Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint encounter the evil Dr Simeon. Vastra rebuffs Dr Simeon’s assertion that their relationship is inproper by disregarding Victorian social constraints to proudly announce that she and Jenny are respectable Victorian lesbians, because they are MARRIED! 💚💚

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In the spirit of the season, these 55 seconds of joy from 2012 are always worth sharing again. I like Strax’s version of Rudolph the best. I’ve heard that song once too often this season.

I hope we see these guys again before Moffat moves on. 

Madame Vastra: A Character Study

Vastra: All humans are nothing more than stupid, filthy, pathetic apes who aren’t worthy of the ground I walk on. 

 Jenny: *Exists* 

 Vastra:…..Except for that one…..*pulls out a ring* Please marry me???

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