half-informed inference. A story of the entire gang going on a roadtrip to get their favourite leaders married.

11. AU where Howard & Maria died when Tony was a baby and Peggy & Angie bring him up.

12. Tony is presumed dead in the end of the fight with Thanos. Unfortunately, he’s just stranded in another reality. The ‘unfortunately’ is deliberate, because he has to stop his own alternate self from making the biggest mistake of his life - Wiping his best friend’s mind (MCU Tony comes to 616 and finds 616 Tony planning the Mind Wipe with Illuminati. He knows a bad idea when he sees it and this one seems disastrous. Especially when he sees that 616 Tony might actually have a chance with Steve; one that he doesn’t think he has with his own Steve.)

13. Sharon & Tony grow up together, have the same issues of being legacies, fight for the same world, fall in love with the same man, and then? Well, don’t really have the same ending.

14. Tony & Steve grow old together.

15. Post CATWS fic where Steve tells Tony the truth and things unravel from there. Featuring Bucky/Rhodey and Sam/Nat

16. Steve Rogers has a daughter. He didn’t have her till yesterday, but he does now. The only thing Tony knows is that Steve came back from an alternate universe last night and the baby girl has freakishly familiar eyes. Eyes that he sees in the mirror every day.

17. The Accidental Husband AU

18. Steve and Tony are divorce lawyers who are married. The first part of the sentence is common knowledge. The second? Not so much. Not at all.

19. Tony doesn’t know much about baseball but his adopted son is definitely on the way to becoming a fan of the sport. So it’s only natural that Tony looks for a Little League Team for the boy. If it comes with Steve Rogers as the coach, Tony isn’t complaining.

20. Kate & Leopold AU where Steve travels through time and Tony is a snarky, lonely, overachieving media professional.