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I would go on tour with them, on planes, in the back of limos, to parties. I would be on stage with Led Zeppelin, the Stones, The Who and The Doors. It was a magic time.” - Pamela Des Barres

Yes, I’ve watched it from behind the soundboard, I think even from the ceiling a couple of times. I maybe even hung from a chandelier or two.” - Bebe Buell

Another Chance

Summary: The reader ends up on a double date with Dean. Will they have a good time or will they drive themselves and everyone else crazy?

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,979

“I can’t do this. I’m leaving your ass here. Call me when you need to be picked up!” You declare strongly, ignoring the sheer panic flashing across your best friend’s pretty features.

“Don’t you dare. Let’s go!” Jenny huffs theatrically, grabbing a hold of your bicep and refusing to set you free.

“I did not agree to this.” You whine dramatically making your best friend suddenly shoot daggers at you.

“You agreed to go on this double date! Come on, Y/N. This is my first date with Sam and I’m really nervous. I need a buffer.”

“I figured my date would be someone I actually like. Sam has so many cute friends and he picked his god damn brother. What the fuck?”

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Coming Out

Characters: Uncle!Dean x Niece!Reader, Father!Sam x Daughter!Reader (Reader is a teenager, age not stated but arounbd 16 or 17)

Words: 1180

Summary: The reader talks to her uncle about figuring out her sexuality. Once she figures it out, she tells her dad that she’s bi-sexual. 

Warnings: talk about sexuality, crying, bi-sexuality 

Hey guys. This is a special story to me, very special. I wanted to write and post it this month because it’s Pride month, and it seems more than appropriate. I’ll talk more about it all at the end of the one shot, so enjoy. 

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Seeing some of the SDCC interview bits on Jensen’s idea for the end of the show makes me think back on his former idea in which he leaves the Impala behind and trades it for a motorcycle. I think this would fit so well together with Dean hanging up hunting. And it would also fit perfectly to how I personally had always headcanoned a perfect sweet and tragic ending to that idea of Jensen’s. Because I would adore it if when Dean traded the Impala for a motorcycle, he’d just leave a note in the glove compartment saying

“May she be as much of a home to you as she was to me”

and when we’d see some pick it up there’d also sit a journal, not John’s but a similar looking one, and we’d see the person who decided to take the Impala open it up and the first page, complete with a few scrabbles and the picture Bobby took of all of them before they went out to “hunt the devil” in S4, just reads:

“Buckle up, kid: I’m Dean Winchester. And this is my story.”

Just Roommates

Originally posted by hallowedbecastiel

Request: Hi! Can u do one where the reader is in love with Dean and one day he brings a girl to the bunker and introduces her as his girlfriend and the reader is kinda mean to her, but later on tries to move on from Dean with Crowley and Dean finds out and you decide how it ends?

Pairing: Dean x reader/Crowley x reader

Word Count: 1,900ish

Warnings: language, implied smut

A/N: Oh you really shouldn’t have let me decide how to end this one…

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog and all your meta. Just everything. 😍 I was wondering what are your head cannons you have for Dean? if there are any.

Lovely anon!

Thank you for your message and the compliments *hugs* It means a lot. <3

Gosh, there are actually too many headcanons to count that I have regarding Dean :’) I have an entire tag dedicated to my Headcanons and Wishlists (not all but a lot of them circle around Dean as he’s the character I tend to write about most) if you are curious to dig through those - some you may also find woven into metas on Dean in my Dean Winchester Meta tag.

But I’ll also give you a headcanon of mine here right now, though one may rather see it as fringe canon or just simple character analysis. I have been re-watching a few episodes lately that featured Dean and his childhood and/or episodes in which kids are the main focus and the ones Dean connects with deeply from the get go.

One very strong example of that is early in the series in 1x03 “Dead in the Water” and the way Dean forges a bond and friendship with Lucas, a little boy who lost his father and saw him die unable to do anything about it and was traumatized by this event and stopped talking.

There are countless parallels to be drawn between Lucas and Dean as they share a very similar experience. The major difference being that everything surrounding Lucas’ trauma is connected and associated with the element of water whereas Dean’s trauma is connected and associated to the element of fire - the polar opposite. Just like Lucas saw his father dragged into the lake unable to do anything about it, Dean likely saw his mom burning on the ceiling.

And both - Lucas and Dean - though they were just a kids and there is absolutely nothing they could have done in that moment - carry a certain amount of guilt with them (which is partially also playing a part of why Dean thinks he doesn’t deserve to be saved, of course within SPN this only comes up in S4 and realted to what he did in Hell, but if you watch the show closely, there are enough hints right from the beginning that show that Dean is way too alright with dying that are all connected to his low self-esteem and his self-loathing).

Throughout the entire episode we see Dean connecting with Lucas - whether it is through the toy soldiers Lucas plays with that could be seen as a metaphor for how Lucas wished for protection in that moment on that lake (which is why he has them with him at all times now, they form a barrier, a wall, a protective layer) while at the same time these toy soldiers symbolize the end of childhood in itself (and of course toy soldiers also directly connect to the Winchesters, because Dean used to have those too - plus heartbreakingly enough Dean himself was raised to be a “kid soldier” essentially and this narrative and aspect is revisited a lot over the course of the series whenever the line of Dean being “a good little soldier and nothing else” comes up again) -

and getting glimpses into how Dean dealt as a child himself after he lost his mother, his father, his home and really any sense of stability and innocence and his entire childhood in one night. He also - like Lucas -

didn’t feel like talking as Dean reveals. 

What I love about Dean’s interactions with kids is that he is taking the place of someone he himself would have needed as a child, someone who believes and listens and acknowledges his fear and pain.

so in a sense with saving and listening and building up confidence in all these kids the Winchesters meet along the way from Lucas in S1 to Timmy in S9 (who even more directly is set up as a Dean mirror - I’ll write a great deal more about this in my “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness” meta series as I have just re-watched said episode and now need to find time to gif and type out all the different things that are important wonderful about this episode) Dean may subconsciously heal himself a bit as well by helping and providing the help for these traumatized children that he himself never got. Just look at Dean’s face and emotions in this moment - to me when Dean saves Lucas here to a certain extent he also “saves” himself, his child self in a sense. This scene always gets to me, I mean just look at Dean here, you can see the memories written all over it.

So yes to me with helping others and especially children Dean may mend himself in a way as well and that very character trait of Dean, his way of caring deeply, his empathy and thoughfulness drifts over into what I think Dean’s profession may have been had he grown up to lead a normal life without monsters. Helping others and the wish to relieve pain, etc. to me feels like a character trait that is inherent to Dean unrelated to his trauma or past, therefore I think Dean may have chosen a job in which he had the chance to save people or at the very least help them.

In 1x22 “Devil’s Trap” Dean himself voices this:

And of course this makes perfect sense as this shows how Dean would have wanted to like turn back time and be a fireman to be able to save his mother or at the very least keep others safe from losing loved ones in a fire. And it’s these character traits that’s been part of Dean fro childhood onwards that make me believe that if Dean had been able to live a normal life that he’d have gone into the field of social work or medicine.

I think Dean would have searched for a job like fireman, paramedic or doctor (I think Dean’s love for “Dr. Sexy MD” doesn’t have all that much to do with Dr. Sexy MD as a person as it does with the fact that this show focuses rather on the interpersonal dramas rather than the big traumatic events, I think among other things he enjoys how Dr. Sexy MD is able to help people, save them), because in those jobs he’d also be in “saving people” business. But I can alos picture Dean as a social worker in a similar fashion as Sonny for example and moreover I think Dean also may have made an excellent therapist. Basically I think Dean may always have gravitated towards a professional that allowed him to help others. Gosh, this got longer than I had intended… Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this headcanon a bit. :)

Just Roommates (Part 3)

Originally posted by jensen-jay

Summary: Sam calls reader back to the bunker for an emergency and things come to a head…

Part 1 Part 2

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,400ish

Warnings: lots of language

A/N: Sorry, not sorry…

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anonymous asked:

I've pretty much given up hope for Dean being anything other than wallpaper again in season 13 (or, actually, for as long as Dabb's in charge. He definitely has his favorites and Dean's not one.) But if you could wave a magic wand, what would you like to see for Dean next season and also as his character's eventual endgame?

Hey dear anon!

I’m sorry it took me a bit to get back to your ask. Sadly, I also feel rather pessimistic about S13 and the potential it might hold. And sadly, yes, atm it is hard for me to imagine Dabb showing any kind of interest in giving Dean a storyline that doesn’t revolve around him being the motor to propel another character’s story. Seriously. I will never not be baffled how Dabb wrote a few of the best episodes - and also ones that were very Dean heavy - during Carver Era and now fails to capture me with his stories completely. :/ But I guess he had to write for Dean with a story of his own at the time, now he’s the show runner and he simply doesn’t seem interested in giving Dean anything worthwhile as an arc of his own, which is especially dissatisfying to me as there would be a lot that could and should be tackled.

So if I could wave a magic wand, the first thing I’d do is go back to the ending of S11 and start of S12 and change the fact that Dabb would transfer Dean’s storyline of mind control and loss of agency and free will to Mary and with that would also try and let Lucifer rest in peace so that the annoying character would be off the board and the nephilim stuff would also be out of the picture - because let’s face it is just another repeat of the Amara arc just done so much worse (imo) and of course in a way that also transfers Dean’s important and vital role in this arc to Sam with the Nephilim. I mean, I had just stumbled upon this meta of mine from S11 and I was so angry when seeing spelt out so clearly what Dabb has done, because essentially the blueprint Amara was talking about, a world without pain (and I do think she truly wanted that and not annihilation, that only came after her brother betrayed her all over again), etc. seems to be a great deal what Jack, Lucifer’s son, ma have shown Castiel and his mother when he took over control over their bodies.

But I’m getting off track… Basically what I want is a storyline for Dean that is focused on him and not someone else. I wished that what was set up and explored during Carver’s run with Dean’s place in the universe and his specialness as essentially the ultimate symbol for divinity and humanity (the christ figure) would come back and would be tied up in connection to Dean healing. He has been through so much in the past seasons with the MoC and all. I don’t need Dean to be distraught over that or suffering all season, but I want recognition of his trauma and experiences by the writers, because fuck damn, not just Sam had a tough life. It could be a flashback here or there, some moment of reflection shown on Dean’s behalf to showcase that Dean is working through these experiences, something like that I’d enjoy seeing.

And that’s bringing me to what I think is most important to me: That the show corrects it’s horrendous treatment of Dean last season in which the narrative flat-out said and showed that Dean doesn’t matter to his mother (opposed to how usually it was cleverly inserted that that is what Dean thinks - that he is least important, etc. but that the people around him proved that to not be the case). I want and need for Mary to apologize to Dean (if she returns) and I need her to acknowledge how horribly she treated her older son. i don’t think for me anything could happen now to redeem Mary in that regard, but it would be a first step to get a scene that suggests the writers are aware of how distasteful they made clear that Dean literally doesn’t seem to exist for his loved ones unless he talks about someone else’s burdens and traumas while completely ignoring that they could at least infer that Dean has a lot of scars to show too.

Don’t get me wrong, of course Dean would never voice any of that himself - that is proving the point. But I need the narrative to be aware of that and not literally treat Dean like he isn’t of import as a character in his own right, because that’s what S12 hammered down: that Dean’s hopes and thoughts and emotions were either ignored or ridiculed or treated as wrong and unimportant.

So to me really the most important thing is that dean is allowed to be himself and that the narrative may show him grow more independent. It would be vital for dean to maybe spent some time by himself and just do what he wants - because when he was a demon, it really didn’t count and just added to the pile of things Dean feels guilty for or is ashamed of. Voicing that he had to be more than he ever should have had to be in 12x22 “Who We Are” was a first step, so I want Dean to be carried by the people around him.

And of course I’d lie if I didn’t deep down always harbor some hope that the writers would at some point bring back Michael - and that that arc and story would revolve and be tied to Dean. And yeah, I also won’t ever not want Jensen to play Michael. Just once!!! Please just friggin once!

So yeah, I’m sorry for spewing so much negative and critical stuff here, but as someone who cares about Dean most, Dabb’s “Supernatural” has left me hanging. But if we are just talking about some scenes. Here’s an utterly in exhaustive list of things I’d love to see for and with Dean:

- A “Risky Business”-like scene with Dean dancing through the bunker! :)

- Sam throwing a party for Dean’s birthday

- Dean making himself a pie (and yes, there’s lots of symbolism and bitterness in this one lol)

- Dean being badass (he always is, but you know what I mean, more scenes like Dean shooting Azazel)

- A scene where Dean just enjoys to truly drive Baby at maximum speed through a beautiful landscape

- Jensen getting more opportunity to show his talent, more challenges like with “Regarding Dean” in S12

Oh, and in terms of endgame (I haven’t thought about it much lately), I think I really just want Dean to have been able to heal and be somewhere in the broader ballpark of happy - even if that may be in the afterlife. In general though I still hold on to my scenarios in which Dean leaves the Impala behind and trades it for the open road on a motorcycle (as Jensen once mused about) leaving a note in the gloves compartment for anyone who may own the Impala next, saying: “May she be as much as a home for you as she was for me.”