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Next time somebody asks you which recent DC film had the better Joker and Harley, bring Wander in to throw in his two cents.

the batman lego movie was absolutely hilarious. as a huge batman fan i was worried i wouldnt like it much because of it not really being batman, but instead a trendy kids’ idea of what batman is and more of a parody, but i actually enjoyed it a whole lot

it was wild and despite some things getting old and a little much (that were obviously for the kids like batman’s beatboxing and such) and aging up barbara just for her to be a love interest, it was very fun

i found myself saying “wow!” out loud several times because of the animation and sets!!! it’s incredible enough that it’s all stop motion but a lot of the sets were so beautiful and the character animation on the joker especially was so dynamic and always moving. really cool to watch

Okay like I know Tara Strong is like the iconic Harley Quinn voice, but imagine this:

Jenny Slate as Harley. She’s Jewish, she totally has the voice for Harley, and she’s adorable and funny as fuck.

Not to mention it would be nice to see a Jewish looking woman be portrayed as sexy and not as ugly….y’know?

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I just got on tumblr and I for one am fucking delighted by the lego batman spam bc I literally just went to see it today too

I wasn’t even planning on seeing it, I just looked online for a movie to take my sister to and it was the top one that came up but I’m honestly so pleased I saw it, there were so many really nice aspects to it. Like the jokes about previous versions of Batman and how he must not be very good at his job if Gotham is the most crime ridden city in the world. And the familial love message was so sweet. Plus Sauron was voiced by Jemaine Clement and Jenny Slate voiced Harley Quinn, I loved trying to work out the voice actors. And I’m always a slut for romantic hero/villain dynamics.

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which vegan youtubes do to follow? and which ones influenced and helped you turn HCLF vegan?

This’ll just off the top off my head, because I can’t remember everyone … 🤔 Haha ! Ummmm …
I’ve been watching lately, Jenny Mustard, Harley, Jenny Draper, Onision, Cam and Nina, Kristen Leo, Wild Daze and Krist Soup 😝
I would say I learnt about hclf veganism first from Sasha - Rice and Raw 🙂