so um ok i was tagged

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so, tayjardateme tagged me and i am here to answer and tag.

I was asked:

  1. How old were you when you first met someone famous?
    Like 14? this is sad but i didn’t care much about famous people expect if you were drake bell then i got into this bands and i am regretting my existence

  2. Do you say aubergine as O-bergine or Au-bergine?
    what da fuck is that… ohhh i searched it, ok amm i think i pronounce it as au-bergine? i hope it is the correct way

  3. A country you want to live in?
    Italy fuckyesmodafucka

  4. Do you want to travel?
    yes and no, yes because i want to meet new people and new places but no because i am scared of heights so i have a big problem here

  5. Do you know another language?
    well spanish and english

  6. Any pets?
    no :( i want a cat so bad it hurts

  7. Favourite boy/girl names?
    Girl: Desireé, Genesaret Boy: Gabriel, Zack

  8. Do you want to have a family one day?
    yes because i don’t want to be alone and no because of the pain

  9. Sexual orientation?

  10. Is there anything you feel you were put on this Earth to do?
    i don’t know but i hope so

  11. Have you had a good day? If not have a cuddle. *Cuddles*
    well my day is starting, i hope i have a good day 

I ask:

  1. something you regret
  2. something you cannot live without.
  3. best year of your life and why
  4. are you in love?
  5. your worst fear
  6. favorite food
  7. favorite/s blog/s
  8. top 5 books
  9. favorite place to eat
  10. something you are looking forward to
  11. best concert you have attended?