Despair Succubus

Igor had been hearing strange things about Junko Enoshima, who he had gotten acquainted with. Rumors that she had mystical powers. His curiosity piqued, he decided to find out if they were real from the source. “Junko? Are you here?”

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"Let's not throw a party 'til we're out of the city."

 -✁- ᶊႮℭ ℋ Ꭺ  - {  “Oi, oi, jus’ the fact that we’re alive is reason enough to be celebratin’!Maybe of we kill enough a’ these zombies we could their intestines,or whatever’s left of ‘em, an’ use 'em as party streamers!Let’s at least have a little fun 'fore we leave the city!”Genocider replied, rather hyped up from killing so many of theundead and even being covered in their blood, that she’d forgottenthe danger of being much too noisy in a place where there couldstill be dead lurking about. However, she was much too excitedto be bothered with worrying about those idiots. “'Sides, howmany of 'em could possibly be left? We went on quite the killin’spree with 'em, last I remember.” } - KILLER-✃-

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A rose in a test tube; very suitable for sending to someone as a gift. In the language of flowers, red roses mean “love".

“I-I think this would look lovely in your room E-Enoshima-san!” Chihiro held out the gift.

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"Mukuro-chan, I'm bored! You wanna do something together?"

“Sure. I’ve gotten a little further in that ‘Mirai Nikki’ show you’ve been talking about. The last thing I saw before I dozed off was Amano-kun inside of Gasai-san’s house, and he came across a taped door.”

“…Junko. Do come to my office when you can.” 

Ragyo closed her phone as she waits for her from her office, she has been well aware of her current condition and wishes to speak to her regarding it. Its one thing to be a demoness but now this? With that she needs to seek her out and figure out why…

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“Hey, like, if you’re here to pitch a sales offer, can you hold on a sec?”

“I’m gonna consult with myself, ‘kay? Gotta make sure he agrees.”




“Heck, why hide it? I’m in full agreement here. Despair’s a cool jig, especially when you’re the one doling it out.”

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"Your voice is all muffled from your head being so damn far up your ass!"

“Did anyone hear something? No? Must have been my imagination. I thought I heard an annoying bitch yapping in my ear.”

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*Junko was currently by the front entrance of Heavenly Host Elementary. While she was wandering around the building, and running away from the ghosts of the kids, she had stumbled across the entrance by coincidence. So, she tried to open the doors.*

As to expect, the doors weren’t going to open for her, not even budge a little. Though since she had lousy luck when it came to the kids, this seemed an appropriate time for one of them to pop up.

“Onee-chan, are you trying to leave us?”

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A fundoshi which emphasizes one’s manliness. Its design is simple, with a single leaf drawn on white cloth.

“…How disgusting. Perhaps a revolting person such as you will find a better use for it.”