paiger-o and I posing like the fierce douchebag models we are with Jens and Meesh.

Coming up to this op, “Run to You” by Bryan Adams was playing and so when I walked up I was singing and dancing to it cause it’s one of my favorite songs, and Jensen got all up in my face and started singing and dancing with me. When we asked them for this pose they said “so… like we do all the time?”

How to tell the Stickyfrogs apart! An updated post!

Here is Tiny, he is easy to pick out because of his special lip:

Jens usually hides, but when he does come out you can tell him apart by his croak sac (Gumby and Voigt haven’t got their croak sac yet) and he has the most skin falling over his ears because he doesn’t like to exercise.

Here are Voigt and Gumby. Voigt is the biggest, with a big wide smile, and Gumby is always very happy:

Voigt and Gumby are the hardest two to tell apart! Here are some comparison pictures!

Voigt is 20 grams heavier than Gumby:

Voigt has a flatter forehead than Gumby and he has two white freckles next to each other on his left shoulder:

Voigt also has two special yellow toes on his right foot! 🐸🐸

Bonk can be very difficult to distinguish from the others as she blends in very easily, so I am trying different ways to solve this problem:

Psycho is spotty!

Basil is a bit smaller and greener than Wayne:

And Wayne always looks like she wants to kill you:

The Stickyfrogs have gotten a Most Magnificent Present in the mail! 

It arrived in a big box all the way from Canada! 

Voigt and Tiny inspected it carefully and saw that it came from their tortoise friends Waffles @wafflesworld and Mango @mangomusings and their mum Alicia!

Everyone looked inside and Jens found an envelope with stickers (Jens is the best at stickers) and Gumby found a card to read to everybody (Gumby is the best at reading)

Then we looked further and found the Most Magnificent Present! 

A beautiful painting of the Stickyfrogs by Alicia! Gumby, Voigt, Jens, and Tiny!

Alicia has painted all the Stickyfrogs sitting together on the ledge! 

Alicia is such a talented artist and we are very overwhelmed and touched she has taken the time to paint the Stickyfrogs! 

Everyone gathered round to look and pose in front of their portrait! 

Thank you so very much Alicia!! It is such a special gift that will be treasured forever! 😊🐸🐸🐸🐸😊

Alicia is a very gifted artist and you can find her beautiful artwork and original paintings on her website: 

and in her Etsy shop: 

Thank you again Alicia! 😄😊😄 Gumby and Jens are still admiring themselves on the wall!