jenny st. james

We are in need of Vocal Adrenaline members for this roleplay.

In particular, we need Adam Sanford, who is the boyfriend of Jenny St. James, Jesse’s little sister. His preferred portrayal would be with Andrew Garfield, but we’re flexible and it’s no big deal if you’d like to change that. His power is elemental immunity, meaning he can’t be injured by fire or freeze to death or anything like that, however we may be willing to allow you to change it if you take him and you’d prefer another power (just not one that’s already in play). The original thought was Jesse was not going to like Adam and since he’s an overprotective brother, that’s probably still going to be the case, but we can always see.

Aside from Adam Sanford, we would just love to have more Vocal Adrenaline members period. Our Jesse would love to have some of his friends, as he’s surrounded by douchey New Directions members, so other boys would be awesome, but girls are also more than welcome. The only other VA member on our canon list that isn’t taken is Chris, the guy Carmel keeps flunking over and over and over and over again because of his back-flipping talent, however OCs are more than welcome! You can make whoever you’d like, outside of Mary-Sues, and even choose your own power (outside of certain ones like mind control or time travel)!

We Are All Misfits is an entirely unique, fun, and very active roleplay where there is no mandatory shipping and our characters are portrayed very well. It’s a blast, so please consider joining! If you’re not interested in creating a VA member, we do have some New Directions members available still and nobody has even so much as touched Dalton yet, so if you’d perhaps like one of those please click right here and check out our available characters.