TwicePink anonymous

*Jennie wearing a black shirt that says #Stopthebunny2k17 and stands at a podium*

Jennie: Thank you all for coming this evening to Snakes Anonymous. I have called this emergency meeting to address a friend turned adversary.

*Jisoo and Lisa wheel out the projector and pull up a picture of Nayeon*

Jennie: Our new enemy Im Nayeon!

*Collective dramatic gasp*

Jennie: Raise your hand if this week alone you have been bombarded with painfully cute ageyo and thinly veiled gay propositions.

*Sana, Jeongyeon, Momo, Mina, Tzuyu, Jisoo, and Lisa’s hands go up*

Jennie: Now keep them up if they all came from one Im Nayeon!

*Nayeon walks in and turns on the lights*

Nayeon: What are you guys doing? Is that a projector?

*Jennie pushes Lisa into the projector breaking it*

Jennie: What projector?

Top 7 Kpop Rookie Girl Groups (2016)

With the major influx of girl groups, these girl groups stood out to me the most!  

7. A.DE 

Members (L to R):  Yeorin (94)  - Rap, Vocal; Jiseo (94) - Vocal; Rachel (96) - Rap, Dance; Haeyoung (98) - Vocal, Rap, Dance, Face; Miso (00) - Makane, Vocal; Choyoon (98) - Rap; Sooyeon (93) - Leader, Vocal

Company: 2able

2016 Releases: Strawberry (Debut); Good Time

- I wasn’t too into Strawberry, but I felt Good Time had some really good potential to show off this group’s talent.  I really liked Haeyoung on Produce 101 for her raspy vocals, and I’m really noticing Suyeon’s, Yeorin’s, and Jiseo’s clear vocals; Choyoon’s rap’s aren’t too shabby; Rachel’s gonna get noticed for her body proportions for sure; and also Miso’s cuteness (that’s a cute 16 year old - I’m such an Unni Fan).  Fighting Girls!

6. Gugudan

Members (L to R):  Mimi (93) - Vocal; Soyee (96) - Vocal; Hyeyeon (00) - Makane, Vocal, Dance; Hana (93) - Leader, Vocal, Dance, Center; Sejeong (96) - Vocal, Visual/Face; Mina (99) - Dance, Rap; Haebin (95) - Vocals; Sally (96) - Rap; Nayoung (95) - Vocals

Company: Jellyfish

2016 Releases: Wonderland (debut)

- I got into Gugudan through Produce 101 and eagerly anticipated their debut.  Despite showing off impressive vocals from Haebin and Sejeong, the debut did not really do it for me.  It’s strange because the girls are ridiculously talented; I just wish their company produced them a stronger debut.  However, I watched a few of their variety appearances and I really like this group’s dynamic.  They’re all pretty cute.  I’ll be rooting for you, Gugudan!

5. Bulldok

Members (L to R):  Genie (91) - Vocal, Dance; Kimi (93) - Rap; Hyogeun (94) - Makane, Rap, Center; Sora (90) - Leader, Vocal; Say (93) - Vocal

Company: Kconic

2016 Releases: Why Not (debut)

- SOME MOTHERLOVIN’ Unnies, THANK BUDDHA!  (I’m not used to being an unni fan!)  I saw the four members on Produce 101, and was super interested in them with their hip-hop concept from day one.  Their debut was so strong; that was a great song that showed off a more mature and urban style, which I really appreciated in comparison to the many cute-concepts on the kpop scene this year.  They showed off Kimi’s and Hyogeun’s rap, Genie’s self-autotune, & Say’s deep vocals and Sora’s power vocals.  Get’em, Girls.


Members (L to R): Nayoung (95) - Leader, Dance, Rap; Seungyeon (98) - Vocal; Yaebin (98) - Rap; Kyla (01) - Makane, Rap; Siyeon (00) - Vocals, Rap, Visual; Pinky (98) - Dance, Vocals; Minkyung (97) - Vocals, Visual; Eunwoo (98) - Vocals; Yewon (99) - Vocals, Dance, Kyungwon (97) - Vocals

Company: Pledis

2016 Releases:  We (debut)

- For a group that hasn’t even formally debuted yet, Pledis Girlz is too strong.  I’ve been interested in the pledis girlz since 2013 now, and have watched them grow up so nicely!  They’ve had concerts; they’ve released a self-produced single; and two of their girls are in IOI (Pinky and Nayoung).  Also, Seungyeon appeared on Girls’ Spirit, showing off her incredible vocals.  Siyeon, Kyungwon, Kyla, Eunwoo, Yaebin, and Nayoung are producers and lyricists!  Also, Nayoung and Pinky act as choreographers.  This group is going to be phenomenal.

3. Cosmic Girls/WJSN

Members (L to R): (Top Row): Yeunjung (99) - Makane, Vocals; Xuan Yi (95) - Dance, Vocals; Bona (95) - Dance, Vocals, Visual; EXY (95) - Leader, Rap; Dayoung (99) - Vocals; Soobin (96) - Vocals; (Bottom Row): Luda (97) - Vocals; Cheng Xiao (98) - Dance, Vocals, Face/Visual; Seola (94) - Vocals; Eunseo - Vocals; Yeoreum (99) - Vocals, Rap; Mei Qi (98) - Dance, vocals; Dawon (96) - Vocals

Company: Starship & Yuehua

2016 Releases:  Momomo (debut), Catch Me, & Secret

- WJSN caught me with their songs Catch Me and Secret!  It’s clear that the group can pull off multiple concepts and has strong members.  They are a clean and talented group.  The vocal line (Yeunjung, Dawon, Soobin, Dayoung, and Seola) proved to be extremely capable; EXY even appeared on Unpretty Rapstar Season 2; and Cheng Xiao is gaining huge amounts of popularity.  I hope that some of the other members get more line and screen time with the progression of their talents.

2. I.0.I

Members (L to R): Nayoung (95) - Leader, Rap, Dance; Sohye (99) - Vocals; Pinky (98) - Dance, Vocals, Visual; Chaeyeon (97) - Vocals, Visual; Somi (01) - Vocals; Sejeong (96) - Vocals; Mina (99) - Dance, Rap; Chungha (96) - Dance, Vocals; Yoojung (99) - Dance, Vocals, Rap; Yeungjung (99) - Vocals; Doyeon (99) - Vocals, visual

Company: YMC Entertainment

2016 Releases: Crush, Dream Girls (debut), Whatta Man, Very Very Very

- I’ve been watching out for IOI since I heard about Produce 101.  Each member has wormed their way into my heart, and I hope to see them continue to grow.  Stone Nayoung’s incredible leadership and adaptability; Sohye’s constant improvement; Pinky’s growth as a vocalist; Chaeyeon’s hard-work and humble attitude; Somi’s versatility; Sejeong’s kindness and determination; Mina’s cuteness and rap debut; Chungha’s choreographic poweress; Yoojung’s triple-threat talent; Yeunjung’s incredible cider vocal; and Doyeon’s hilarity and upcoming actress/model experience.  I want to see them flourish, and I cannot wait from them to reunite in 5 years!

1. BlackPink

Members (L to R): Jisoo (95) - Vocals, visual; Jennie (96) - Rap, Vocals, Dance; Lisa (97) - Dance, Rap; Rose (97) - Vocals

Company:  YG Entertainment

2016 Releases:  Boombayah! (debut), Whistle, Play with Fire, Stay

- YG did not disappoint.  I know some fans were saying that they were overhyped and overrated, and I’m over here like, how can you possibly think that?  These girls are ALL talented and gorgeous! And stop comparing them to 2NE1 (this may cause issues, but I think that they may be even stronger than 2NE1′s debut year).  You have adorkable Jisoo as not only a visual, but a talented vocalist and aspiring actress, badass Jennie who can slay in maybe any area of entertainment if she desires; Lisa who is one of the most talented dancers in the kpop game right now; and Rose with the voice of an angel.  Their songs are dope and catchy, combining youthfulness with edginess.  I absolutely adore them.  

Daehyun: *takes a deep breath*
Daehyun: I lo-
BAPBP: Yes, you love Rosé, we know, you love Rosé so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Rosé with all your life, she’s your world. When she sneeze you feel purified. She’s your goddess. You love her so freakin much we know. You f*ckin love Park Roseanne. WE GET IT!
Daehyun: I was about to say i love taquitos, but I’m happy y’ll know me so well.


YA Lit Meme: [6/8] OTPs » Lara Jean x Peter K (Jenny Han’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before)

He leans his head out and kisses me on the lips, open-mouthed and sure.
I’m stunned.
When he pulls away, Peter’s smiling. “Night, Lara Jean.”
He drives off into the night and I’m still standing there with my fingers to my lips. Peter Kavinsky just kissed me. He kissed me, and I liked it. I’m pretty sure I liked it. I’m pretty sure I like him.