Doctor Who Gifset The Doctor’s Daughter-There’s so much pain and loss in his eyes when he tries to tell Jenny that there are other options besides just killing. That there’s always a choice. That if he could he would go back and make that make choice to change what had happened.  But he knows he can’t, and he is desperately trying to tell Jenny that killing,all that death, will haunt her and follow her for the rest of her life.

On a side note: I do really miss the writing and the heart that this show used to have. Where the consequences of ones actions whether it was the Doctor’s, a companion’s, or whoever were thought upon with careful judgement and dealt with accordingly in a manner that made you really think and care. Where one could learn a moral lesson with each episode and can still enjoy that wonderful time and space traveling charm we all come to love with Doctor Who. You just don’t see that anymore with the newer series. It’s almost like the show lost one of it’s hearts. 

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Some people are saying that even if Kevin knew that Stevonnie was just two kids, he still flirted with them during the race. I know that's how some people see it, but I think he was just edging them on cause he probably figured out that the two of them wanted revenge and he used their anger against them. Don't really know how to phrase it, but I don't like how people make him out to be an ultra creep. He's deceiving and manipulative, but he wouldn't flirt after knowing that information

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Why was Kevin able to recognize Stevonnie as Connie and Steven? And why was he so nonchalant with it? Nbd just to kids in a beautiful trench coat, and NO ONE there questions that??

I put these two asks together because I think they can be answered together. 

First, I absolutely think that Kevin was egging Stevonnie on, on purpose. He takes a moment up on the hill to look at how edgy they are and then smirks and decides to bait them into losing their cool. Aside from the “you want to be close to me” line, the other things weren’t really flirty to me (though I am terrible and being able to tell when people are flirting if the lines aren’t explicit enough). But his goal wasn’t to flirt, it was to make them feel uncomfortable.

To me, that’s equally bad. That’s still being an ultra-creep, deceiving, and manipulative. But yes, I think that creep-factor (I don’t use “creep” often, please pardon my bastardising the word) increases knowing that Stevonnie is two children because Stevonnie does bear a striking resemblance to Steven and Connie, and in the car wash they acted in a very similar way to Stevonnie at the rave.

Kevin mainly interacts with teens, most of whom brush him aside and ignore him. That’s what Greg, another older character, says too. Jenny doesn’t even react when he quips at her after he wins the race. Ronaldo doesn’t rise up to his mock-challenge to race someone else. They boo him later on, but they won’t engage with him directly. This would also explain why no one reacted to his “beautiful trench coat” analogy. No one cares about what he has to say.

Given that, most people probably don’t hold a specific grudge against Kevin, but Steven and Connie do. He interpreted their rejection of him at the dance as playing hard-to-get (please, if you’re reading this, never think that; in an age where you can tweet about your washroom habits, hard-to-get isn’t a real thing, especially in intimate spaces like dancing). This is also why he was able to recognise them quickly, but brushes it off because he likes attention. Period. And he could care less whether that’s positive, negative, or coming from children, because he knows once he has their attention, he can control them.


Day 24: Merry X-mas!

This has been a real labor of love for Cherry. We’re so excited to finally share it with you. Although we are going to miss you guys asking where the Jenny video is. ;)


Steven Universe - Kiki’s Pizza Delivery Service (full episode)

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Jenny is constantly concerned for Steven and is willing to stand up to anyone to protect him.

In the last episode she was concerned over Stevonnie and was about to drive up to check on them.

She and the cool kids crew were about to bust Lars.

She was about ready to die stepping in FRONT OF GARNET MID PUNCH!  

She is a precious, brave, good person and I need an episode about her please.

Can we take a moment to respect how awful Ronaldo has it right now?

1. He hasn’t been able to blog

2. He called the pretend relationship a bad idea from the start

3. He did all this pretending for his family and friends anyway

4. Of all the times he could have been seen by his very real girlfriend (because his friends and family doubted his word) it was also that time 

5. His attempt at chasing after her failed miserably and that’s not what’s eating at everyone else. They’re sad in the photo because of the failed attempt to end the war, which is valid but I think Ronaldo deserved an apology for being made to take part in a plan he wasn’t comfortable with from the start

6. He’s been trying to communicate with her nonstop

7. At the end of the episode when everything is resolved, his problems clearly have just begun

And they have been visibly together. They were watching the race in Beach City Drift. That may have been where they met.

Ronaldo hasn’t been perfect, but we’re seeing him be less destructive in his wanting to be a part of something special. That’s a start. He’s also starting to form better interpersonal relationships and he’s found someone who shares his interest. Peedee tries to support Ronaldo, we see it in Keep Beach City Weird and Rising Tides, Crashing Skies, but it’s not the same as having someone he can engage with with the level of interest he has. And she seems really nice. I’m really sorry her feelings were hurt, but I think Ronaldo’s relationship was brushed aside for the main plot of this episode. This is an arc I need to see develop 0.0