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My summary of the Defenders so far: Three unlikely heroes team up to try and stop a stupid white boy from being an idiot but his idiocy prevails ‘cause he’s a stupid idiot.

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  • Sarah: Uh, you know there isn't such a thing as hospital bar and I think it's a shame. This is probably why people hate hospitals.
  • Sarah: It has been god damn two weeks and I haven't even taken one sip!!!!!!!
Cock Edging Mental Viewfinders

Cock edging can be intensified and be made more and more pleasurable. The rise on the inside of your pants, an increased heartrate, sexual awareness around you, and the desire to retreat into pleasure are all an indication that your fetish happy place is calling your attention. Get into what your mental viewfinder stimulus does for your body.

A mental viewfinder is what snaps your imagination and clicks your dick to react in such a way that it chubs or thickens up, in your underwear or panties- while you sit at your desk, in your car, or on your couch. A mental viewfinder is in a sense your fetish happy place.

Your mental viewfinder may be an image of two big breasts and the deep cleavage they create or silky nylon thigh highs or a panty covered ass, or even you on your knees infront of a Mistress, ready to serve with no limits what-so-ever. That is where your cock edging begins - where your foundation for orgasm building starts. For gooners, this is where you enter the goon and start to sink into the bliss.

Mental viewfinders and cock edging can still work while locked in a chastity cage.



Katy Perry | Jenny Cage & Tom Betterton | InStyle Magazine October 2011

Raspberry is our color of the day. Katy Perry fashions up a berry-tinged hair metamorphosis as InStyle Magazine’s October cover girl! The pop queen, lensed by Jenny Cage and Tom Betterton, talks about her:

“ … always-delicious red carpet style (“I kind of use this inner dial: Either I turn it up or down), to down time with hubby Russell Brand (on having kids: “Not yet, I think if you’re married, it’s often in your future”), to her secret to having it all (hint: stand your ground). “I’m not going to sit and be steamrolled,” she says. “I am full of unicorns and Care Bears 99 percent of the time, but don’t open Pandora’s Box of that other 1 percent—because it’s there!” One fun thing you’ll learn: Her always-perfect makeup is a work of magic—on tour, it gets applied while she’s dozing off. “I ordered a special chair from the dentist so I can lie back and wake up looking like a million bucks—I call it my Sleeping Beauty makeup.”