if haechan debuts as a solo with his new single, would y’all stream it until he gets no.1? if haechan participates in an idol competition, would y’all cheer him on? let’s go a little smaller, if a fancam of haechan was posted and it determined every members popularity/rank in the group, would y’all watch it repeatedly so he gets more views?

the expected answer would be yes, we love him, why wouldn’t we? But in reality y’all wouldn’t & y’all DIDN’T. this is for the people who literally SLEEP on haechan’s existence in nct. his we go up cam is still the lowest viewed out of the members and that pretty much gives a message to the company sm that haechan isn’t really popular.

im sad that someone who is literally so TALENTED, has a voice that goes #G5, can dance and learn any choreography in a short period of time, the mood maker of the group, is considered the underdog. he was the only one in dream to go through a scandal that mentally exhausted and embarrassed him. he still survived it. he has a tan skin color but he says he loves and represents his skin for what it is. he had actual FANS calling him fat and hyuck had to go on a diet since the age of 15. he legit supports the LGBT community and even suggested kfans to listen to troye sivan. he went through all this and y’all say he hasn’t had it hard in the industry?

people sleep on hyuck all the time without even knowing it, just like how some of you did when jeno and him did aegyo, when he was on stage and the “fans” shouted “Jisung!” repeatedly when he was still talking, when members choose x over haechan, when he got hate for being unprofessional when he accidentally got hit by winwin on stage. it all affects him, but he’ll never show how aware he is to all this. he’s sensitive but he tries hard not to show it. of course he won’t, every idol has to keep up an image.

it’s saddening that haechan is one of the least popular members in nct. I wouldn’t imagine how hard it is for him, the actual 18 year old kid who had to go through all this. i hope he doesn’t think low of himself after seeing the views on his wgu cam. teenage years are sensitive years, you start thinking maybe you’re not good enough or how you could become better.

stop sleeping on one of the most talented members of NCT, Lee Donghyuck, also known as Haechan. Thank you.


SMTOWN UNSOLVED: Huang Renjun and Park Jisung, two alien enthusiasts, and their friend Na Jaemin investigate the truth behind the question are we truly alone?

based on this

nct as things that i’ve heard in high school

Taeyong: “Why do I always have to shake your salad? Don’t you have hands? Shake that veggie bonanza yourself.”

Jisung: “Yeah, I might be a freshman, but I have a bigger dick than you so shut the fuck up.”

Jaehyun: “These shoulders looking like a motherfucking tabletop, hell yea.”

Lucas: “I was so sexually frustrated in class that I basically humped the chair while the teacher was giving a lecture.”

Yuta: “Wait, the answer was a number?! I fucking wrote Alabama!!”

Winwin: “This milk tastes like cum.”

Someone asks, “How do you know?”

“Because I was sucking your man’s dick last night.”

Kun: “This some crusty ass lasagna.”

Mark: “Yo waddup Mrs._____, I hope your weekend was yeetingly yeet! Cause I’m feeling #blessed.”

Jaemin: “If I was a girl, I would have massive big dick energy. But lucky for me, I’m a guy with an actual big dick.”

Chenle: “You know what? I’m sick of you guys making fun of my laugh. If I want to be a fucking hyena, let me be a fucking hyena.”

Jeno: “They charged me ten dollars, for THIS SHITTY CROISSANT.”

Ten: “No homo or anything, but I’d suck that guy’s dick for free.”

Doyoung: “If that teacher sticks her stanky ass in front of my face one more time, I will kill a bitch.”

Taeil: “For the senior prank, I’m thinking of sticking condoms all over doorknobs. Could you imagine? Hey, Mike, sorry bro, but I can’t help with your pickle jar cause my hands lubey as fuck.”

Haechan: “You know, I walked in front of the mirror today and thought, damn. Why am I still not on America’s Next Top Model?”

Jungwoo: “Today, I went for the furry sub vibe.”

Renjun: “ I said. Fuck. Your. Chicken. STRIPS!”

Johnny: “Of course she’s attractive. You would fuck anything with two legs.”