Dress- Finders Keepers available at Wildly Smitten Boots- Deena and Ozzy

My goal for this year was to do things that scare me. Many times, if I’m not happy with something I won’t immediately do something to change it because it usually involves making a change that scares me. I mean, I do scary things all the time like audition and stuff but there have been a few things that I had been lagging on because I was nervous about it. This week I managed to do two things that I was putting off…this week was stressful. But I did it, and I feel good, even though I don’t really know how it’s all gonna end up. I’m kind of rambling, but maybe I just needed to vent.

Embrace change. Do things that scare you. And wear a bad-ass asymmetrical dress while you do it. A bad-ass asymmetrical dress with rad cut-outs.