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This is my juvenile bearded dragon Mr. V! He likes to take baths with his rock. He is an escape artist and likes to try and climb curtains! He is very sweet and loves to take naps on my sister’s belly after dinner. Mr. V sends many stripy kissies to the stick frogs! 🦎 ❤️ 🐸 🐸🐸🐸

Hi Mr. V! 😀😀

Thank you for your stripy kissies! 😊🐸😊

Jens sends you back some Proud kissies and a vase of Yelling!

Jens thinks you are extremely brave to climb to curtains and he likes your pretty stripy onesie very much! 🐸 Jens wishes you good luck on your many adventures! 😀🐸


Chats don’t always land on their feet.

Guitar Villain / Guitar Vilain


Like a true friend, Ladybug is torn between mild concern and laughter.

Edit: Tagline changed from “cats” to “Chats” per awesome suggestion of @dreamsofria

Hi Jen, hi Badger~! I absolutely adore your comics and you guys’ relationship really hits home with me. My and my boyfriend have been dating for about a year and two months. We have known each other for years. He is my best friend. He lives in New Zealand and I live in Mexico! Hahaha I know you two can definitely understand the struggle with distance, but even so, we are very happy together, albeit oceans away. 

I am actually flying to New Zealand next Sunday and staying there for about a month! As excited as we both are, lately it’s been a bit rough for us. Both of our families, as supportive as they are for the most part, have been bringing up the idea of, “what if when you meet, you don’t like each other.” I’m not even sure how many times my mom has repeated this to me. I know they’re just watching out for me, but it brings down my confidence about it all. 

And as much as I love my boyfriend, it is hard hearing those words and not… doubting my own believes. I know that it’s going to be okay, but it’s so scary. Did you guys ever experience those doubts? I saw when you two met at the airport and the video made me so happy I cried. And I just want it to go well with all my heart that I feel like I am psyching myself out thinking that it won’t. I guess it is nervousness… I was just wondering if you guys ever experienced this? 

I’m sorry for sending this as a submission and even more sorry when I know you get like 100+ messages asking for advice. But I really appreciate it. I found your blog so long ago and then I lost the url and I finally found it and I was so happy because it seems like… you guys are the only two people in the world who I can truly relate to when it it deals with my LDR. ;u;

I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this. Thank you very much and I hope with all my heart that the rest of your lives is happy and filled with a lot of love and joy. 
Thanks so much and hello! :>

I think it’s only natural to be nervous and worry about things like that, but you shouldn’t let those thoughts, especially coming from other people, waver your confidence.
I had the same experience with my family before we met as well. They also tried to instill doubt in me with constantly suggesting the same sort of things, some even went so far to say “you’re just going to be disappointed.” But they had no way of being so sure about that. 

While waiting for him at the airport I was really nervous, but I also had a ton of faith and confidence in our relationship so I knew things were going to be okay.
And seeing James in person for the first time was easily one of the best moments of my life. It was incredible, nothing about it was disappointing, and through his visit here we got along just as we ever had, as I knew we would. And I feel like our relationship has continued to grow even stronger ever since then.

so just try to trust yourself, your partner, and your relationship, and good luck!!

Hestia the Salamander is a finalist in a calendar competition! Maybe now her crush Jens will notice her 😘

Hi Hestia! 😀🐸

Jens has put on his Brave specially to come out and meet you! 

He thinks your patterned suit with matching eyes is super fantastic! 😀 Jens thinks you should win ALL the months on the calendar! 

Jens likes your big smile, so he sends you a big happy smile and a giant good luck hug! 😊🐸😊


Jens says good luck! 😀🐸
He’s sure you’re full of brave and can finish it!
(but he says if you can’t find your brave pants it’s ok to hide up a tree as well)

McDonald's Run - Joshifer Oscar Drabble

Well Millie, this just kind of came out - here is your Joshifer Oscar drabble :)

McDonald’s Run

She pulled her phone out of the clutch when the incessant ringing went off, “I’m a little busy being an Oscar winning actress on her way to her third Oscars.  Maybe you should speak to my assistant’s assistant,” Jennifer trilled off.

“Uh huh, uh huh, someone tweeted me you’re at a McDonalds.  You sound super regal, Jen.”

“Josh, you don’t even use your twitter, and aren’t you supposed to be filming right now?”

“We’re all taking a break to watch you fall on your face again, baby.”

“You little shit,” she responded.  "I’m not even going to get my name called this year, so no face falling.“

His calm deep voice reverberated over the phone, "You might be surprised.  Just this time when you fall, let Wolverine pick you up.”

“I hate you.”

“You love me.”

A small smile began to tug at her lips, “I…I do.”

He was quiet for a second, “You’re going to do great, just don’t make Matthew McConaughey say ‘All right all right all right’, before you give him his Oscar.”

“It could be Leo,” she added.

“Well make sure you make him say he’s the king of the world before you hand over the trophy,” he laughed. 

Jen popped a fry in her mouth, “Well, Liz is signaling me to wrap up so I can eat these fries before I go talk to Seacrest.”

“Should have been Taco Bell, Jen.”

“No, diarrhea in this dress would not be good, Joshua.”

He cackled, “Good luck Jen, I love you.”

“Love you too.”

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prompt: sadly not everyone is as cool as the people of 15. can you write gail and holly encountering homophobia and how they deal with it? thanks :)

(The general plot for this particular prompt may seem a bit out there, but it actually stems from a very real local news story I saw the other day. It sickens me that someone could actually think and act like this. It really hurt my heart, but I couldn’t get it out of my head as something that Gail and Holly could, unfortunately, face in the future.)

Mrs. Johansen, the old biddy that lived in the house next door, was staring at them again. Holly ignored her. Gail stared right back, daring her to say something.

So far, she’d just been a nuisance as opposed to a real threat.

The day that Gail and Holly had moved in to their new house, just over three weeks prior, she’d actually been friendly. She’d said she’d seen the moving van outside and wanted to come over to welcome the new neighbors to the community. She’d smiled at Holly’s very pregnant belly (the purchase of the house had kept getting delayed due to some issues with the seller, and they now only had a month until Holly’s due date to get things settled and ready for baby number one). The lady asked if Holly knew the gender, then clapped in excitement when Holly told her it was a girl.

Gail had been upstairs unpacking Holly’s medical journals onto the giant, built-in bookcase in the home office (she’d probably done it wrong, but Holly could just fix it however she wanted later). She had been making her way down the stairs when she’d heard the old lady ask where Holly’s husband was. Holly had laughed, of course, and waved Gail over. Then she’d introduced Gail as her wife.

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Seriously though, bs aside, Regina and Emma lucked out in the best of ways with the love interests the show has decided to give them – Robin and Killian are perfect for them, in all the ways that matter for their characters

And Lana and Jen lucked out in that they got fantastic, adorable, amazing leading men in Sean and Colin to play opposite them, men who have obviously enriched and made their time on set more enjoyable overall

It’s sad that people would rather hate on their ship not happening than just APPRECIATE the good things this has brought not only the characters, but the lovely ladies playing them, as well