Harry&Louis | We’re still not allowed to touch by Jenny

I need to recover from this, seriously x___x This is the most painful Larry video I’ve ever made.


You and me, it was all meant to be - jennynqa

Edit: I just noticed there’s a tumblr link to reblog the video so here it is.

►The L Word | “Sexuality is fluid…” [Collab w/Jenny]



Oh god, I think I’m never getting over this video. Like seriously you guys…I adore this! ♥

So you know, a couple of weeks ago, Jenny asked me to collab with her again, cause she’s a pest like that and she always wants me to collab with her, and of course…i couldn’t say no, cause she’s my pest after all :D After what seems like months, she cut the song yesterday and was all…“we should take this collab easy Shan”, and we started sending each other parts and well….a day later, we have this video. 

Believe me when I tell you that this video means the world to me, not only because I made it with one of my dearest friends on here, but because this show is amazing, and I think everyone should give it a shot. Seriously….

My “partner in crime”:







this is.. perfection. *sobs and cry*


That’s the cutest freaking thing I’ve ever seen.

Niall and Harry: Dancin’ in the Moonlight.

Still though at one bit, all I see is:

hahahahahahah oh Louis. 


The story of Larry Stylinson: “You make sense of who I am”
by JennynQa / alloulittlethings

so, i made this.and i wanted to let you know that this might be the very last larry video on my channel. i know it’s probably disappointing for some of you, but let me explain.
of all my larry videos, this one is the most special one for me. i made this six-minute long thing in two days. ever since i started working on it, i couldn’t stop until it was finished. i’m honestly surprised i managed to pluck up the courage to use this song since it’s one of the songs that mean a lot to me and that make me emotional no matter how many times i’ve heard them.  but i’ve been wanting to make another “story of larry stylinson” video for a long time and i knew that i had to find the perfect song first. like literally perfect. and i did.

the reason why i probably won’t make any more larry videos is that i feel like i put everything into this one. every single feeling and emotion i’ve been through ever since i started to care about them, every single thought of them. i gave away everything and i feel like everything i needed to tell has been told.

i told their story. i told it through my eyes and i really hope that this video will make you feel everything i felt during working on it.

my first larry video was uploaded a year ago and i’m in love with their love just as much as i was back then. well, probably more. they’re not just a random "cute couple" to me. they are a beautiful, bittersweet story that was written by life itself. a story about two souls that were destined to meet and that might've met at the wrong time and in the wrong society, but they carried on because love is equal and conquers all. "they’ve got the words to change a nation" - and the words are still unspoken, but they’re already changing a nation.  

i’d like to dedicate this video to tinchy and soul because we’ve been through all this together from the beggining and because they understand every reason why i don’t feel like vidding them again. at least until they come out. and because they… well, simply understand. 

all coments about “larry being a bromance”, “larry not being real”, “the boys not being gay” and “louis being desperately in love with eleanor” will be deleted this time. god knows i barely delete your comments, but this video is too special to me to keep them. thanks for understanding.


harry&louis | your hand in mine


Because I am in the mood for happy giggly boys. I might be posting happy Larry videos. They make me happy. End of story. 


harry&louis | my heart never stops beating for you by jennynqa (alloulittlethings)


one night to be confused 
one night to speed up truth 
we had a promise made 
four hands and then away


but we were in love


Harry&Louis | I’m not afraid to save my heart for you.





“I’m a rebel even if it’s trouble 
I'ma pull you out from the rubble
If I have to, I’m not afraid to 
Save my heart for you”



brian & justin | say the word and i will be your man

by JennynQa

I see you there, don’t know where you come from
Unaware the stare from someone 
Don’t appear to care that I saw ya. And I want you
What’s your name
Cuz’ I have to know it
You let me in and begin to show it
We’re terrified ‘cuz we’re heading straight for it, might get it.


in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you. by jennynqa / alloulittlethings


my next larry video. i just can’t stop vidding them <3


latest video (collab with melissa <3)


Will I ever love again?


A tribute to one of the most amazing shows ever <3