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Thank you, Buffy.

I don’t think I could ever properly express what this show has done for me. Above all else, it’s shown me that life is worth living, no matter what. This journey I’ve been on with this show…it’s changed my life. It’s brought happiness and light and perspective and warmth. Nothing has ever done this for me before. Nothing has ever made me more…me.

So, thank you, Buffy.

20th Anniversary Buffy Birthweek: 7 Seasons  

This year, it will be 20 years since the series premier of Buffy the Vampire Slayer! So as a way to celebrate our beloved cult classic, @solaleo, @xsmallpidge, @willozsummers, @rahnesinclair, and @hotchickswithsuperpowers have teamed up to host a Buffy Birthweek. This will take place from March 4th-10th (which is the actual anniversary), and anyone can participate! We would like to encourage people to post gif sets, aesthetics, fan art, graphics, fandom discussions, metas, fanfics, or anything your heart desires. 

Each day will also have a prompt:

Day One:  7 seasons 
Day Two:  6 Characters 
Day Three:  5 Episodes 
Day Four:  4 Quotes
Day Five:  3 Themes
Day Six:  2 Ships
Day Seven:  1 Buffy

We will be tracking 20th Anniversary Buffy Birthweek and will be reblogging everything tagged for it. If you have any questions, feel free to send them here. We can’t wait to see the awesome things you guys create!


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