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This year, it will be 20 years since the series premier of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! So as a way to celebrate our beloved cult classic, @solaleo, @xsmallpidge, @willozsummers, @rahnesinclair, and @hotchickswithsuperpowers have teamed up to host a Buffy Birthweek. This will take place from March 4th-10th (which is the actual anniversary), and anyone can participate! We would like to encourage people to post gif sets, aesthetics, fan art, graphics, fandom discussions, metas, fanfics, or anything your heart desires. 

Each day will also have a prompt:

Day One:  7 seasons 
Day Two:  6 Characters 
Day Three:  5 Episodes 
Day Four:  4 Quotes
Day Five:  3 Themes
Day Six:  2 Ships
Day Seven:  1 Buffy

We will be tracking 20th Anniversary Buffy Birthweek and will be reblogging everything tagged for it. If you have any questions, feel free to send them here. We can’t wait to see the awesome things you guys create!

Aesthetic: Anya + Jenny friendship

ok but i’ve always wanted to write a fic where anya shows up to grant jenny vengeance

-because jenny’s…like…technically a scorned woman? and since she comes from a family so focused on vengeance anya would be like “JACKPOT” and head straight for sunnydale

-anya shows up as a substitute teacher and falls into step with jenny in the hallway. she starts chatting and maybe flirting a little and asks jenny out for drinks after work, but jenny turns her down

-they bump into each other in the staff room the next day and anya starts asking with her usual subtlety “don’t you wish…” and jenny just kinda sighs and says “i don’t know about wishing, anya, sometimes you have to work to get what you want.”

-(she looks over at giles and bites her lip)

-anya is a bit flabbergasted. like…this is someone from a vengeful family. this is someone who should be Angry and Hurt and Ready to Hurt Others. that’s the way it works. but she looks like she’s taken her pain and turned it inward, like it was her own fault that this man turned away from her, and while anya’s seen this happen before she wasn’t expecting jenny to be that sort of person. 

-determinedly, she decides to keep pushing, because she’s certain that jenny’s repressing and she’s really very vengeful. but jenny just kinda laughs it off and says she’s a little too busy to spend time wishing.

-anya shows up at night when she gets this sense that something’s wrong and she teleports into the classroom and jenny’s up against the door and there’s a vampire in the room


-jenny and angelus are both like “wtf”

-anya takes this opportunity to teleport jenny out of the school and demands that jenny make a wish because this is a Lot of trouble she’s gone to in order to get a wish and she wants it to be very vengeful

-”you can give him his soul back!! isn’t that what you want?? isn’t that what you’ve been working for??”

-jenny looks at her and says, “anya, i don’t want anything.”

-anya is Fed Up and snaps, “well, i have to give you something.”

-jenny begins to think

-they’re standing outside in the cold and anya’s Really Really Angry now because apparently this was a waste of time and it’s cold and teleporting isn’t always a picnic, you know, and

-”i wish that rupert and the kids stay safe. always.”


“Courtin’ is as courtin’ does.” ~Pete Seeger