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I feel like Jenny and Fred could have been amazingly close friends and collaborators! They're both bright, fascinated by possibilities, into thinking outside the box, interested in knowledge and learning, loyal, kind, quirky, dorky, and a little socially awkward but have a few complementary differences as well. Naturally I need YOUR thoughts on this since you're our resident expert on all things Jenny Calendar :)

i can never answer asks in a timely manner but here goes

you know, weirdly, when i think about jenny being a part of angel investigations, my brain always first jumps to jenny and gunn becoming friends pretty quickly. they both share the same kind of Done With This exasperation while both harboring a huge soft spot for their significant others, and i think they might bond over being playfully sarcastic & rolling their eyes about everything going on around them. but anyway that’s so unrelated to what you were asking so i’ll move on from that.

i feel like jenny would be really, really impressed by fred. like…this small firecracker of a girl who survived five years of torture & isolation in a hell dimension & came out alive? she’d try and do everything she could to make fred feel comfortable while still not taking up too much of fred’s personal space. but it’s when she gets fred a bunch of new science & math books over the summer that fred really warms up to her and lets her into her room.

they spend a lot of time hanging out and talking about mathematics and then computers because it’s been five years and jenny thinks it’s super important to get fred up to speed on laptops and the internet.

and that’s when fred starts liking jenny even more because she sees the way jenny gets all excited about fred picking up new things and notices that jenny’s a teacher in every situation and asks curiously if she ever was a teacher, and then jenny starts talking about her students (some of whom she’s still in touch with) and her librarian boyfriend (she’s definitely still in touch with him) and fred always likes teachers because they’ve literally decided to choose a job where they can share their passion for knowledge with the world!!

jenny helps fred go back to college and pick up where she left off. she also helps fred kill her professor a few years later when he tries to pull the same stunt twice because she feels like fred deserves that catharsis and fred’s professor deserves an incredibly awful death

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  • Forget that dude who mooned after Fred for like the whole show, imagine Jenny as the magic user of the bunch. She follows Angel to LA because it’s still her duty and she keeps an eye on him and is wary but also kind of invested and eventually ofc won over to him and his mission completely.
  • Jenny and Cordy bein BFF roomies need I say more.
  • Janna of the Kalderash actually giving us backstory on her clan?? They have all these abilities (lol I don’t trust AtS to treat anything Romani with respect but let’s pretend for a moment) and they’ve been tracking Angel but who were they before? What other missions do they have? Where are they now? They could have been another force of good/ambiguity to use Angel instead of the PTB and more…accessible I guess?? than them.
  • Also Jenny and Fred!! Jenny and Gunn!! These are dynamics I only dream of because Cordy is team mom but Jenny would have been team cool aunt and I can imagine her being a super geek with Fred but also really protective and more…understanding about her experiences? Like Jenny deals in some weird stuff and she would not be fazed by Pylean PTSD at all. And Jenny and Gunn OKAY I SHIP IT A LOT the two of them bein snarky at each other and kinda like much less invested than everyone else is until whoops they’re part of the team.
  • ETA: also i feel like the girls on ats are great with each other but also very much about hanging with the boys?? and that is the show’s fault but Jenny is the kind of lady who likes ladies a lot and takes care of them (even when they’re Willow) and that’s REALLY IMPORTANT for fred and cordy and harmony because they’re all girls kind of finding their places in the world and Jenny could have been their mentor when everything was a mess
  • Jenny is just so cool and rolls with the punches and cannot be bothered with ridiculous uptight dudes so like the perfect teammate for Angel (and I guess Wes if he sticks around though Lilah/Jenny would be 1000000x better than Wes/Lilah sry) and she’d be their early Kate Lockley but with an actual arc that goes through the whole show [without being fridged in the name of motherhood pls] [oh god why would i ever wish ats on a woman] [goodbye]