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Moffat’s Women - Jenny Flint

Jenny is warm and supportive, even to near-strangers in need of comfort or company. While she lovingly embraces her role of Vastra’s wife and maid, she also approaches the idea with a certain degree of subversion, ranging from playful banter with Vastra to the subtly confrontational tone she takes on with Simeon. She’s not just at anybody’s service.

It is notable that Jenny’s down to earth nature appears in contrast with Vastra. Her own story disregards social conventions when it comes to her marriage and Jenny is just as likely to start sword fights, confront nefarious suspects and pick locks. She is truly as dangerous as she is mundane… never mind that she doesn’t so much as bat an eye at Vastra eating people. The Watson to Vastra’s Sherlock Holmes clearly adores everything her extraordinary profession entails and is a force to be reckoned with, all on her own.