My senior project involves animating a lot of frogs and toads, so I’m making GIFs of each individual animation!! 

I used reference of Jens’ beautiful singing and Important Frog Announcements over at the @stickyfrogs blog! His croaking makes me smile, and it helped me out a lot! 

Beca’s Fanfic Appreciation Post: Here I can share with you all the fics I read along the week.



One Shots


ALSO: Yesterday was smut fanfic appreciation day! So there are a lot of blogs who posted a lot of hot fics ;) two of them who tagged me were @atc74 and @impalaimagining so check their blogs and all the smut!

Feel free to tag me in your stuf (it’s actually encouraged), it will be a pleasure to know more writers and add you to my appreciation list. You can tag me in any fic (Reader insert, it needs to be reader insert!!!!), just don’t tag me in OFC or Male Reader.


We got our Christmas card from the Stickyfrogs!!

The Stickyfrogs look so festive in their beautiful Christmas outfits!  I was tempted to nom Gumby’s shiny red bow, but Mom said that would not be nice.  Inside the card, we found a most lovely Christmas message in so many pretty colors that I didn’t know which one to stare at first!  I decided the green frog sticker and green ink were my favorite, so I sat and stared at them for a long time to see if they would turn into noms.

Thank you, Stickyfrogs, for sending us love all the way from Australia! 😊 🐸  🐸  🐸  🐸  😘 🐢