aaaa it’s finished!!! I’m so happy ovo

 here’s the full roster for the main cast of my universe BLOOPERZ, where all these guys work in a movie studio, and… that’s it. It’s a silly, fun universe, based off of LPS toys I have, but it’s my oldest set of characters, so I feel like a revamping of the crew would do them justice.

 Characters from left to right are Bree Parry, Max Anderson, Lizzie Samuel, Therry Randolph, Ben Shalan, Annabelle Walters, Remmy Smith, Jenny Jacson, and Melody Baker. There’s a couple more characters I’d like to add into the mix, but they don’t have fully developed personalities yet.

Dress- Arnhem, Shoes- TBA, Sunglasses- Raen Optics, Hat- Vintage

This dress from Byron Bay-based clothing line Arnhem is just right for spring. It’s so easy to throw on your way to the farmers market or the Rose Bowl flea market (which the next time I’m at the Rose Bowl flea market you will probably see me in this dress, FYI). And I love the low back, of course.


Check this out~

This Cigarette is a new short film by Lauren Graham, featuring Jenny Parry. The film centers around Parry, who is dealing with the aftermath of a break up with her boyfriend, while still trying to to chase her dream. The film becomes a sort of confessional of the difficulties one faces while trying to achieve ones dream, and the heartbreak your faced with.
Jenny Parry looks absolutely stunning in the entire film and her outfits were absolutely flawless. The desert shots were beautiful and the lighting throughout the film was impeccable. Overall the film in its entirety was well put together and an homage to the beauty of L.A.