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Hands up don't shoot was a lie that has been debunked by black witnesses at the scene. He committed strong-arm robbery and then fought the cop that stopped him and tried to get this gun. While the BLM exists to illuminate the racial bias in our court systems, law enforcement, etc. it was built based off of this lie. Many names can be attributed to the movement, Castile, Scott, Ferrell, Crawford, etc. and deservedly so but Brown should not be one of them.

If you’re going to send a message like this then I do hope that you expect to actually read the entire response because I googled a lot and read a lot.

I think Wilson’s actions appear to be excessive use of force and racially motivated due to the fact that Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson were both unarmed during the altercation, as well as Wilson’s origin within the corrupt Jennings PD. A Taser or single incapacitating shot would have sufficed during the initial pursuit of Brown by Wilson before the latter discharged 12 rounds, 6 of them entering the former’s body. 


  • Discharged a total of 12 rounds
  • Last round likely the fatal shot
  • “Self Defence”
  • Killed Michael Brown 90 seconds after the initial altercation. 

As you can see here, Wilson indeed did have opportunity to shoot to maim/incapacitate, tase, or even tackle Brown while in pursuit of the unarmed man. In fact, he had about 150 feet to do so before things escalated to murder. 

  • Previous / first job was with Jennings PD which was disbanded in 2011 following a federal probe for misuse of funds. Jennings PD was absorbed by St. Louis County Department
    (1)Jennings, at the time, was a majority black community (89%) with only 2 black officers in a department of 45. Interesting. 
    (2)Wilson has no previous disciplinary records but this is a likely result of being a white police officer in a majority white department in a city with high racial tension.
  • Got out of the car and pursued Brown while Johnson hid behind another vehicle.

     Brown had reached into the police cruiser Wilson was in, escalating to an altercation which concluded in 2 shots being fired in the vehicle. At some point during this altercation, Brown was shot in the hand between the thumb and fore-finger area.
     At this point, Brown and Johnson fled. Wilson was in pursuit of Brown as the latter had hidden behind a vehicle.

     Regardless of which way Brown was facing or what position his hands were in is irrelevant; it is clear that both young men were unarmed. At the time that Wilson shot Brown, the former was in pursuit of the suspect and must have had an opportunity to Taser, tackle, or shoot to maim and not kill.

  • FBI investigation into the case was not a result of civil unrest. They officially opened the investigation regarding a potential civil rights violation on 11 August 2014, 2 days following the incident. After two days of reviewal, would the FBI have opened an official investigation if there was not incriminating evidence against Wilson as the violator of these rights? Food for thought.
  • Allegedly, the grand jury involved in the trial of State of Missouri v. Darren Wilson was not sequestered during the deliberation process. Also interesting.
  • Prosecuting attorney McCollough likely had bias:
    (1)His own father was a police officer killed by a black man;
    (2)He had intimate connections with St. Louis PD via his mother, brother, uncle, and cousin.
  • Wilson washed the blood (evidence) from him, went back to the station (unescorted), and personally submitted his own gun (evidence) into the evidence locker: unorthodox protocol likely resulting in tampering with or destroying of evidence. 


  • Caught on camera with friend Dorian Johnson stealing Swisher cigarettes and forcefully shoving the store clerk.
  • Entered Wilson’s vehicle via the window. A physical struggle ensued; 2 shots were fired in the vehicle, one of which hit Brown in the hand. At that point, Michael Brown fled.
  • Johnson and Brown both fled and were on foot pursuit by Wilson when he fired 6 shots. (12 shots were discharged altogether but only 6 hit Brown).
  • Shot twice in the head.
    (1)The shots to the head were the fatal ones. The final one (at the apex of the head) was the one that likely killed him. 
    (2)Gunshots in the head were at a downward trajectory, suggesting that a) he was charging at Wilson or more likely that Brown b) was in the process of falling forward after having been shot 6 times preceding the fatal shots to his head.

There is so much more information that I could compile for you regarding the case but, frankly, whether or not Michael Brown was pleading for his life, saying things like “Hands up don’t shoot” or running away when he was shot are irrelevant. I don’t even care that there was a physical altercation with the store clerk or a struggle for Wilson’s gun while in his vehicle, either.

     According to the St. Louis Police Academy website, they train their officers to act responsibly. 

 “The Academy is also responsible for continuing education courses for the Department. Officers receive in-service training in areas such as racial profiling, computer programs, defense tactics and refresher courses in law and firearms use.” (website)

With thorough training in defense tactics and refresher courses in firearm use, how is it that Wilson was unable to apprehend Brown, an unarmed man, without killing him? He had backup on the way so if he felt that his life was in danger, he could have waited for another cruiser to appear. I’m sure that wouldn’t have looked good but it would have saved him trouble and likely Michael’s life — especially since they had involved a SWAT team to search for Dorian Johnson afterward.
     If Wilson had acted responsibly as both a white man and an officer in a predominantly black and racially charged community then they could have also been looking for Michael Brown rather than covering his body with a sheet and leaving it on the road for 4 hours before taking him away

So! Even with Michael Brown and/or Dorian Johnson physically (without weapon) roughing up the store clerk during the minor robbery, even with Michael Brown having a physical altercation with Darren Wilson by reaching into his car for the gun, and even if Michael Brown saying “hands up don’t shoot” and pleading for his life is untrue, I still believe that Darren Wilson is a racist, trigger happy police officer.
     I still believe that Darren Wilson was more interested in killing Michael Brown so he could feel excitement and be the “hero” rather than acting responsibly by either incapacitating Brown when he had the chance to during initial pursuit or waiting for backup to appear. 

Finally, if white people can behave like this, this, this, this etc towards police officers and/or within their community and still come through alive, so should Michael Brown have. So should a lot of other black people and other people of colour.

Justice for Michael Brown. Black Lives Matter.

Thank u and goodnight.