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Sleepy Hollow AU - Reverse

Changed by his service in the British Army and reluctant to face his disappointed father, Ichabod Crane flees to America to recover with his long-time friend Abraham Van Brunt. Abraham is now a successful lawyer with his own firm and a large fortune, a large part of which is funded through embezzling and bribery. While living with Abraham, Ichabod meets his fiancée, the wealthy Katrina Van Tassel, with whom he is immediately enraptured. 

Determined to separate them and marry his fiancée, Abraham’s connections come into use. He buries Ichabod’s name in the mud and forces his relocation to a small dead-end town half-way across the country known as Sleepy Hollow. Guilty and despondent at having torn a relationship apart, Ichabod lives alone, working a 9 to 5 job at the local police department. However, his life is suddenly transformed by the appearance of a strange woman claiming amazing things; as their bond grows stronger, his past comes back to haunt him and his role as Witness is realised.

(Abigail Mills)


War isn’t coming to Sleepy Hollow; it’s been here all along.


This is beautiful and I am weeping

Sleepy Holloween Week- An Appreciation Week

Hello Sleepyheads!

Sleepy Hollow Central is excited to bring to our first Sleepy Hollow Fest: Sleepy Holloween Week!

The purpose of the event is to celebrate our favorite TV show, Sleepy Hollow, with Halloween inspired fanwork! Graphics, fic, fanvids, fanart, crafts and meta, are all welcome. Each day will have its own theme that should be related to the spooky holiday or the spooky mythos surrounding the show! We’ll start with a prompting period from 10/18-10/21. Please submit all prompts to the following link.

Creators if you see a prompt you like you can start work right away. The posting period for creations will start on 10/25-10/31.

Fans are encouraged to create and submit their work to show their support and love for Sleepy Hollow. Whether it’s general fanwork or if you want to show off your favorite ship, we will accept all submissions! We encourage everyone to submit up to 7 prompts based on the themes below. We will then compile all of the prompts to one list and post them.  Feel free to fill as many prompts as you like. There is no limit on the number of fills for any prompt.

If you want to participate make sure to tag your posts as #sleepyholloween. Additionally, please  mention Sleepy Holloween Week in your posts and the day/theme you’re posting for.

Below you will find the theme dates. The prompt submission guidelines can be found here.


10/25- Day 1: Family
10/26- Day 2: Tragedy
10/27- Day 3: Romance
10/28- Day 4: History/Mythology
10/29- Day 5:  Humor
10/30- Day 6: AU/Crossover
10/31- Day 7: Horror


  • Music Mixes/Playlists
  • Videos
  • Fan Art
  • Graphics
  • Crafts
  • Metas
  • Fanfic

If you have any additional questions our ask is open!

Please participate! We want everyone to have fun.

Sleepyhead Twitter Takeover Recap:

Great job tonight Sleepyheads! We had an awesome time live-tweeting the episode of Sleepy Hollow and we actually managed to trend the following:

Pied Piper
Grace Abigail Mills
Edit: Ricky Bobby also trended

We additionally uncovered a sponsor who livetweeted the event:

Please show your support for Olive Garden when you get the chance.

This is an awesome accomplishment and we want to thank everyone for participating tonight! We will fill you in with more activities that are soon to come. Halloween is just around the corner after all. ;)

Have a great night Sleepyheads and thanks for the wonderful time!

List of Sleepy Hollow Sponsors

Hello Sleepyheads,

The tweeting isn’t over yet. If you could take a moment to tweet our sponsors and thank them for supporting the show, that would be great! Below are the sponsors as well as a direct link to their twitter pages! Make sure to include #SleepyHollow. Click under the read more for the rest of the list. Thanks!


Cricket Wireless



US Airforce




Halloween Horror Nights


Boston Market



The Judge


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