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Tag Thing

So I was tagged by to do a tag thing!! 

Rules: Tag 10 followers you want to get to know better.

Tagged by: @phanlands-and-bandlands​ who is fricking awesome cause were both from Texas and has a rad blog. 

Who I Tag:  @autoghost @william-shitspeare @that-one-genderfluid-demon @potatohhead @dansprettybrowneyes @paintedflowerz @potsexxual @aph-wurst @noplacelike-backstage @aphcheesecake

Height: I’m short at around like 5′3ish 5′3 ½??

Time rn: 6:18

Last thing I googled: urban dictionary 

Fav Fictional Character: Either Simon from Immortal Instruments or Rock Lee from Naruto 

Fav Famous Person: Melanie Martinez 

Fav Book: I love Harry Potter to death but Looking for Alaska is one of my favs too.. 

Fav Band: errrrrm gosh idk.. like fall out boy or twenty one pilots??grouplove?? this is a hard question.

Song stuck in your head rn: The Ouran High School Host club theeeeeme

Last movie you saw: I think it was like the Fox and the Hound which makes me sob

Last Show I watched: Steven Universe 

Dream Job: kinda a job that involves nature or kids?? or helping people??

What is your fanfic author name: wtf?? i don’t have one??

If you could be anywhere rn where would you be: somewhere snowy or cool because texas is humid af right now and i am dyinnnng