jenny montgomery

Hey! Y’all still here? Haven’t posted in a while. I’m alive. Our season 1 is in full swing and I couldn’t be happier with our crew of hungry, hard-working, talented, funny people. They inspire me.

Here’s a crummy panorama shot of a board pin-up meeting recently. From left to right: story editor Kenny Byerly, staff writers Carson Montgomery and Jenny Keene, executive producer Rob Renzetti, co-creator and professional brother Shane Houghton.

my two favourite actresses from my two favourite shows how perfect ??

(ps. i apologise if you are not interested in pretty little liars)


Jenny summarizes the plot of “Top Gun”.

I was looking through my Flickr account today and stumbled upon this picture.  

This was a different human than the one writing this.  

And she was having a killer bangs day.  That happened about once a month.  Look how long and red my hair was, so weird.  I miss my nose ring (It fell out and it took me so long to notice that the hole closed up completely).  What the hell happened to that shirt?  That was one of my favorite shirts.

GPOY from 2009.