Two of my favorite Filipino celebrities.

Two of my favorite ladies.

Jennylyn Mercado & Julie Anne San Jose.

I’ve loved Jen since Starstruck days. I’m the kind of fan who can’t miss any of her shows on TV. At present, I’m still a fan but I can deal not watching her shows. On the other hand, I’ve loved Julie since Sugarpop days. Her talents really show even with a group back then. I knew from the start that she’s going to be a star, and now I believe that she already is.

I just noticed something… 

Their names both start with a letter J.

They are both born on the month of May.

They both have that filipina beauty.

They can play the guitar and piano.

They can sing very well.


Starstruck Season 1 Opening Credits.

The best Starstruck batch if you ask me.