Day 31 of the 31dc2014!! I made it! it took me forever but I made it.

To celebrate nails that I love I’ve tried to recreate a nail art done by the amazing Jennsnails! Go and check her nail art, they are gorgeous!

here I’ve used Essie butler please, Color Club in Age of Aquarius and Popstatic and finally China Glaze in That’s shore bright.

I’m not really sure what to say about these. I wasn't sure what I was gonna do with my nails when I sat down to do them and this is what came out. They are definitely bright and fun so that’s something. I used my Orly Instant Artist polishes for these. I'm obviously obsessed with lines and these guys are a life saver.


I wanted to do something bright and summery so I decided to use Flip Flip Fantasy. The formula isn’t great but I just love how bright this color is so it makes up for the so-so formula. For the ring and thumb I wasn’t sure what to do and saw a pattern similar to this on a dress and thought it might be fun. It kinda reminds me of a maze or something! Also I recently passed 1000 followers, which is amazing! Thank you guys so much for the support!

Guys, I just really love these. This was another instance of not really knowing what I was gonna do and just sitting down and playing around with stuff. I usually try to look around for inspiration, or try to copy a pattern I see on clothes but that doesn't always result in nails that I LOVE like I do these. I feel like they are kinda tribal but i feel like everyone is so sick of seeing those. Plus, I didn’t pull out my dotting tool so they cant be too tribal right? Anyways, hope yall like these as much as I do! Happy Monday!

I got the inspiration for these by just walking around Anthropologie and taking pictures of pretty much everything. I came home picked my favs and this is what I ended up with! Really like these and anthro is probably my favorite place for nail art inspo, so check it out if you are lacking!