dress-for love and lemons via wildly smitten

I bought this top hat at that Native American jewelry store in Big Bear (you know that one?) and I wear it all the time. What is it about top hats? You just feel a little more fancy or something. This dress by For Love and Lemons is sooo Stevie Nicks that I threw on the top hat and called it a day. There. I bit Stevie Nicks style.

top-chaser brand overalls-chuck’s vintage shades-raen optics sneakers-converse

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Oh, you know, just a couple of my favorite things…anything metallic and shiny, and overalls. It’s rare that you can get away with wearing overalls without a top underneath and, if I can, I’ll try to get away with it. These work perfectly. And as for the top by Chaser…chain-mail is always good in my eyes.

Dress- Finders Keepers available at Wildly Smitten Boots- Deena and Ozzy

My goal for this year was to do things that scare me. Many times, if I’m not happy with something I won’t immediately do something to change it because it usually involves making a change that scares me. I mean, I do scary things all the time like audition and stuff but there have been a few things that I had been lagging on because I was nervous about it. This week I managed to do two things that I was putting off…this week was stressful. But I did it, and I feel good, even though I don’t really know how it’s all gonna end up. I’m kind of rambling, but maybe I just needed to vent.

Embrace change. Do things that scare you. And wear a bad-ass asymmetrical dress while you do it. A bad-ass asymmetrical dress with rad cut-outs.

Top- Stone Cold Fox Jeans- Chuck’s Vintage Shoes-Dolce Vita from Solestruck

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A couple things here are made in America. The Levi’s, the top by Stone Cold Fox and, well, me. The hat I’m wearing is a friend of mine’s that I (kinda) accidentally forgot to return to him (oops!). It says “if it ain’t American it ain’t shit.” Funny, because my friend is from New Zealand. But anyways, the two made-in-America owners of Stone Cold Fox never fail to disappoint me with their designs. This top is just beautiful, and sexy, since it falls off the shoulders. I would usually wear it with a maxi skirt but I thought I would dress it down. I kinda look like I’m trying to flirt with a Nascar racer. America!

sweatshirt-Chucks Vintage bells-With Hearts In My Eyes from Bonadrag tee-Obesity and Speed from Bonadrag boots-Topshop

I look sad in the photo but I’m not, you know why? Because it’s spring! Well, at least it is today here in Los Angeles. And that means one step closer to summer. I have to admit I suck at dressing for winter. I’d much rather just throw on a little dress or jean shorts and not care. But actually we have it pretty easy here in LA during the winter so I don’t know what I even talking about. Whens the last time we saw a blizzard right? Anyways…I’m not sad, I’m happy! And these bells from my girls at Bonadrag make me happy too! In the photo they look purple-ish navy blue-ish but they are actually burgundy. They kinda change color which I love, and they are freaking comfortable. So there, that’s why I’m happy- Spring and color changing bells. I’m pretty easy to make happy.