jenny yang

  • Yang hyunsuk: Training is a time for learning, not for immature skylarkings.
  • Lisa: What's skylarkings?
  • Yang hyunsuk: You know, like tomfooleries.
  • Rosè: Who?
  • Yang hyunsuk: Your unnie is here. Thank you for coming on such short notice. I was just disciplining your girls for their skylarkings.
  • Jennie: Roseanne, lis-... Skylarkings?

Jenny Yang in “If Asians Said the Stuff White People Say”

“I just LOVE dating white guys because they’re so large and overbearing" 

"Omg 2 forks?! That would look totally cute in my hair!”


Angry Asian America Ep. 1 - Angry Asian Man on ISAtv!

Phil is a special guest on the first episode of Angry Asian America, a new series on ISAtv!