I’m not really sure what to say about these. I wasn't sure what I was gonna do with my nails when I sat down to do them and this is what came out. They are definitely bright and fun so that’s something. I used my Orly Instant Artist polishes for these. I'm obviously obsessed with lines and these guys are a life saver.


If you haven’t followed @jennsnails yet, you’re missing out. Her line work and detailing is perfect!! Every time!! I had to repost her recreation of my recreation of @ayumutksw’s amazing design! @jennsnails, you make me swoon!

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Watercolor take two. I knew when I first tried watercoloring and it didn’t really work out that I was going to try it again soon. This time I LOVE how they ended up looking. I decided to add a little glitter and frame them to add something different.  I still find  framing my nails pretty stressful but I always love how they end up looking.


I wanted to do something bright and summery so I decided to use Flip Flip Fantasy. The formula isn’t great but I just love how bright this color is so it makes up for the so-so formula. For the ring and thumb I wasn’t sure what to do and saw a pattern similar to this on a dress and thought it might be fun. It kinda reminds me of a maze or something! Also I recently passed 1000 followers, which is amazing! Thank you guys so much for the support!

Guys, I just really love these. This was another instance of not really knowing what I was gonna do and just sitting down and playing around with stuff. I usually try to look around for inspiration, or try to copy a pattern I see on clothes but that doesn't always result in nails that I LOVE like I do these. I feel like they are kinda tribal but i feel like everyone is so sick of seeing those. Plus, I didn’t pull out my dotting tool so they cant be too tribal right? Anyways, hope yall like these as much as I do! Happy Monday!