jennys got a body

Whoops I stayed up until 3am painting this head and i must be sleep deprived cuz i actually like it?

Anyways this head came on the Super Action Jenny body I got 7 years ago? I wiped her head cuz I was in the customiser stage of “REPAINT EVERYTHING” but of course I suck at anime eyes so she’s been sitting blank for literally years now.

I did want to try the Makoto Takahashi style eyes that @nonaptime has enviously done so well on her customs, but of course Anime eyes still intimidate me severely.

But tonight I was sorting dolls to sell and what to donate in my upcoming doll trader table and on a whim tried this head on the fakie Pullip Type 4 body I got from @pandorkful months ago. Suddenly I could feel a personality take form and here it is.

My eyelash technique is still awful but I think I did a good job especially she’s been blank for 7 years now.