jens hammer

The Little Lost Bunny (Open)

Jen shivered as she sat in the cage, her heart thumping softly as she tried to stop her tears from falling

She was trapped in here again, the small cage just barely able to fit her as she was shoved in there again

The demented woman stood over her, laughing as she watched the bunny girl cry

“You’re so fucking pathetic you know that? You can’t go one week with a master before you’re sent back here, such a weak excuse for a pet!” She hissed and swung her foot at the cage

Jen squeaked and cried softly, her shaking wildly as she crawled into the very back of the cage, her wanting to disappear

Soon, the bell that signaled a customer came in rang, stopping both of them in their tracks

The woman smiled wickedly as she walked out

“Hello there! How may I help you today?” She asked in a chipper, happy voice

Jen’s heart hammered

Oh no

She was gonna be taken again