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| Heisuke & Chizuru —“Hakuouki” |

Here´s a quick thing that I did two or three days ago~❤️️ 

I’m not feeling very well lately: I got intoxicated by a false glutenfree cake that I bought in a store (the filling had weath flour in it… jeez!) and I can´t seem to like my drawings at all, but maybe it´s because im grumpy and sick… ha ha!

—I just realized that they look like waiters on this one! 😂


Pink Diamond might have allowed their illegality, but her troops had their own opinions on the subject of fusion. Ruby couldn’t give less of a shit if they tried.

(My day three Rupphire Bomb submission - “Fusion”.)

SURPRISE!! I should be doing assessment but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I saw jen-iii‘s Homeworld Garnet piece (which is designed for rhinocio‘s Homeworld T series) and instantly fell in love. now I know this will never match up to it but hey, worth a shot

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