bowiehoe  asked:

What would you reccomend for a new baby witch?? Like reading materials, supplies, basics etc?

my number 1 must read is the holy book of women’s mysteries by z budapest, shortly followed by the wicca handbook by eileen holland

and don’t worry about fancy supplies too early on, the first basic things you can work with are any candles you have on hand (if you dont have any buy some plain white candles), kitchen herbs, and what’s on hand for you in nature

i think the best place to start is to read everything you can and start paying more attention to nature, like when the sun rises and sets, the phases of the moon, how the seasons change etc

also start meditating, taking relaxing baths, becoming more in tune with yourself

don’t start trying spells until you feel ready, i’ve been studying wicca for a few months and only now have i started trying a few basic spells

hope this helps!