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“You’re pregnant and he cheats on you” Pt. 4.1

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4.2

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

(a/n): I’m really happy everyone enjoyed this series so here is the fourth part, next will mark the end and I could really use more requests!

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It wasn’t until 5 years later when you made your return to Seoul. After packing you left to go back to your hometown to stay with family for the meantime. Being a single mother of a now, 5 year old boy, wasn’t the hardest task in the book, but it also wasn’t the easiest, even with the aide of you parents at hand. You wanted to move back to Seoul for, one, new job opportunities and two, so you could re-connect with old friends. Hoseok is the first person you called to inform of your return and he spared no time showing up to your newly bought apartment to help you unpack.

Jihae was more than excited to meet Hobi. He was technically the uncle he never had so when there was a knock at the door he was quick to beat you to it, with his little hands trying so hard to turn the knob, which, failed miserably. You helped him and opened the door, being greeted with a Hobi’s signature smile.


Your three year old was quick to wrap his small form around Hoseok’s leg making you laugh. You moved over and picked up Jihae, stepping to the side for Hoseok to enter the apartment.

You walked over to the living room area then took the moment to greet Hoseok, setting the 5 year old down..”It’s been five years since we last saw each other in person hasn’t it?”

He chuckled and nodded looking around the apartment. “It has, and it’s been a hell of a lot different after you left.”

“We can catch up about that later, All I know is I am glad to be back.” You smiled then pulled your hair back in a tight pony-tail and picking up a box. “Anyways, Who’s ready to get to work around here~?”

Jihae was quick to reply, throwing his arms into the air.


The remainder of the day was mostly spent painting and un-boxing much of the stuff, but with a lot of hard-work on most of the rooms, and by most, the living room and both yours and Jihae’s room, was set, leaving the kitchen, bathroom, and spare room left to finish.

Hoseok stepped out of one of the rooms being worked on and sat down with a sigh. “It takes that long for a couple rooms? Its been 7 hours…!” He stifled a laugh, before leaning forward. “I would ask if you want to go out with the boys just for a little together but I feel as if it is to late for that.”

You shook your head. “Actually that would be great…!” You smiled getting up from your chair.

“Are you sure..?” He raised an eyebrow at you. “It is only 6, We don’t go to bed till 9.” You smiled. “Just give me time to get washed up..”

He nodded and texted the boys as you took Jihae in your arms to get him dressed. “Momma… Were going to meet Uncle Tae and Jin…?” You smiled and nodded. “And Jungkook, Jimin, and Namjoon..”

“What about daddy?”

It’s as if the color drained from your face. There’s the question you always wanted to avoid but you knew that it would pop up soon. Trying to find the right words you set your son down and smiled a bit sadly. “When the time comes I will tell you but now wouldn’t be good…”

“But I wanna know…!” You started to put his shoes on him. “Trust me… I will tell you but to much things are happening right now..”

He crossed his arms over his chest. “Did something happen between Mommy and Daddy…?” You sighed and nodded. “At your age, you wouldn’t be able to fully understand.” Your son pouted making you smile. It was scary how similar Jihae looked to his father. The dark brown, close to being black, hair, the chocolate brown eyes, Hell even the pout he did. You thought about why you used Yoongi’s surname for Jihae, not being able to think why. Your thoughts were interrupted when Hoseok knocked, leaning against the door frame.

“You ready?”

You nodded, Helping Jihae down before following Hobi. “Where are we going?”

“A little corner cafe where we can all kick back and relax.. Is that fine?”

You nodded. “Perfect~

Once arriving you found all the guys there, Sitting around in the couch area chatting away. You chuckled noticing how they changed a lot after a few years.You pushed the doors open to the cafe and made your way over, Taehyung immediately noticed your arrival and jumped up to tackle you in a hug. “Oh my god you’re back?!”

You laughed and nodded, The other quickly following along and hugging you as well. “Did Hoseok not tell you I was coming?”

Jungkook smiled, shaking his head. “He only told us he had something important to talk to us about..!” You shook my head and looked over to Hobi, he only shrugged while snickering.

A screech was heard from Tae as he noticed Jihae’s presence behind you. “Is that him..?!” He crouched down, smiling while Jihae slowly came from behind you and smiled shyly. “Awe cmon, You were so excited to meet them till now.. Why become shy?” You chuckled as he stood in front of Taehyung.

“I’m Jihae….”

“He looks just like…”  He looked over to me, shutting himself up before holding his hand out to Jihae. “Im Taehyung.”

The other 5 watched, smiling before introducing themselves as well.

The time went with all of you catching up and joking around until it came for the moment you had to leave because both you and Jihae were sleepy. So you said goodbye to all of them and took your leave, As soon as you stepped out you realized the ground was wet, taking note that it had rained so you picked Jihae up and wrapped him in your jacket so he would stay warm.

It wasn’t until you heard a gasp close by that you let the curiosity get to you and turned towards it, only to find out the gasp was because of you.

“Oh my god it actually is you…”

Part of you felt weak noticing the presence of someone who fucked up the entirety of your life, the one who messed it all up and called you disgusting names. You found yourself in front of her not knowing what to do at the moment.


You knew you should have been pissed at her but you had an agreement with yourself, even then all those feelings that you had towards her were faded and gone. You noticed she was at the point of tears and couldn’t look you in the eye. Had she felt bad..? She was mumbling a lot of nonsense you couldn’t make out. You just stared.

Her eyes trailed down to where Jihae, who was fast asleep on your shoulder. You shifted feet uncomfortably and watched her cautiously.

“I’m so sorry…” She bit down on her lip and you stood in silence for a bit letting it sink in that she had actually felt guilty. You had no clue what to say so you sighed and let whatever came to your mind first.

“You took everything away from me. My boyfriend, My happiness, an much more.” She flinched, choking back a cry. “You gained absolutely jack-shit for doing this.” She staggered a bit from you words only small apologies slipping out.

You stepped towards and looked her in the eye for once. “But that was 5 years ago. I forgave you when I made the choice to let any grudge go and that’s when I sat in a hospital bed with a baby cradled in my arms.”

She seemed to relax a bit at your words.

“It was fucked up, yes, but people learn from their mistakes and even if it’s really bad, some are meant to be forgiven.

She seemed shocked and you smiled a bit.

“Don’t get hung up on the past because of mistakes. I can see you have changed. Look to the future and forget what happened then and look at what is happening now..”

That’s when a man made his way out and over next to Jennie’s side, wrapping his arm around her waist with a confused look upon his face. She hugged him and cried into his chest so you took the chance to turn and walk off, your question about Yoongi being answered.

“Goodbye Jennie.”

The encounter with Jennie left you thinking about it longer then you should have. It had been four days since you were distracted by the sudden encounter that you hadn’t been paying attention and ran right into a stranger, dropping the four bags of groceries across the pavement. The stranger was quick to help you pick the items up, and when you looked up to thank the stranger, your eyes widened, and as if realizing too he staggered back.


You were, to say in the least, wanting to cry. Sudden Encounter #2 was the one encounter you definitely were not ready for. It made you want to run, and run away far but you managed to keep an act up. You had to stay strong for the sake of yourself and your kid. So you stood up and nodded your head slighly at him.


And then luck wasn’t so much on your side when you heard the yell of your son, Hoseok close behind him.

Mommy returned uncle Hobi…!

 You looked up to Yoongi watching his reaction as he went pale and looked like he had just seen death. You knew exactly what he was thinking.

You really wanted this to be a dream


Midnight Circus

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☾pairing: Jungkook ♡→  reader
☾genre: Angst. Fluff. Mature content. badboy summer fling au
☾summary: “You’re ten times hotter this summer, you know that?”

1 | 2 | coming soon

There was always that rush of excitement when summer came—that feeling of freedom and the urge to run wild bursting at the seems. That’s how it was for most people, not you. When the sun shines with no end was something entirely different for you. Summer meant no school, known of those fellow classmates or teachers on your back. Your lively classmates bubbled in anticipation of the bell, the one thing that would free them from this white tiled prison for months. Just one last ring and I’m outta here, you thought. When it finally came you giggled at the students who jumped out of their seats, mostly guys, they huddled together as if they’d just one the state championship. The teacher attempted to calm them but eventually gave up, who could blame them?

Come on, Y/N!

Your friends beckoned you to hurry up and follow them out the door, that was currently being bombarded with the whole class. There was no point in rushing, so you told them to go ahead with you. They only shook their heads. You were the resident ‘good girl’ of your group of friends—as good as a high school senior could get at least. As quickly as you could look up you were left in the empty class room, you looked at the reminder the suddenly came up on your phone. You hadn’t received your grade for year yet so you waited around at the main office for them. Sitting on the bench outside, you waited patiently, looking through your phone until your teacher came out. 

Ms. Y/L/N, here you go.” You stood up and grabbed the thin folder from her, flipping through it really quick to make sure it was yours. “Enjoy you’re summer- Oh and congratulations on your graduation.” 

“Thank you.” You two exchanged smiles before she scurried back to her office, anxious to leave this place. She was probably happier to be on summer break than the students in this school. If you had to deal with these terrors in a few months you would too, you had to sit in a class room with them but she has to teach them. 

Striding down the hall, you looked over the paper, looking over your grades for the past year. One C out of a list of A’s. You glared down at the letter, one project with that delinquent nearly depleted your grade point average—you never forgave him for that and you weren’t planning on it. A few steps and you were at your car, fumbling with your keys to open the car door. You dropped them on the pavement. Just as quick as they fell you bent down to get it but you were stopped as an all too familiar black boot kicked it away. 

Jeon Jungkook. He quickly had your keys in his hands. You tried to snatch them back but he only gave you a smug grin as your cheeks were already reddening in frustration.

“What do you want.” You spat crossing your arms, eliciting a snort from him. 

Jungkook was what some would call a fuck-boy, a bad boy, a hearthrob; just to name a few. But you had other names for him, a waste of a good looking human being; in short. He did what he wanted and could care less if his stupid decisions affected you or anyone else—he loves himself with no shame whatsoever. His charming glances and charismatic ways of talking may have had everyone at his mercy but he wasn’t fooling you—not for a second.

“Chill, I just wanted to wish you a good summer, what’s the harm in that?” He said

Oh please, you wanted to wipe that grin right off of his face.

“Anytime you try to talk to me, you mean harm. Jungkook, I don’t have time for this.” You attempted to snatch the keys once again but he blocked your attempts by putting his hands far from your reach. “Give me my keys back!” You crossed your arms, waiting for him to stop being childish and hand them over.

“Come on, are you serious?” He laughed. “You’re panties are still in a bunch about that-…what was it again?” He tilted his head in thought, “Collaborative project.” He signed quotation marks with his fingers.

“Since you obviously don’t have the best of memory, I’ll remind you of what you did to me. While we were supposed to be finishing the project the night before. I had finish it by myself. While you decided you’d go roof topping with your friends, on the school, during an open house—which, by the way has to be one of the stupidest ideas you’ve ever had. You could’ve been arrested, not that I would care.” You huffed, already feeling yourself getting heated by the combination of the pounding sun and your rising anger. He was sporadic and impulsive, he said what he was thinking and went with the moment—all the time, and it was annoying. 

“But did I get caught? No, I didn’t- And you were a doll for keeping your lips shut about it, baby girl.” He tapped the bottom of your chin and you jerked back, smacking his hand away. You hated when he’d call you that, it was a nickname he came to like because of one incident. There was a tornado warning in the area, when it touched down you sat in the corner of the room, you closed your ears he could’ve sworn he saw tears.

The day before the due date you got hit with a bad virus and couldn’t take in the project so you gave the responsibility to him—bad idea, a horrifyingly bad idea. He never came to your house to pick it up—he didn’t even go to school that day, your teacher was convinced that Jungkook got you to skip school until you explained to her that you were bedridden. To this day, you still don’t know where he went, and you really don’t care anymore.

“I kept my lips shut because I wasn’t going through that for you. When I texted you to tell you I was sick, and politely asked you to pick up the project and turn it in you left me on read! And never freaking showed up. Honestly, how rude can someone be…” 

“Ok, and? You stress over ever fucking little thing, it was one project.” He retorted, those distinct eyebrows taunting you with every little facial quirk. You snatched the keys from his hand, getting in to your car and slamming the door. 

He knocked on the window—your stupid self actually let it down. 

“What.” Your hands firmly on the wheel as you were getting ready to pull out.

“You never gave me back my headphones, the ones I left at your place. I need them back.” You had to laugh, you know he doesn’t think your just gonna hand over his stuff after all the things he’s put you through. He’s not entitled to anything that has to do with you.

You had something he wanted. You smirked, the tables have finally turned. 

“Ah, you mean the black ones with the blue on the sides?” He nodded, “Yeah, no, I don’t know what you’re talking about, you must be thinking about another girls house, I know you probably lose count.” You cooed, close lipped grinning like the petty person you were.

“I know you have them, quit being petty and hand them over.” His attempt to push you in a corner was working to him but in reality it was failing miserably.

“Now i’m definitely not giving them to you, even if I did have them, which I don’t, you won’t be seeing them anytime soon.” You could tell by the way his tongue protruded against his cheek, he wasn’t happy with you. You assumed he would escalate the argument but he only laughed, you frowned. “Why are you laughing?”

“None of your damn business.” With that he walked back to where he left from and you willed yourself not to pay him any mind. You get a whole three months free of him, annoying classmates and the school in general. 

Life was looking pretty good right about now.

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So how would aliens react finding out about mental issues like depression?

That’s actually a really interesting question!

One that I’ll have to quickly research before I write out this scenario.


Xylion was examining some books he found lying around Human Jenny’s cabin. Yes, he was technically stealing them from her, but he was very interested in what humans were like. Seeing as he had recently experienced the terrifying things known as Grand Theft Auto V, he had to find something redeemable.

Human Jenny had mentioned she was an Anthropologist, and when he questioned what that was, she said it was the study of humankind. He had to hold back his comment about how self-centered humans were if they had a job to study their own species.

So far, none of the textbooks revealed anything interesting. He saw some stuff about history, but chose to leave it alone. He had heard humans had a long history of wars and perils, so maybe that wasn’t the best one to look at.

The next one was all about the Human Brain. He flipped through it a bit, but found nothing of interest. Who would want to know how human brains work?

The last book he found was labeled ‘Mental Disorders’. He frowned. He knew mental meant mind, but disorders? Was something wrong with human minds?

He grabbed the book and opened it. However, before he could begin reading, he heard the voice. “And what do you think you’re doing?”

Xylion almost began to secrete mucus again. He turned around slowly to see Human Jenny. Her eyes were narrowed and her cheeks red with anger. Xylion felt his tentacles begin to quiver. “Ah, Human Jenny! You’re- uh- hello! How is your day?” He asked, dropping the book so he wouldn’t ruin it.

Human Jenny grimaced at the phlegm that began to cover his arms. “What are you doing in here, Xylion?” She asked, crossing her arms.

“I was simply looking at your books! I wanted to know more about humans.” Xylion saw no point in lying. His species was known for doing what was always best.

A grin spread across her face. “You could’ve just said so! I know all about humans! Not only am I one, but it’s my job to study them! Now, what do you need to know?”

Xylion was shocked at her sudden change in demeanor, but he took it as a pleasing from Xalzor, the primordial god from his planet. Xylion looked down at the book he had been interested in. “What are ‘Mental Disorders’?”

Human Jenny’s smile seemed to droop slightly. She made some weird noise that sounded somewhat like a cough. “Well, Mental Disorders are problems that affect humans’ mental, physical, and/or emotional wellbeing.”

“So, they are weaker than the average human?”

“No! Not at all! Each issue affects a person in different ways, though they all have similar problems that come with them.” Human Jenny reasoned.

Xylion frowned. “Like what?”

Human Jenny picked up the book and flipped to a random page. “Here, this is one that affects a lot of people in this day and age: Depression.”

“‘Depression’? And what is that?”

“Well, have you ever experienced sadness, Xylion?”

He had to think about that. “Yes, one time when I was younger my brothers played a crude joke on me that ended up with me believing that I was useless. Of course it was all in good fun and I learned that eventually, but I was quite sad until then.”

“And how long did it take for you to realize that?”

“About a day or so.”

Human Jenny sighed. “Well, imagine that you are feeling that sadness for weeks and months on end. It’s never ending. Joy isn’t something that really seems real to you. It’s like the world around you is faded and everything just seems to bounce off of you. Even when you’re doing something that used to make you happy, all you feel is this sense of overwhelming sadness waiting right around you.”

Xylion blinked. “Is that…curable?”

“Yes. With pills, it can sometimes help. Not only that, but psychotherapy helps too. Most people get better.”

“And those that don’t?”

Human Jenny hesitated with her answer. She sighed, looking down. “Let’s just say they all have different ideas on what to do then.”

Xylion frowned at the cryptic message. He was confused. What did happen to them? What did they choose to do? Before he could ask anything else about it, human Jenny was already flipping through the pages.

“Schizophrenia.” She murmured, looking down at the page. It was filled with colorful images. Xylion frowned.

Human Jenny looked up at him. “Schizophrenia is a disorder that gives the victim auditory, visual, olfactory, an/or tactile hallucinations. People with this issue often see things, hear things, smell things, or feel things that aren’t there. The cause of this isn’t understood, and it often includes lifetime treatment.”

Xylion shook his head. “That’s horrible. How do people endure that?”

“Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t.”

Great, more vague answers. Xylion was getting sick of it, honestly.

Human Jenny sighed as she opened up another page. “Let’s see…Anxiety.”

“But…most humans have this disorder! Human Isaac often talks about how anxious he is! Is that not the same thing?”

“Yes, all humans experience anxiety, but it’s when it starts interfering with our daily lives that it becomes something serious. One example of anxiety is the Panic Attack centered anxiety. These panic attacks can do different things, though some of the things that can occur during them are: muscle tension, poor concentration, fear or confusion, the inability to relax, etcetera.”  

Xylion was shocked, yet again. “How do humans deal with this sort of thing?”

Human Jenny shuffled nervously before standing up. “Well, most people take pills to help them calm down and such.” Human Jenny began to rummage through a bin as she talked. “They take these pills to help keep them calm. Mainly because they fear dying in these situations, often feel discomfort, feel like they’re choking,” Human Jenny’s voice was fading now, “shortness of breath,” her breathing was getting raspy now, and Xylion was getting even more worried, “and others things.” She finished, coughing slightly.

He watched as she pulled out some orange container and opened it. Two white tablets fell into her palm and she pressed it against her mouth, letting the pills go in. He watched as she took her hand away and got a drink of water. As she swallowed the pills, she seemed to visibly relax. Xylion stood up. “Are you okay, Human Jenny?”

Her head hung slightly. “I’m alright. I just suffer from Anxiety, ya’ see? Sometimes when I talk about the different affects it has on us humans, I freak out. I’ll be fine, though.”

“Does anyone else aboard suffer from these disorders?”

Human Jenny nodded. “We’ve all had a problem sometime in our life. We aren’t exactly kids, you know?”

Xylion shuffled nervously. “What happened?”

“Well, Isaac has insomnia.”

“And what is that?”

Human Jenny sighed. “Well, insomnia is a sleeping disorder. It makes it so the person affected by it has trouble sleeping soundly at night. he has to take pills to help him fall asleep, otherwise he can’t sleep at night and won’t function as well in the mornings.”

Xylion looked down. He had never noticed this before. “And the others?”

“Well, Freddie’s been struggling with Depression ever since he lost his girlfriend in a shooting, and Mason has PTSD.”


“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. He was in combat back on earth and he saw a lot of death. He watched his friend’s die, and that’s not something you can easily bounce back from.”

Xylion looked down, sadness filling him. Just the knowledge that his fellow crewmembers went through this on a daily basis was saddening. He frowned. “How come you were all sent up here then?”

“Well, Isaac can take pills for his Insomnia and I can take pills for my Anxiety. Freddie also takes pills, and because I have a degree in Psychology I am able to be his therapist, which is the person that can help him through it. And Mason is mostly over his. He occasionally gets nightmares, but he’s mostly gotten over his PTSD. He’ll never be completely over it, but he can function without having an episode on a normal day-to-day basis. Sometimes it hits him, and it’s only happened once since we joined your crew.”

Xylion sighed. He gently put a tentacle on her shoulder and wrapped it around her, pulling her to him. “I’m so sorry you all have to deal with this. If I could help you, know I would.”

When human Jenny pulled back, her face was red. She nodded quickly. “Yeah, whatever you say, Xylion.”

Xylion smiled down at her. He realized something that day.

While they looked weak, humans were always fighting a war. They were always battling the inner problems. Even fi they looked fine, a human wasn’t always as happy as they seemed. He’d take that lesson to his grave.

So what’d you think?

I did my best to write this part, because it is a huge part of our society. Anyways, if you want to learn more about different mental issues, then click here. I did my best looking up each one that I used and tried to portray it as closely as possible. Sorry if I didn’t do that good of a job.

Anyways, if you ever feel like you need some help with something, know I could be there to help you.

And I hope you enjoyed this, Anon! It took me a bit to write this and research it, but I think it was worth it!

It was especially long because my dad kept through those little poppers at my brother and my sister keeps showing me those anime crack videos, but who cares, I’ve written in worse environments, I think.

And goodbye! See you in the next Humans are Weird post.

Left At The Altar - Part 3? (Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader)

Title: Left At The Altar (Part 3?)

Pairing: Bucky X Reader, Steve Rogers X Reader

Genre: Angst?

Summary: Steve and (Y/N) are both working on what could potentially be a blossoming relationship between them whilst Bucky’s sees tiny cracks. 


Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5

“… Tony and Sam, you two will keep a lookout up on air. Wheels up in 30 mins. Dismissed.” Steve ordered.

The group of Avengers pushed themselves off the chairs and started making their way to get ready for yet another mission. It was a pretty routine mission, information extraction and ultimately shutting down the base they were raiding. It wasn’t complicated but the grounds they had to cover was pretty massive and so the entire team is involved.

Steve has sort of made (Y/N)’s room his over the past couple of months but still kept his own space located right opposite her room. It was more because of space constraint than anything. The 100-year-old super soldier enjoyed collecting keepsakes and the extra room was needed to hold them, even though he was pretty much permanent resident in (Y/N)’s.

He made his way into his room and reached for the stealth suit in his closet. Heaving a sigh at the thought of having to leave (Y/N) behind yet again because of his job, Steve failed to notice the girl opening his room door.

“Hey, captain. Why the long face?” came (Y/N)’s soft voice.

Steve turned around and his smile widened as his eyes landed on her.

“Not too excited about leaving you home alone doll,” he answered, moving closer to her.

A soft smile broke on her face as she stepped into Steve’s embrace. Mumbling into his chest, she said, “I’m not too excited about having you go risk your life either, Cap.”

The two was developing a sort of more than friendship, less than love kind of relationship. For (Y/N), she felt conflicted about her growing interest in her ex-fiance’s best friend. For Steve, he just didn’t have the confidence that (Y/N) would ever return his feelings. But the two reveled in this current comfortable relationship they have right now. Not too fast, not too slow. And it felt just right for the both of them.

Bucky stepped out of his room, geared up and ready to go but stopped short when his gaze fell to (Y/N) in Steve’s embrace. The slightly opened door hid nothing from Bucky’s view. His super soldier hearing didn’t help lessen the blow either.

“Come back safe. Promise me, Steve. Don’t go doing foolish things like jumping off a plane. I’m right here waiting for you to come home, alright?” (Y/N) said, her eyes meeting with Steve’s blue ones.

“Yes, ma’am. We still have got that art exhibition to go together. I’ll make it back right in time for it, I promise.” came Steve’s answer, as he landed a peck on her forehead, his lips lingering.

Bucky was no stranger to this new sort-of affection going on between his captain and (Y/N). (Y/N)’s reaction towards him surprised him immensely. The anger and spite he anticipated from (Y/N) did not happen. She was civil, polite, almost too polite to him and Jenny. She kept their contact to a minimum but never purposefully avoiding him. But Bucky would honestly feel so much better if she yelled at him or threw some spiteful comments here and there. This civil and polite girl was new to him. Ever since day 1, (Y/N) was welcoming, warm and friendly. This almost feels painful to him, like Bucky is nothing but a stranger along the streets to her.

His thoughts halted when he heard a laughter bubbling from (Y/N). Looking up, he sees (Y/N) walking around Steve’s room, gathering the essentials he would need for the mission and putting them in his go-bag. This scene of pure domestic bliss was what hurt him the most.

He couldn’t understand why this would hurt. He chose to walk away from this, didn’t he? He was the one that didn’t think (Y/N) and he was right together.

Shaking his head in an attempt to push these thoughts away, Buck threw one last glance into the room and stomped his way to quinjet.

“Where’s Cap? He’s usually all geared up and ready to leave before any of us.” Wanda questioned, as she helped lug Natasha and Clint weapons up the quinjet.

Bucky frowned at the question, his mind wandering to the scene before. He couldn’t help but mumble under his breath, “He’s too busy and pre-occupied with my girl to actually do his captain duties.” The thought startled him, why did he still label (Y/N) as his girl - she wasn’t anymore, and would probably never be again.

“Is everyone gathered?” Steve’s voice came and broke Bucky’s thoughts.

“We’re waiting for you Capiscle,” Tony replied, his face held a knowing smirk.

“I’m here. So, let’s go.” Steve replied, rolling his eyes at the billionaire.

Just as Steve was about to make his way to the controls, two voices sounded.



The lot turned and saw (Y/N) and Jenny making their way to the quinjet the former calling for the captain and the latter calling for the sergeant.

An awkward silence enveloped the quinjet as the rest of the heroes scattered around to make themselves seem busy but kept their ears peeled for the conversation that was to take place.

The look in Steve’s eyes warmed when he spotted (Y/N). Holding her by her hand, he led her away from Jenny and closer to himself, his large frame shadowing the girl as if trying to protect her.

“Uhm, I know you shouldn’t be wearing anything that isn’t part of your suit but would you please just bring this along? You don’t have to wear it just leave it in your go-bag. It’ll make me feel less jittery about you leaving.” (Y/N) said, her face flushing as she handed him the necklace she always wore. It was a long chain with an intricate ring strung through it - her mum’s wedding ring, a sort-of family heirloom that the girl treasured.

Bending to meet (Y/N) eye to eye, Steve gave her a breathtaking smile and lowered his head, requesting for (Y/N) to help him put it on.

“I’ll take good care of it doll,” Steve said, as he straightened his posture, thumbing the ring around his neck.

Bucky’s couldn’t tear his eyes from what was happening in front of him. That necklace was (Y/N)’s. That necklace was his. (Y/N) would always make him wear it when he was leaving for a mission, said it gave her a peace of mind. Bucky’s eyes narrowed at the scene and couldn’t help the low growl he let out.

The only other super soldier picked up the sound and met Bucky’s eyes. Steve saw the look Bucky was giving him and pulled (Y/N) in for a hug, his eyes locked on Bucky’s for a long moment, before he pulled away and caressed the side of (Y/N)’s face.

Jenny tapped on Bucky’s arm and jumped when he turned and glared at her in an instant. Seeing the started girl, Bucky’s gazed softened slightly and gruffly questioned her, “Yeah?”

“You didn’t say bye. So I, I just thought I should come say bye.” Jenny replied, her eyes fleeting between Bucky and what he was previously staring at.

“Yeah okay. I’ll be back soon.” came his reply.

“It would be good if you could tell me where you’re heading to and when you’re leaving and coming back next time, Bucky. I’m your girlfriend. I have the right to want to know where you are and what you are doing.” Jenny grumbled.

“Fine,” Bucky replied, walking away from the fifth argument they’ve had this week.

Jenny stomped off the quinjet, anger radiating from her. The moment of awkward silence was saved (Y/N) yelling out “goodbyes” and “stay safes” to everyone. She met Bucky’s eyes and gave him a small reassuring smile, “Stay safe sergeant.” and a polite nod of her head, before turning to Steve.

“Come back to me soon, Steve. I’ll be looking forward to our art exhibition date,” she said, her eyes turning into crescents from her wide smile.

“Date, doll?” Steve questioned with a teasing tone.

(Y/N) face turned red when she noticed what she has said and lightly shoved the soldier towards the quinjet control.

“I’ll be back for our date doll.” Steve teased, a smirk forming on his face, (Y/N) hurried off the quinjet, not before stopping to wave at the team before heading into the compound.

Tony took one look at Bucky and rolled his eyes at the kicked puppy dog look he was giving the girl.

“Hey! You don’t get to feel sorry for yourself, Manchurian Candidate. You let her go the worst way possible. So suck it up, live with your misery while she gets the man she deserves. Capsicle gave her up to you once, don’t expect him to do it twice.” Tony scoffed with a roll of his eyes and left Bucky on his own with his loud and unforgiving thoughts.

I am overwhelmed by all the nice things you lot have got to say! Thank you so much for the support and this chapter was somewhat a slow burn. Future chapters would mostly like feel more like punches to the gut. Feedbacks are most welcomed! Comments, likes and reblogs are fuel to a writer’s writing ya’ll. 

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thunderstorm, p.4 | yoongi

read p1, p2, and p3.

summary: p4/? | initially, the rumors about yoongi were what kept you so far away from him. after finally giving him a chance to prove he was more than the jerk every story made him out to be, he completely confirms everything you had come to no longer believe about him.

details/genre: badboy!yoongi, college au, angst/fluff, friend!jin, bff!jungkook, bff!taehyung

word count: 2.1k

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svoba  asked:

Are you still writing "A Hundred Lesser faces"? Don´t stop there - that was perfectly wonderful, but I want more. I need more. What happened next? What about Jenny!!?? What Laoghaire? ... What about Fraser Ridge? Do you planing another chapters?

A Hundred Lesser Faces: Eleven

  • Section One {A Hundred Lesser Faces} what if Voyager!Claire had gone first to Lallybroch instead of directly to the print shop in Edinburgh? :  [(One) (Two) (Three) (Four) (Five) (Six) (Seven)
  • Section Two {A Hundred More}, the aftermath of Claire and Jamie’s reunion, following their journey as they work to build a new life together [(Eight) (Nine) (Ten) ]


Previously: Jamie and Claire are still at the Inverness inn to which they traveled after reuniting at the stones (in the nick of time). After talking through a number of things, particularly Claire’s built-up fears around sex, they managed it….with distinction :D. They fell asleep happy and safe in one another, having experienced that sense of ‘heat and light’ together that they each have lacked for so long.

Waking to see the morning sunlight igniting his curls into radiance, framing his still-sleeping face…. 

Watching him, waiting eagerly, as though for a shooting star, to perhaps glimpse a fleeting, somnolent smile…

Leaning over and kissing his face, smoothing away that long, beautiful hair and whispering a secret that only his dreams would know: 

God…how I do love you, Jamie Fraser….’

Yes, that’s how I would have LIKED to awaken on this blissfully-complete morning. 

As it was, I was JOLTED out of sleep by a great cataclysm taking place on the mattress beneath me and a stream of unintelligible curses ricocheting around the walls like so many whizzing demons straight out of the bloody pit. 


Damn me, I couldn’t manage to get my tongue to catch up with my brain or my eyes to unblur, but I managed to rally and slur out like a lunatic: “HURT??”

“M’back,” came the strangled reply as my hands found him. 

As my eyes adjusted, the room revealed my bare-arsed husband contorted into an impossible shape on his side, trying to both clutch at and keep from moving the muscles of his lower back.  

“Roll onto your belly,” I instructed at once, supporting his hips with both hands to help keep the motion steady. Lord, I thought he would lose a tooth at any moment from how tightly that jaw was clenched against the pain.  “Has this happened before? Did you injure it? When? Wh—”

“Sassenach, a moment,” he moaned. Using the strength of his arms, he  lowered his chest the few inches to the mattress with a great gasp, exhaling stertorously before answering. “Not injured, not anytime that I can recall, but aye, this has happened bef—gahh—” Another shudder as he laid his forehead to rest on his arms. “Several times over the last few years. Canna explain it, it just—Christ— seems to come on as it damn well pleases.”

“And in the times that it’s happened?” I balanced on my knees as I ran my hands over his bare skin, checking for any herniation or trace of a tear, though I thought either to be unlikely.  “What have you done to get rid of it?”

He gave an approximation of a shrug. “Waited for it to pass.”

“For how long?”

“One, maybe two days.”

“Of course you did, bloody hero.”

Laying both palms flat on the small of his back, I applied a gentle pressure, then jumped as he arched in a great spasm of pain. He was strung tight as a bowstring, the poor man, the muscles taut and convulsing like mad. 

“But where are ye going?” he blurted in acute distress as he felt me leave the mattress. “Sassenach, please, dinna—”

“If you lasted one or two days in pain last time,” I said firmly, adjusting my blanket toga at the door, “you can wait twenty minutes for me to fetch some oil and hot water.”

It actually only took ten.

“The cook was very helpful,” I explained as I carefully climbed back onto the bed with my tray of supplies. “Grinning at me like a cat in cream all the while. Do I have you to thank for that, by any chance?”

An interrogatory grunt. 

Ded ye have a PLAYSENT evening, then, lassie?’ I drawled in imitation of Ms. Fiona’s jocular teasing below. “Ye wairked him that WEE BET too hard, sounds to me! Och, but I’ll wager he’s no’ altogether fashed aboot et, backache or noo! Ye braw wee thing!” 

Terrrrrrible,” Jamie laughed, then instantly regretted it. 

“Oof, sorry, darling, here you are,” I said, sobering at once and lifting the hot brick wrapped in rags. “Show me where?”  Feeling the gentle heat settle on the spot, Jamie moaned again, but this time in relief. “Try to relax your back as best you can, my love….That’s it….Let the heat soak in….try not to tense up again….Good….This will help, I promise.” 

I couldn’t help admiring him while he lay obediently still, stretched out on his belly like a cat in the sun. His body, though not quite as it had looked at twenty-five, was still firm and beautifully fit. It seemed—fuller, somehow; muscled, certainly, perhaps even more densely than before, but with a less chiseled aspect, to my eye, that paradoxically made him look all the more more powerful. 

I couldn’t resist laying a hand on his buttocks to feel the neat, shaped muscles beneath. He started a bit, but then relaxed, humming a happy, contented note. “It’s wonderful to have ye touching me again, Sassenach,” he said huskily.

“It’s wonderful to do the touching,” I murmured, meaning it. I surveyed him eagerly, each long-lined limb and gentle curve, and felt a sudden twinge of something like annoyance. “How bloody have you managed to stay so fit?” 

I mean honestly! The man was a goddamned Adonis. 

He snorted, but answered readily enough. “A bachelor’s diet… That in addition to lifting heavy crates and operating the printing press day after day—It all does a man good, I suppose.”

“Evidently so!’ I adjusted the position of the brick. “Truly, you look wonderful, Jamie, whatever you did to maintain yourself.”

“Well, I…” He stopped, sounding surprised and a little hesitant. “Ye ken, I suppose I’m grateful that, in all the confusion and rushing about, I didna have much time to worry about my vanity.” 

“Didn’t you?” 

“I had to catch ye first, after all,” he said, with a smile, reaching back to touch my thigh. “But I do wonder…. Do I look verra much an old man, Sassenach? Seen now in all my flesh, I mean?” 

“Old?” I shorted. “At three-and-forty? Hardly.” 

“Well, but many a man in this time looks considerably the worse for years at such an age, Sassenach. Surely you’ll remember that yourself, from before.” 

“True… but you’re hardly the sort likely to waste away from bodily neglect, Jamie Fraser.” 

“No, indeed,” he said, smiling and sounding more than a bit relieved. “I did always—well—” 

He broke off, shyly, enough so that I was grinning like a fool in anticipation of the secret he obviously wanted to share. “What did you do, exactly?” 

He shrugged, and this time, it didn’t hurt him. “I tried to do all the wee things ye’d taught me, ken? Cleaning my teeth of an evening or dipping a blade into boiling water before touching food wi’ it, and the like. Eating live things, as often as I could, too.” I was beaming, but he wasn’t finished. “Even when I was in prison, I made it my duty to see that all my men ate as many green plants as could be scavenged, to ward off the scurvy, so….” He broke off, still that shy, pleased smile in his voice. “Those things could only have helped in terms of preservation, aye?” 

“Most definitely,” I said, genuinely touched and not a little choked up. “The nutrition, especially.” I couldn’t help bending over him and kissing the warm skin behind his exposed ear, then the russet curls above. “Thank you for taking it all to heart and taking care of yourself; and doing your best to share it. I do hope it helped others, but if it meant that you alone were able to keep all your teeth, then I’ll still thank my lucky stars.” I kissed his temple. “And on a purely aesthetic level…’all your flesh’ looks incredible, Jamie.”

“That’s most kind of ye to say, mo nighean donn,” he said, his voice a soft purr in his ever-relaxing state. “I’m no’ saying this only to be kind in return, but…” He turned his head to lay on one cheek, craning his neck around. With a fiendish grin, he tugged the blanket from out of its tuck under my armpits and growled in soft appreciation at the sight left in its wake. “Ye look unbelievably fine, yourself.

I flushed and grinned, for, much to my own surprise, I believed him, my not inconsiderable insecurities and fears of the night before having evaporated into the dawn. “Ten or more years of working on one’s feet does a lass good, herself, I suppose.”

“Your feet?” he grunted as he reluctantly turned his head back forward, his voice muffling into his arm. “How do ye mean?”

Had I not mentioned in the letter? No….I suppose I hadn’t been able to bring myself to say much about what *I* had been up to in our twenty years apart. It had been easier to focus upon the news of Bree. No use giving him anything of me to drive him mad, I’d thought at the time. 

Shaking off the remembered despair of that day, I brightened and said, a little shy now, myself,  “After Bree was grown old enough to go to school, I got my medical degree. I became a doctor.”

Jamie’s head whipped back around over his shoulder, a movement simultaneous with the immediate unbidden ‘GAHH!’ of pain that ensued. 

“CAREFUL!!” I snapped, “Don’t you dare thrash about like that! Lay your head back down this minute!”

He obeyed, grunting and wincing, but tugged me up toward the pillows so he could look me in the eye without twisting. His eyes were wide and blue as he stared. “Ye became a doctor? A physician?”

“Yes?” I said, suddenly rather nervous, given the intensity of his disbelief. “Erm….a surgeon, more specifically, a doctor that cuts people up to fix the ailments inside the body— cutting out sickness and so forth, then stitching them up again. It’s…” I cleared my throat. “Well, it’s a rather prestigious specialty, even as far as physicians go.” 

“Claire…. That’s—” He’d been watching me intently as I spoke, his smile growing wider and wider. Now, he was unabashedly beaming. “That’s marvelous, lass. Did ye no’ say once that all the doctors were men?”

“I was the one and only woman in my class,” I admitted, glowing with no little pride under his eye. 

“Oh, well done, Sassenach!” He beamed up at me, running his hand over my leg, squeezing. “Tell me ye showed them all up tidily—Made them think twice or thrice about underestimating a woman’s capabilities?” 

I grinned and nodded. “Made something of a point of it, I must say.” 

He laughed, delighted. “God, how I should have loved to see the looks on their faces.” 

“Well, it wasn’t always good fun, seeing those faces, but the end satisfaction more than compensated for the occasional nastiness.”

Removing the brick from his back, I poured some sweet oil into my palms. As the heels of my hands met the now-supple skin, he gave an ecstatic groan of pleasure. 

“Lord, Jamie! You’ll give Fiona even more to smirk about if you carry on like that!”

“Feels grand,” he said in his defense into the pillow.

“So I can HEAR! Wake the whole tavern, why don’t you!”

Despite the rather lewd soundtrack, the massage did work wonders, and soon, he was able to move his head and neck about with no pain to the strained back. “Whatever it was about the profession that kept ye on your feet,” he said, doing so to look back at me again, “it did do ye much good. I mean, Christ, lass, ye look scarcely a day over thirty.” 

I snorted so loudly my hands skidded off his rump and the resultant disturbance made the bed timbers squeak. 

“It’s true!” he insisted, almost affronted. “I mean, look at ye! What is your age? Forty….?”

“Forty-eight.” I groaned with all the agony of defeat, working my thumbs into the base of his spine.

“Mm-HM!” he grunted in triumph, a suspicion confirmed. 



“Where I come from, witches are well-known for looking old,” I said, rolling my eyes. “And if I’m a witch, what does that make you, being married to one, mm?”

“Happy. Lucky.”

“Too right!” 

I could feel the muscles easing under my hands. “You know, I’m fairly confident I massaged you like this once or twice before.”

“I recall. My neck was terribly tight once on Charlie’s campaign, and ye sorted it right out. You’ve always had a good touch, mo chridhe.”

“Did it not occur to you to try massage, then, those other times you threw out your back like this? Rather than waiting about for days for it to pass on its own?”

A too-long pause followed, and when he spoke, his voice was clipped. “Aye, it did.” 

I let the silence ask the question for me. 

“There are verra few people I’d allow to see my bared back, Sassenach…. let alone touch it.”

And somehow, that single statement made me sadder than nearly anything else could in relation to what Jamie’s life had been like since we parted. 

I wondered suddenly whether he had allowed Laoghaire, but then banished the thought, feeling it an intrusion even to speculate on the possibilities. Still, to have no one in his life—either to hand when needed, or at all—who could do such a task for him; no one he trusted enough to render him such an intimate service… 

I leaned down, filled with tenderness and heartache, both, and kissed his shoulder, then the broadest of his scars, laying my head gently upon him, just to have him know I was there. Here. Always, 

My heart thumped with a sudden warmth, a memory. He’d allowed me to see these scars that first night at Leoch. For whatever reason, by whatever nudging of fate, he’d decided to trust menearly at once, before I even knew his real identity or he, mine. 

The shoulder beneath my cheek heaved with a slight shrug. “You’ve always been a special case, my Sassenach.”

Mindreader,” I muttered in mock-accusation, planting one more kiss and sitting up, grateful for the lightening of the mood. “Bloody great warlock.”

As I finished the massage, he stretched and began to sit up with intake of breath that, quite suddenly, broke off; not in pain, but from an unspoken word abruptly halted. 

“What is it? Does it still hurt?” 

“No, it—Well, a bit, still, but no, I can move now, at least. Only…would ye be willing to have a look at my leg as well? Medically speaking, I mean. It doesna pain me all the time,” he added hastily with a sad smile, “and certainly not at the moment, but as you’re a physician now?” 

My gut clenched. I had all but forgotten the passage from the Lord Melton’s journal. ‘A great wound, festering and pustulant.’ I swallowed, nodded, and whispered, “Of course, Jamie.”  

He rolled onto his back, eyes carefully cast aside, though I don’t think it was lost on him that it took all my will and restraint not to gasp from the shock and grief that welled up in me at the sight, the sheer fury at whoever had dared to hurt him so. The fact that a twenty-year-old wound could still look as gruesome as that—

“Jamie,” I moaned in a whisper, spanning my hand across his thigh to better see the eight full inches of twisted, ghost-white scarring running up the thigh and toward his groin. “My God.”

“It’s no’ a pretty sight, certainly,” he said, uneasy, reaching for the blanket, meaning to cover himself. “I’m sorry, lass, ye dinna have to—”

No!” I breathed, reaching out my other hand and laying it over his belly. “It’s nothing to be ashamed of, it—It just—” I swallowed, but the lump in my throat still remained as I looked into his face. “It makes it so real…. What you went through. You didn’t die, but—God, how you suffered.”

He opened his mouth several times, different responses dancing through his eyes. In the end, all he could do was nod. 

A tear rolled down my cheek as I ran my thumb across the mangled bit of scar barely covering his femoral artery. “How on earth did you survive this?” I whispered. 


The silence rang around us for a long time, unbroken.  

Jenny, beloved sister who had watched over him all his life, who had saved it after Culloden; to whom I must owe my own, if she personally had stood herself between him and this certain death, refusing to let it claim him. 

….Jenny, who out of spite and God-knew-what-else, had nearly cost us both this second chance at a life together. 

However would we—could we ever— reconcile the two?  

“I suppose,” Jamie sighed, reading my thoughts once again, “we really must be discussing what’s to be done, about Jenny. Laoghaire. Us.” 

I nodded, knowing he was perfectly correct, but with my own thoughts still many, many years away, on Culloden field, where my heart had lain and suffered. On impulse, I bent over him and kissed slowly along the entire length of the scar, pressing my cheek against his thigh afterward, as though touch and sheer will and desperate love could erase the vestiges of his agony, all of it. 

“I’m glad ….that ye didna have to see me that way, Claire, when I lay in fever…” His voice was choked and hoarse with emotion. His hand came to rest on my scalp, warm and complete as an embrace.  “…..but I’d have done anything to have ye there wi’ me, even so.”

I reached up and found his other hand, squeezing hard. “So would I.” 

anonymous asked:

what about when the realize how brutal humans can be? like we don't always go for the physical attacks sometimes we attack them mentally with verbal attacks...

Hmm…that will most definitely happen.

Hope you enjoy this little blurb.

Also, some stronger language will be used here, just so ya’ know. And mention of alcohol abuse and suicide. If you are sensitive of that, don’t read it. It’s not directly said, but it is implied.

The tight bonds that held Xylion tentacles behind his back were really starting to hurt. Not only that, but the gloves he used to stop his mucus from affecting anything were still on, making it almost impossible for him to wriggle out. He was peeved, to say the least.

Captain Zellnor was next to him, his long face hung. His red eyes were closed, almost as if he was sleeping. Well, seeing that he had been injected with a sleep inducer, it made sense. Xylion, however, was wide awake, forced to sit in an uncomfortable silence next to his unconscious boss.

The rest of the crew was somewhere on the ship, tied up as well. At least, so the pirate guarding him said.

He was of the Roachon species. He had mandibles and antennae, and six arms. The species was known for it’s ability to survive many different physical attacks from anything. Not to mention they had extremely powerful weapons too. Their species loved to steal. Instead of making their own, they’d much rather steal ships and weapons, and then improve them. No one wanted to be captured by them. They were practically invincible.

Xylion looked up at the pirate, trying to see if there was anyway to escape. The Roachonian didn’t look particularly weak, so there was no way for him to overpower him. Of course, even if he could overpower him, he was still tied up, and the powerhouse Captain was passed out, unable to help.

He hung his head, sadness filling him. There was no way he’d be able to get free. He was screwed. Xylion sighed.

The only thing he could think of was his family, and how sad they’d be when they saw he was no longer amongst the living. How they’d cry. What if they even got depressed? Or was that merely a human thing? He had no idea.

Xylion felt his eyes begin to burn. He knew what this meant. He was going to start leaking mucus out of his eyes.


Before he could begin to curse his retched fate, the sound of a radio turning on was heard. Xylion looked up at see the Roachonian holding one up. He put the radio up to his head. “What? Is sometin’ goin’ on?”

The sound of muffled screaming was heard. The Roachonian scowled before turning towards Xylion. “What are ye’ doin’? I know it sometin’!”

Xylion shook his head. “I swear, I am not doing anything, sir. I am tied up, and about to be covered in mucus because I’m so nervous.”

The Roachonian grimaced. “Gross.”

“No kidding.”

Suddenly, the door was thrown open. Human Fredrick stood there, a gun in his hand and blood pouring out of multiple wounds. The Roachonian pointed his gun at him and fired, hitting him in the shoulder. Human Fredrick backed up.

Xylion watched as Human Fredrick was shot in the chest, and went flying against the wall. He cried out, trying to break his bonds, but to no avail.

But before the pirate could shoot human Fredrick again, the sound of a voice came booming all around them. “If you dare shoot that gun once more, than you will die.”

The pirate stopped, his gun still pointed at Human Fredrick’s limp body. Xylion looked around, trying to pinpoint Human Mason, but he was not in the room.

“Who are ya’? Where are ya’?” The pirate cried out, backing up slightly.

“Look at you, a weak, insolent insect. How dare you come aboard this ship and think you and your gang of roaches can take us down?”

The pirate pointed his gun up to Xylion. “Shut up or I’ll shoot him!”

“If you shoot him, then we will be forced to shoot you dead.”

Xylion watched as hundred of little red dots seemed to appear all over the pirate’s body. His eyes widened and his grip on the gun loosened.

“You- you can’t stop us! We gone find ya’ and kill ya’!”

“As if a creature that doesn’t even belong in the asshole of hell can take our ship? You must have a superiority complex, you fuck-head.”

Whatever hell was, Xylion didn’t want to know. It sounded bad if a Roachonian couldn’t belong there.

The pirate’s gun began to slip out of it’s grip. “You can’t stop us! We are the future! We gone find ya’, kid.”

“Shit, man!” Human Isaac was no speaking. “This little cockroach thinks he can get us by just shooting us? I mean, Fred is down there with him!”

The pirate let out a sick laugh. “That fool? I took care of ‘I’m wit mah gun!”

Xylion heard the sound of a gun cocking. He looked behind the pirate to see Human Fredrick with his gun pointed at the pirate. Blood was oozing out of all his wounds. His chest, arms, torso, forehead, and his left leg was covered in the crimson liquid. Not to mention that his left eye was swollen shut. Xylion felt sick just looking at him. Human Fredrick let out a sick chuckle. “We don’t go down easy, bitch.”

The pirate backed up, his dark, beady eyes wider than plates. That’s when a sick grin spread over his face. “I’m invincible! Ya’ can’t kill whah can’t be killed!”

Human Fredrick looked up, baring his teeth. Xylion saw the red blood in his mouth too. How was he standing? “So maybe we can’t kill you, but we can break you.”

“And what is that suppose ta mean?”

Xylion was confused also, but then he heard Human Jenny speaking. “Do you have any family members?”

The pirate scowled. “What do tha-”

“Imagine if they saw you doing this? Would they approve of you killing innocent people just so you could get a spaceship you clearly don’t need?”


“Imagine your mother, seeing you standing over Freddie, dead and covered in blood. You did this to him. You did. You killed him, and your mother will no longer see you as a son. She will see you as a murderer. A murderer who kills for fun just so he can have more things that he so obviously doesn’t need. How does that feel, huh? Or your father, even! The boy he helped grow and teach is a murderer! He kills people all because he wants a new spaceship. How would that affect him? Maybe the taste of wine would help drown it out.”


“Or what about your spouse? The person you love more than anyone else? How would they feel seeing the person they made a promise with to stay with forever standing above the broken corpse of something that once was living, but now no longer breathes, no longer moves unless moved by an outside force? How could they still love you, knowing you pulled the trigger that ended that being’s life?”


“Or, or, what about a child? A son, maybe. He aspires to be you, be like his father, but now- now, he hears his father kills people just so that he could have another vehicle to drive in. He killed an innocent human just because he wanted to take their ship. Or maybe you have a daughter. She hears about the blood oozing from the creature’s wounds, wounds you inflicted upon him! You sent this being to their death, their eternal rest, and now she can only imagine you with a sick twisted grin on your face as you hold the gun to their head and end their life!”


“What about your siblings? You brother, ready to see you once more, only to hear that you ended up killing a man. A man who had a family, maybe even children. You ended his life without knowing a damn thing about him, and all because you wanted an upgrade? Or what about your sister? All she can see is her brother, someone she grew up with, now coated with blood. The phantom smell haunts her, and she feels like she can hear the cries of the dying man as you pulled the trigger. It haunts her for the rest of her days, even though they aren’t as long anymore.”


“And your grandparents! Your grandmother quaking in fear whenever she hears you name! All she can remember is that her adorable grandson she took care of while your parents were out of town. She’d watch you run around, chasing the pet and cuddling it once you caught it. And your grandfather, who first taught you how to shoot a gun will regret it for the rest of his days. He will end up dying with the knowledge he helped teach you how to end someone’s life.”

The pirate suddenly fell to his knees, his dark eyes blank. The gun fell out of his hands. Human Fredrick fell to his knees as well, but he took this as the chance to grab the gun.

Xylion was in shock over what he just heard. How could Human Jenny say such things?

“I- I surrender. Just please, stop!” The pirate said, throwing his body on the floor. “I beg of you! Please! No more!”

Xylion was amazed. They got the pirate to surrender just by saying those things. Human Fredrick suddenly stood up, strapping the guns to his back. He walked towards Captain Zellnor and Xylion and began to cut the bonds.

“Human Fredrick-”

“I’ll be fine for now, Xylion.” Human Fredrick said, his voice raspy. “I still have some adrenaline running through me.”

Whatever adrenaline was, Xylion made sure to note how powerful it was and what it did to humans. He’d have to find more of it.

When Xylion went out to check everything else, he saw the other Roachonians on the ground, either crying or just unmoving. They were broken.

He felt a wave of fear settle within him. If the humans could do this with just speaking, what more could they do?

How easily could they break him if they needed to?

Well. That was a doozy.

I feel like I got carried away with what Jenny said…did I?

Oh well.

I hope you liked that! I had to think of a scenario to write. Originally I was going to do a fight that Xylion tried to break up, but I feel this turned out much better.

If you have anything else you want me to write, don’t hesitate to ask! If it is within my writing capability, then I will do it! If it isn’t, then I apologize.

buck and lars go on a movie date

Buck: man, it really stinks that we can’t bring cheap snacks into the movies :/ I could really go for some chips

Lars: don’t worry, I got you *proceeds to pull food out of his abyss of hair*




Buck, to Jenny and Sour Cream: Do you guys know what love feels like? Like real, genuine love?

Escape: the Bree years


Jamie turned from the changing table, and marched towards the bathroom holding Bree away from him like hazardous waste material.  He turned on the taps to run a quick bath.  When the temperature was right, he popped her into the tub. 

He took an earbud out, speaking directly to his daughter, Now ye listen here, ye wee gomeral.  I’ll no’ change a nappie again after this. That’s twice ye shit in as many minutes. I have a meeting to listen to!”

Bree stared at her father as he spoke, her clear blue eyes wide.  She slapped a hand down into the water and blinked at the splash that hit her face.


He fumbled with his phone to unmute it so he could talk, slipping it back into his pocket.  “Aye. Right here.”

“What do you think?” Jenny asked.

“I agree the numbers look good.  I’m anxious about bottling that blend too early though.  I dinna think we should be -”

Bree’s shriek and subsequent babbling hit the airwaves.  

“Sorry.  Bree says hello.”  Everyone laughed, and Jamie booped Bree’s nose. “Anyway, I dinna think -”

Bree flung her hand again and splashed Jamie in the face.  His wide mouth snapped shut, and he took a calming breath.

“I dinna think we should compromise the quality,” he said quickly and muted the phone again.

“Ye wee besom,” he laughed, and rubbed his nose against his daughter’s.  He finished washing Bree’s bum, rinsed her off, and wrapped her up in a towel.  

As the call wound down, Jamie unmuted, signed off, and pulled the earbuds out of his ears.  

“Listen,” Jamie said, making Brianna focus on him as he diapered her.  “I get yer no’ jazzed about this.  But Mam is a doctor, and she needs to be doctoring.” 

Bree made a razzing sound, then babbled, “Da da da da da,” at him.  

“Aye. Da. That’s me,” Jamie said, pointing at his chest.  “Dinna change the subject, Lass.  So.  We need today to go smoothly so she doesna worry.”  He slipped the onesie over her head. 

“And, nighean bhreagha, we need to really get on, so yer Mam willna fash about me staying home wi’ ye at least two days a week.”  He zipped up her fresh sleeper.

“Otherwise,” he whispered seriously, getting close to her face, “It’s the day nursery for ye.  Where they’ll be holdin’ ye prisoner.”

Bree reached up and grabbed Jamie’s nose.  “Ye ken my meanin’ then.  It’ll stink.”  

Jamie picked up his daughter and turned to head downstairs to his office.  His foot hit something and sent it sliding across the floor.  He bent down to pick it up from where it had flipped open.  He wouldn’t have read it except he saw his name. Glancing through it, he saw it more than once.

His name was on every page.

He felt his stomach flip, and sat down hard in the rocking chair settling Brianna on his lap.  Perusing the journal he read his wife’s daily thoughts.  

“Oh, Claire,” he whispered.

Claire took the bus to the hospital.  She wanted today to be like every other work day before Brianna was born.  She felt it would calm her if she repeated her routine.  

Getting off at her stop she looked over at the big building that was so much a part of her life.  She had missed it.  All of it. While she worried that she was leaving Bree too soon, she also knew that working would be good for her.   

Taking a deep breath she pulled her ID badge out of her bag, hung it around her neck, and headed in.  

She had barely made it into the Employee Entrance when she spotted a pair of red trainers barreling towards her.  The bright red hair from her assailant’s high pony tail whipped around her head, and she was caught up in a bear hug.

“Geillis!” Claire laughed, and hugged her back.  Hard.

“Yer here!”  Geillis gave her one extra squeeze and stepped back to look at her, holding her at arms’ length.  “Dammit, Claire, ye look good!  Have ye seen Dr. Gowan? What did he say?”

“Not yet.  On my way there now,” Claire linked arms with her friend.  “Walk with me and tell me all the gossip.”

Heads bent together the two women moved through the corridor, Geillis talking, and Claire nodding hello at those she knew.

When they got to Dr. Gowan’s office Geillis gave her another quick hug making Claire promise to text her with his decision.  

Sitting in Dr. Gowan’s office was a bit of a homecoming for Claire.  He was Chief of Staff, and Claire’s dealings with him had always been of a positive nature, even when she had been reporting Dr. Randall. 

He sat back in his chair, relaxed and in good spirits.  “Of course, Dr. Fraser, whenever yer ready to come back is fine.  The Emergency ward misses yer excellent skills.”  

Dr. Gowan leaned forward and looked through his bifocals at his computer. “Now, if it’s two days a week ye want, we can set that up.  I’m afraid ye’ll still have to do on call one day a week, and take a shift one weekend a month.”  He raised his eyebrows at her, making sure she knew all she had to consider.

“I understand, Dr. Gowan.  As long as we could make my two days consistent,” Claire said, “just for the sake of scheduling a babysitter.”

“How is yer….daughter?  Have I got that right?”  

“Yes.  Brianna.  And she’s well, thank you.  In fact, I’m heading down to look at our day nursery after our meeting.  I want to see the facility and check on availability for her.”  

She ignored the sharp pang in her stomach.  

“Ah. Weel, I won’t keep ye.  Tuesdays and Thursdays, then. With, of course, yer other duties.  I’ll have yer schedule sent to ye soon.”  He slapped the arms of his chair, and made to get up.

Claire stood and shook his hand feeling relieved, excited and hesitant, all at the same time.

Jamie pulled into a parking spot and sat for a moment thinking.  He thought again of Claire’s last entry in her journal. It was from this morning.  

Looking forward to my meeting with Dr. Gowan this morning, and the appointment to tour the nursery, even though I wish Jamie would come with me.

The part about him was crossed out until it was almost illegible.  Still, it broke his heart.  They were on opposite sides of this topic. Jamie wanted a nanny for Bree.  Claire thought it best their daughter be at the hospital nursery where she could check on her throughout the day.  

Seeing her cross out the words made him realize that while she was trying, he was not.  So, he bundled up Bree and drove over to the hospital.  He owed Claire his time.  It cost him nothing to look at the nursery, and truth be told if he didn’t see it he couldn’t argue against it.  Sighing deeply he opened the door of the car and climbed out.  Gathering Bree from the backseat, he headed inside.

Jamie came through the double doors and turned to the left.  Halfway down the corridor he noticed Claire standing off to the side looking into the nursery window.  

“There’s yer Mam!” Jamie said to Bree, turning her in his arms so she could see her.

“Mamamamamamamamama….”  Bree babbled. 

Claire spun around.  “Jamie!”  He watched as the shock on her face softened into gratitude.  “You came.”

“Aye,” he said, and kissed her quickly on the lips.  “I realized I canna discount something I’ve never seen.  I wouldna do it in business, mo neighean donn, so I shouldna do it at home.”

Claire reached up and brushed a wind swept curl away from Jamie’s forehead, her hand lingering on his cheek.  

Sky blue eyes met amber ones.  

Thank you for coming. For considering my thoughts on this.

I’m sorry for not agreeing to come sooner. 

If there was one thing Claire valued most in her marriage, it was their ability to communicate without words.  

As Jamie passed the baby to her, he pressed a soft kiss to her forehead.  He smiled as Bree nestled into Claire’s shoulder.  

“Shall we go in?” Jamie asked, hoisting the backpack higher on his shoulder.

“Wait.”  Claire looked through the window again.  

Jamie followed her gaze.  He knew immediately what she was thinking.  He cast around in his mind trying to find a compliment.  

“Tis bright enough!”  That sounded lame, even to him.

Claire turned to look at her husband, disappointment etched in her features. “It’s very crowded.”

Jamie nodded and said nothing.  

“Maybe it’s too soon for me to come back to the hospital.”

“Claire,”  He turned her to face him, his hands resting on her shoulders.  “I ken sometimes ye try to stay…” he paused trying to find the right word.  “Ye try to stay humble, maybe, but I’m no’ ashamed of the fact we can afford a nanny. We work hard, Claire.  And it’s okay to want Bree to stay safe and loved and comfortable in her own home.  And no’ just Bree, but any bairn to come after her.”  

Keeping an arm around her shoulders, Jamie guided his wife towards the door to the parking lot.  

“We can’t just hire anybody, Jamie,” Claire said, looking up at him.  

“Aye. I ken that.”  He made a Scottish noise that indicated he was thinking.  “It will take a while to find a young blonde nanny from Sweden.”

Claire stopped short.  “James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser!” she said and shoved at his chest.   


Both turned around at the sound of the familiar voice.  “Mrs. Fitzgibbons!”

Claire rushed down the hallway to see her old friend and supervisor.  They embraced warmly.

“Is this yer we’en, Claire?”  At Claire’s nod, Mrs. Fitz cupped Brianna’s head in her somewhat wrinkled hand, smoothing down her hair.  “Och, Claire, she’s the spit of her Da!”

Much to Claire’s surprise Bree launched herself at Mrs. Fitz, arms outstretched. Despite her surprise the older woman reacted quickly, and reached out to hold the bairn.  In no time Bree was smiling and cooing while Mrs. Fitz nodded and talked in a sing-song voice.  

“So,” Mrs. Fitz looked at Claire, “Geillis tells me yer to be back soon.”

Claire smiled, and nodded.  

“And did she tell ye I’ll be retired soon?”  Nurse Fitz turned to hand Bree to her father.  

“What?  No!” Claire took both of Mrs. Fitz’ hands in her own.  “For selfish reasons I wish you weren’t, but I understand.  Congratulations, it’s well earned.”

“Mrs. Fitzgibbons,” Jamie said, his face a polite mask.  “Can I persuade ye to join us for lunch?  Our treat.  Celebrating yer retirement, ye ken.”

Claire looked at Jamie.  His voice held an undertone that she couldn’t quite place.  There was a tilt to his head, and a smile playing around his wide mouth. The slanted clear cat-eyes held a hint of mischief.  What are you up to, you wily Scot?

Equally fascinated by the change in her daddy’s tone, Bree placed her chubby hands on either side of Jamie’s face and strained to look into his eyes. 

Jamie just smiled, and deftly maneuvered all three females toward the door.  


Contains works that are finished and those that are in progress

Note: I will get to each request and they will be added to the list when a draft has been created.

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Being in High School
Being Vampires
➢ Meeting Them for the First Time (as non idols)
    ↳ Jennie / Jisoo / Rosé / Lisa


➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

➢ Study Buddies | highschool!au
    ↳ You don’t question why one of the most popular girls in school asks you to tutor her; that is until she starts doing better than you in math 

➢ Head in the Clouds | yoga instructor!jennie | M
    ↳ Aerial yoga is not what you want to be doing at any point let alone at 7AM on a Saturday morning but that’s until you see the instructor and her yoga pants

➢ Too Much Too Late
    ↳ You were through with being ignored, with giving and giving and never receiving anything in return. One year later, you’ve cut all ties with Jennie, who only ever served to drag you down. But you’ll never be able to stop thinking about her

➢ Jupiter Love | college professor!jennie | M
    ↳ Your crush on your professor is harmless until you ask for help during one of her office hours

➢ One Rule | stripper!jennie | M
    ↳ “You have one rule, no touching allowed.”

➢ If You part I / part II
   ↳ “If you’re struggling like I am, can’t we make things a little easier?”

   ↳ You weren’t exactly sure when the idea to propose to Jennie first hit you.


➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” | “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

➢ Slytherin to My Heart | hogwarts!au
    ↳ Jisoo isn’t sure if she’s dead and woke up in heaven instead of the hospital ward

Talking to the Moon
    ↳ She looks at you like you strung the universe but Jisoo looks at you like she knows you strung the universe.


➢ Found You | soulmate!au part I / part II / part III (End)
    ↳ Based off the soulmate!au where individuals have a timer for when they first meet their soulmate

Steady Breathing | M
    ↳ There’s not much point in Lisa trying to keep things from you, especially when it’s her crush on you that she’s trying to hide


➢ Noisy Neighbor part I / part II / part III (End)
    ↳ Your first impression of your upstairs neighbor involves getting woken up at two in the morning to the sound of her and her friends singing along to trashy pop music. You thought it would get better, but it all just goes downhill from there

➢ Long Distance
    ↳ You have a hard time dealing with the distance and you end up making the biggest mistake because of it

➢ Body Party | M
    ↳ You figure that during her birthday was a good time to fulfill one of her wishes 

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Long Distance Relationship


➢ Tattoo My Heart | soulmate!au
    ↳ Based off the soulmate!au in which any permanent marking you get on your body–like a tattoo–also appears on your soulmate and Amber gets a lot of tattoos


➢ Sleeping Habits
    ↳ Krystal has developed a strange set of sleeping habits over time, all of which you have grown accustomed to being a part of




Please Wake Up
    ↳ Victoria doesn’t know how to feel about the constant ache in her chest, doesn’t know how to breathe without you beside her. And sometimes, when she lies awake at night unable to sleep, she calls out to you, pleading you to please wake up

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    ↳ You needed motivation to study but you end up procrastinating even more







➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “You’re Satan.”



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➢ Vibrations | M
    ↳ People who thought Hwasa was the sexual deviant in your relationship really had no idea how much of a menace you really are


➢ Cold Morning
    ↳ “You’re beautiful, you know that?”



➢ Paper Hearts | college!au
    ↳ Wheein has found her muse and hearts on paper may just be what you need or the one where Wheein was secretly inlove with you while Hwasa was a barista, Moonbyul was an art professor and Solar was her model/girlfriend

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Fickle Touches | highschool!au
    ↳ Maybe Irene just always adored you, in secret and silence, deep down in the bottom of her whole being


➢ Love You A Latte | coffeeshop!au
    ↳ Joy’s new coworker is an arrogant, grumpy perfectionist who criticizes her coffee-making skills and she makes the best latte art Joy has ever seen


➢ Glossy | M
    ↳ “Just sit on my face, and let me take care of the rest.“


➢ Practice | highschool!au
    ↳ You offer to help Yeri practice kissing. It doesn’t go as planned.


➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “Stop being so cute.” | “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

➢ The Usual | coffeeshop!au
    ↳ You’re a long-suffering college student who develops a crush on a barista whose name tag proclaims her name to be Wendy, and oh god, you are so, so, so fucked

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➢ Pretend Girlfriend part I / part II (End)
    ↳ “Please be my fake girlfriend”






Isn’t Bad At All
  ↳ You have never stopped to consider the fact that maybe, just maybe, Nayeon had become the center of your universe.



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➢ Giving You Up | mafia!au
    ↳ You grew up with the city of Seoul in your veins, learning its secret and the way blood runs on its pavement. Taking the place of your father, you realize that power comes at a price and your shadow can’t protect you forever


➢ Left Behind | highschool!au
    ↳ Jessica starts talking about a boy and you have trouble coping





➢ Follow My Lead | highschool!au
    ↳ You’re offered to learn the art of kissing from a true professional, Kim Taeyeon. It’s not as bad as you thought it would be




This is Us- Chapter 24 Full Court Press Part 2

Consistency of Chapter Titles between AO3 and Tumblr – making this Chapter 24 because AO3 doesn’t let you change chapter numbers 

Special shoutout to for walking me through privacy protections for married couples in UK.

Later that afternoon, Claire and Jamie took a walk with Faith. They went to view the sheep in the far pasture and made a detour on the way back home. Faith was holding wee Kitty’s hand and Bran was “guarding” them, which, from what Jamie could tell, consisted of trying to steal bites of the package of crackers they were sharing between themselves.  

“This is where you parents are buried?” Claire asked as they approached a large, mossy gray headstone.

“Aye, them and a good many more Fraser ancestors. The cemetery goes back to the late 1600s.” Jamie said very quietly, with the reverence that came naturally to such places. “Willie and Rabbie, as well.” 

She followed the direction of his gesture. Seeing the smaller stones, Claire gasped. Jamie grabbed her hand in his.  

“I’m sorry Sassenach, perhaps I shouldna asked you and the lass to come wi’ me. It’s only that…Jenny and I, we’re both in the habit of visiting, especially when it’s an important date. ‘Tis a foolish habit, maybe, to talk to stones as if they can help you recapture the past, no?”

Keep reading

Humans are Weird - Part 2

~Here’s the second part to a series of shorts I may publish! Hope you enjoy!~

Xylion stood in front of the Cabin section, the four humans standing behind him. Zellnor had tasked him with showing them around. While not his favorite task, he guessed it’d go to him. He was one of Zellnor’s good friends, but still, he was nervous around the humans. Who knew what’d they do to him if given the choice?

“So your name is Xylion?” HUman Jennifer asked, moving into his path.

Xylion felt his spines stand on end. “Y-yes!” He stuttered, his whole body standing on end.

Human Jennifer bared the white bones once more. “That’s a really nice name!”

Xylion felt embarrassment fill him. If he was the same species as Zellnor, he probably would’ve been yellow or pink. He was glad he wasn’t, though. “Thank you, Human Jennifer.”

Human Jennifer’s face seemed to turn red. However, it wasn’t in embarrassment, it was in anger. “Call me Jenny.” They choked out, her mouth barely moving and her voice strained.

“Do you need to see the doctor? She’s quite nice. I think you need a check up.” Xylion said, fear filling him.

Human Jennif- Jenny shook their head. “I’m fine. I just don’t really like being called Jennifer. Besides, we’re friends now, you can call me Jenny!”

Xylion was confused. They were…friends? Human Fredrick sighed. “Ignore Jenny, she is pretty social and always trusts everyone.”

Human Jenny glared at him. “Shut up, Freddie.”

Human Fredrick’s fleshy parts on the side of his head seemed to turn red along with his neck. Was he dying too? Xylion wasn’t sure he’d be able to handle this!

“Not you too! Do you need to go to the hospital too, Human Fredrick?” He cried, holding himself back from shaking him violently so he’d tell him.

Human Fredrick’s face only turned red in response. Xylion was about to die. How could he keep a watch on the humans when they were already dying? He was a terrible-!

He stopped when he heard laughing. While not normal for his species, he recognized it well. He turned around and looked at Human Isaac, who was clutching his chest and on the floor, laughter spilling out of his mouth. Xylion stared at him, and saw him choking on air. “I- I can’t breath!” He said, laughing throughout his whole sentence.

Xylion narrowed his eyes at him. “What is causing your laughter, Human Isaac?”

Human Mason sighed as he kicked Human Isaac. Xylion almost screamed. Why would he injure his fellow crew member? “Get up, idiot.”

Human Isaac listened, rubbing the spot Human Mason had kicked him. “Dude, why? I’m sorry that Xylion doesn’t know what blushing is!”

Xylion reeled back. Blushing? What was that? Human Isaac threw his appendage at him. “See? Look at that expression!”

“What is…blushing, did you all it?”

Human Fredrick seemed to have recovered some. He cleared his throat before pushing his goggles up further. “It is something humans do when embarrassed. It’s nothing life threatening, but it certainly can betray your feelings. For example, Zellnor is one of the Charies, correct?”

“Yes, why?”

“Well, Zellnor’s species is known for changing the color of their skin when they are feeling a certain emotion. Red for anger, green for sickness, dark green for jealousy, yellow for embarrassment, pink for love, etcetera. Blushing is kind of like that, humans’ skin turns red when they are embarrassed. It can happen a lot to some people, or hardly at all for others. And, the dark the skin, the less likely you can see the blush. At least, so I’ve heard.” Human Fredrick finished, tapping his chin.

Xylion nodded. “Makes sense, I guess.”

“Anything else you want to ask?” Human Fredrick questioned, corssing his appendages. 

“Yes, a few, actually. Why do you wear goggles?”

“You mean my glasses? They help me see. My eyes aren’t as good as the normal for humans, so I have to wear glasses to help me see.”

“And those appendages?”

“Are you talking about our arms and hands?” Human Jenny asked, holding out the appendages.

“So they are called arms…and the smaller ones?”

“Well, all of it together is a hand, but this part here is called the palm, these a fingers, and this is a thumb.” Human Jenny explained, pointing to each part.

“I see..”

“Anything else?” Human Isaac asked, his mouth pulled upwards, but not baring those terrible white things.

“What is inside your mouth?”

“You mean teeth?” Human Isaac scoffed, showing them off.

“Those aren’t teeth.”

“Ours are more filed down.” Human Fredrick said, adjusting his glasses once more. “We don’t tear into the flesh of out food. Not any more, anyways.”

Xylion was slightly scared. “And last but not least, why are there so many different colors of you all?”

Human Mason stiffened. Human Fredrick cast him a worried glance before answering. “Well, the different hemispheres on Earth are hotter or colder. The colder the area, the lighter the skin has to be so it can absorb more Vitamin D. And the darker it is, the less they have to absorb because they always absorb so much.”

“I see…”

“Anything else?” Human Jenny asked, baring her teeth.

“What is that?”


“That thing you keep doing.”

“You mean smiling?”

“That’s what you call it?”

Next part will come out later…hope you enjoyed this part.

The First Time With Jeon Jungkook

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Genre: romance/fluff/ (Warning: Sexual words for educational purpose) 
Pairing: Jungkook/You
Length: 11350 words
Summary: This a series based on all of your first times with Jungkook from your childhood till when you both reach adult hood.


Links: PART 1

The first time you both went through puberty

At the young age of fourteen years old, Jungkook was slowly getting hit by the reality that girls were something way more different than what he thought. After feeling that pit of rage in his stomach that caused him to experience jealousy, he was now starting to feel something new, strange and confusing. Something that made his body react with him. A new experience that made him uncomfortable about himself. A new feeling that was leading him to slowly take a distance from any living female form. He’d reassure himself and think it was you and not him. Being together with you since kindergarten was amazing and all but as much as he was changing, you were changing as well. Your sudden change brought him to react. He always avoided humans of the opposite sex since childhood and you were the only one close to him which brought him discomfort and awkwardness. How could he keep on being normal around you when he was slowly feeling weird with all of these changes?

‘’Why is it getting so hot in here?’’ jungkook would fan himself while slowly pulling on his tie

‘’Ooh~~ Jungkook-ah… What’s up with the sudden warmth? It’s snowing outside” Hoseok laughs

“Maybe he’s still going through some body changes” Yoongi comments with a subtle smirk

“What are you guys talking about?!” Jungkook glares at them

“You know… the usual changes…” hoseok taps his chin

“I really don’t see where you’re going with this, Jung Hoseok” Jungkook rolls his eyes as he slowly untied his tie “We just had P.E an hour ago”

“No need to act up, it’s all natural…” yoongi opens his textbook “…to feel some heat” he wiggle his eyebrows

“You crazy bastard” Hoseok chuckled “Are you talking about what I think you’re talking about?”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about” Jungkook shots

“Of course he’d pull out the clueless card” Yoongi chewed on his gum coolly

“Jungkook doesn’t pull the clueless card man, he’s actually clueless” Hoseok nudges Yoongi “Look at him. That shook face is anything but aware of what’s going on with those body changes.”

Jungkook decides to ignore his friends and pulls out his school supplies from his bag before sighing. God only knows why he befriended these two idiots. The only classes they shared were P.E and Biology yet they still stuck onto him like glue. Hoseok was absolutely thrilled when he learned that Jungkook his kindergarten classmate was attending the same middle school as him. Having Yoongi sticking to Hoseok all the time, the two of them became friends with Jungkook. The only difference between them was that jungkook would always be one step behind what’s going on. He wasn’t fast to catch on. It wasn’t his nature to be that way but he wanted to avoid anything new that’d throw him off the edge.

As his friends were having some strange discussion he refused to take part in, he notices your presence. He tilts his head to the side as he watches you making your way to enter the classroom. Your gorgeous hair complimenting your feminine face and soft features as your school uniform only made you look prettier. That dress shirt tucked in your skirt seemed to have some weird effect on Jungkook, some unknown magic or some sorcery that’d make him a little flustered.

“Don’t you see the words innocence slowly vanishing from his face at the time we’re talking?” Hoseok shook his head while eyeing jungkook staring at you

“What are you staring at?” Jimin drops his bag on the floor and takes the seat behind jungkook

“N-Nothing.” Jungkook sighs before turning around to look at his friend “I was contemplating whether I should enroll for soccer or climbing” he stares at his hands

“Ooh~ you have some interest in doing more sports?”Jimin replies sweetly “You’re already taking taekwondo aren’t you?”

“Y-Yeah but I mean… it’s not bad to try out something new” jungkook was caught off guard

“Try out something new, my butt” Jimin chuckled before shocking jungkook with his low creepy voice “I know you were basically ogling at Y/N. No need to hide it from your buddies, buddy” he’d punch jungkook’s arm while the latter rubs his sensitive arm in response


“Sure you were staring at the door or the desk next to her” Jimin sighs

“Y/N just looks different lately …” Jungkook comments to jimin in a low tone

“Oh yeah?” Jimin flips the page of his book before adjusting his alluring glasses “Different? Hm. I wonder. “He taps his chin “Maybe you’re the one who sees her under a new light. I got to admit she’s pretty cute…” he smiles softly as he watches you talking with your other friend

“Yeah I guess she’s cute” Jungkook raises an annoyed brow at how jimin just called you cute.

“Yeah, super CUTE” Jimin smirks while lowering his glasses, making sure to break a nerve on jungkook’s face by pissing him off.

“I don’t even blame you, she’s so cute I can’t even keep my eyes off her” Jungkook replied shooting daggers from his eyes

“Yeah, so cute I almost want to ask her out” jimin’s smug facial expression grew bigger

He knew exactly where to push the buttons to make jungkook angered. Jimin found this sight of his friend so entertaining. He was aware of everything since childhood thanks to his very good observation skills . He saw Jungkook growing and getting redder by the day. Jimin knew everything and decided to keep it to himself while playing along with his friend in order to make him realize that you were more than mere childhood friend.

“PARDON?” Jungkook stands up and hits his fist on his desk

“Shit back down Romeo and don’t make a scene “Jimin stared at jungkook before chuckling “You may not know it, but I’m your fairy god mother”

“Have you finally reached the end of crazy, Park Jimin?” Jungkook scoffed “First you talk about dating Y/N and then you bring up Fairy godmothers. Did Yoongi punched you that bad for you to be spouting this non sense?”

“Yoongi broke his wrist because of that” Jimin commented “We were boxing, I never expected him to get hurt when I was the one who got punched in the face”

“Yeah. Thank you Jimin for breaking my wrist again. I wasn’t forced to run ten laps with the group in P.E this morning” Yoongi stares at jimin

“Yoongi are you a Masochist? Do you enjoy torture? Or maybe you like Jimin hurting you” Hoseok asks in a scandalized tone

“Who cares about getting hurt, I still got exempted from the ten laps run this morning, so I’m still happy. I don’t want to waste my stamina on such a waste of time” Yoongi rolled his eyes

“What stamina is even residing inside your body?” Hoseok scoffed

“The one I use to make diss tracks against you”

“I’m TELLING YOUR MOTHER.” Hoseok points at Yoongi


“You still haven’t told your mom about your love for rap?” Hoseok blinks

“I-I just can’t ….” Yoongi sighs before rubbing his sensitive wrist “Oww… I don’t even know if I’ll be able to play tonight with my wrist being like this. Let’s hope the lesson gets canceled.”

“Your face must be like a rock to hurt Yoongi like this. You hard headed shorty.” Jungkook stares at Jimin

“Not as much as you. You only gained in height and nothing else” Jimin fires back

“Oh you want to start it?!” Jungkook glares back at jimin

What jimin said next was unexpected and brought jungkook completely off the hook.

“Spill it. What bothers you this time?” Jimin sighs before supporting his face with his fist on his cheek “Is it the way she smiles? How her hair looks different? How girly are fingers are? Or maybe…Oh I get it. Is it the length of her skirt that is bothering you?” Jimin nodded “Sure, I can tell that her skirt might look shorter than the usual” he sticks out his tongue

Jungkook could feel that sudden blood rush through his veins and his cheeks turning a slight shade of red. He was busted again. Jimin knew everything and it wasn’t the first time that Jungkook shared his distress over you with the boy. Everyday he’d end up talking to jimin about how something looks or seems different. What he didn’t knew was that the problem wasn’t you, but him. He was the one changing and having you gradually changing just like him brought him so much confusion.

Jungkook’s Jungshook thoughts were processing through his brain before he got the shock of his life thanks to his other friend.

“What are you talking ABOUT, MY YOUNG EVOLVING MALE SPECIES!!!!??” Taehyung randomly pops out of nowhere as he slings his arms around the boys’ necks “Ooh~~~ what is this heavy tension here…?”

“What’s with the sudden ‘male specie’?” Jimin looked perplexed and on the verge to laugh “Why am I a Specie? I need some explanations bruh. You can’t call me like that and expect me to—“

“BUT PARK JIMIN. DIDN’T YOU HEAR ABOUT IT???!!” Taehyung shouted

“About what?” Jimin lifts his head in interest “Did you find a girl who’s willing to kiss you with that remaining chocolate on your face?” Jimin chuckled “You ate a cake before coming to class didn’t you?”

“How did you know?” Taehyung blinked innocently  

“Wipe off your face dude, you have chocolate everywhere from your lips to your cheeks” Jungkook laughed while throwing his handkerchief at Taehyung

“Oh… maybe that’s why Jennie was laughing when she saw me” Taehyung’s eyes rounded in shame

“Did you just embarrass yourself in front of Jennie?!! For real?” Jimin burst in laughter “Jennie the cute one with the nice smile?” he replies in his busan accent

“Who’s Jennie?” Jungkook asks

“You don’t know Jennie? WHERE DO YOU LIVE? WHAT ARE YOU.HOW DO YOU KEEP UP WITH LIFE?” Hoseok shouts from the background

“Don’t blame the kid, he refuses to socialize with females since kindergarten” jimin replies

“You still haven’t replied to my question” Jungkook frowns “Who’s Jennie? And why are you making a fuss over her?”

“I’ll tell you one thing or two my little jungkookie” Hoseok puts his arm around jungkook’s shoulder “Jennie Kim is the queen who steals your heart with a smile and never gives it back. “

“Do you like her?” jungkook asks innocently while Hoseok chokes on his water

“ More like he’s low key obsessed with her but he’s too shy to even go see her” Jimin chuckles

“Who’s shy?!!!I’m not shy!” Hoseok scowled

“Tsk tsk tsk…. And Taehyung embarrassed himself in front of her, way to go kim Tae” jimin comments

“It’s okay, I still love chocolate more than girls. Food before girls.” Taehyung makes a thumbs up

“ Jennie is way out of your league Tae, even if you wanted her she wouldn’t even glance at you” Jimin commented

“I actually second that one, Tae, Let’s pick food no matter what” jungkook extends his hand for a bro fist with taehyung

“Yeah maybe if you look at food, you won’t look at Y/N differently” Jimin stares into space before a smirk creeps up his lips “Or maybe you won’t be able to get her off your head while looking at food”

“What?” Jungkook blinks

Jimin was implying something but seeing that his friend was too oblivious and innocent to catch on the hidden message, he decided to shrug it off and do as if he didn’t said anything.

“No nothing” Jimin shook his head “So what’s up Tae? Didn’t you had some high key super exciting news to announce?”


And with that Jungkook’s jaw dropped ten floors down threatening to dislocate his jaw. Of course, he’d never pay attention to lectures as the usual but this time it was different. Whether he wanted it or not, he’d end up paying attention to this lecture because it was way more than just a lecture.

“In other words, we’re learning reproduction” yoongi commented

“R-REPRODUCTION??!!” Jungkook gasped as cold sweats formed on his neck

“Look at Jungkook getting all red and bothered” Hoseok burst out laughing

“I didn’t hear about this?” Jimin furrowed his brows

“Me neither” yoongi blinked

“Are you guys that ignorant?! Seriously??!!!! It was my first time to ever listen in class” taehyung replies  “I can’t believe you don’t pay attention to class.”

“Are you for real? I’m the only one who takes notes in this squad of dumb idiots. There’s no way I missed such an important detail” Jimin shook his head

“Missing which details?”

The sudden tone of your girly voice shut all the guys off from the conversation they were having. Yoongi pretended to be asleep, Hoseok was randomly petting yoongi’s hair while Jungkook was freezing on his seat stiffly .Jimin simply smiled softly at you and Taehyung was ready to throw himself on you with excitement, like the usual.

“Y/n!!! You won’t BELIEVE IT!!!” Taehyung grabbed your hands gently in his bigger ones

“What is it? “You smiled brightly “You’re so smiley smiley” you laughed at your friend

Jungkook and Jimin both shared a look with each other before jimin nodded and decided to take the matter in his hands

“Hey… Taehyung sit back down on your seat will you” Jimin pulled taehyung by the back of his collar to make him sit beside him “And BE QUIET”

“Why?! I was just going to share the good news with Y/N!” Taehyung pouts

“Good news?” You ask

“THERE’S NO GOOD NEWS! I don’t know why you call this good news but it definitely sounds like anything but good to me” Jungkook shook his head while his eyes were slowly getting larger from the shock he just got

“What is it?” You poke Jimin’s shoulder “Tell me!”

“I don’t think it’s something you need or want to know” Jimin rolled his eyes

“Wow, so you’re going to keep this for yourselves and leave me in ignorance?” you scoff “It’s a guy thing again?” you frown

“I promise you Y/N, It’s nothing you’d be thrilled about” Jimin sighed “Taehyung is just being dumb again”

“Y/N, THEY’RE BULLYING ME AGAIN” taehyung points at jimin before sticking his tongue out

“Leave him alone” You pull taehyung to your side and ruffle his hair lovingly

“He copies everything you do girl, how can you bear with him?” Hosoek tilts his head “Are you sisters or something?” he chuckles

“Shut up Jung Hoseok and give me a massage” Yoongi order Hoseok who proceeds with giving a shoulder massage to yoongi

Jungkook tenses as he looks at you interacting with Taehyung as closely as he had that side glare ready to cut a bitch. He wasn’t feeling the way you were ruffling Taehyung’s hair today. There’s was too much action between your fingers and Taehyung’s scalp for jungkook to not feel envious.

“Jeon Jungkookiieeeee~~~~” you turn around to look at a bothered jungkook

He had all those thoughts flying through his head back and forth. The way you touched Taehyung’s hair was bothering him again yet it was only natural for you to make such a gesture towards your friend. He knew in fact that all of this was abnormal and friends shouldn’t get jealous over things like these.

“Hey…” you poke his shoulder “are you okay?” You furrow your brows while looking at jungkook’s focused gaze

“Where were you?” Jungkook asks without looking at you and opening up his book

“Oh, I was with Lisa” You smiled at him awkwardly “You know that new transferred student from Thailand? She’s super sweet! I just had to make her visit the school”

“Lisa” jungkook nodded his head along as if he knew who you were talking about

“You don’t know her right?” You chuckled “She’s that student with blonde hair and caramel highlights .She’s so pretty”

“Yeah, I guess she’s good” Jungkook nodded uninterested

“She’s just good? Jungkook-ah… Lisa is a goddess” Taehyung replies dreamily “She blessed our school with her presence”

“Oh god, jungkook doesn’t know who Lisa is? Are you SERIOUS?!”Hoseok  blinked

“Exactly what I’m saying. You can’t miss Lalisa and her swag~” Taehyung replies dreamily “And she smells so good”

“Does she?” Yoongi raises a brow “Did you sniff her?”

“Y-You’re ridiculous! I just lent her a hoodie yesterday and she gave it back that’s all!” Taehyung blinked

“Okay?” Jungkook raised a brow “So you like her?” he asked again

“Why does jungkook asks us this question every time a girl is involved” Hoseok blushes “You’re making me all flustered”

“I don’t know man, you just seem too enthusiastic about it” Jungkook comments


“Ew hoseok “you stare at Hoseok “What’s with the sudden pants talk” you nudged his arm

“That’s because pants talks are a must in middle school” Hoseok nodded

“What is he saying” you shook your head “That’s gross and pants talk are definitely not of your age”

“He’s basically trying to tell you subtly that we’re having sex-ed today for the first time” yoongi reply nonchalantly

“Oh well the secret is out of the bag now “jungkook face palmed “Why Did you felt the need to tell her such an unnecessary detail??!” he scowls at yoongi

“Someone had to voice it out and it’s only natural that someone with swag said it first” yoongi smirked

“Oh, so that’s why you were all acting weird ” you stared at them

“Weird? Who’s weird? I’m not acting weird…” jungkook’s eyes widen as he gulps on his saliva

“Who even talked about you” You stared at jungkook “Why? Do you feel concerned?” you nudge his shoulder and he tenses up

“N-Not at all?!” he stares at the ceiling “You’re the one acting up all strange”

“I don’t see why I’d be acting weird. Sex is something natural” you reply

“Oh well shit, how COME THIS WORD COME OUT OF YOU WITH NO SHAME??!!” Hoseok blushes a third shade of red

“Because there’s nothing to be ashamed of?” you raise a brow “You guys are overreacting over nothing “

“Overreact? “ Jungkook lifts up his face to meet eyes with yours “It may seem easy for you, but it’s different for us”

“What is easy? How different is it” you prop yourself to sit on Jungkook’s desk as it’s a habit you got used to.

As Jungkook senses your presence sitting on his desk he immediately turns his head the other way. He gulps on his saliva and his palms get sweaty as soon as his gaze falls on the soft skin of your thighs. Jimin may have been right in a certain way, your skirt was bothering him because it brought too much attention to your soft legs. The way you crossed your legs and how he had a perfect side vision of you.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about this” jungkook makes a face before untying the side of his tie and loosening up his shirt

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