Today in life I've learned..

We’ve been on the bumpiest road yet for the last few days, and I have to say it has brought out both of our weakest sides. It has brought out frustration and anger, but I’m glad we came out together in one piece as a stronger couple. I’ve never put in so much effort into a relationship.. So much where you want to work everything out and face every problem instead of avoiding and running away from them. Even though I was at my lowest point, I learned that something like this shouldn’t get in the way of a relationship. It should teach you the ways of communication, commitment, patience and trust, all the things we've concurred. I feel like I’ve finally grown up and actually found the key to what a true relationship is.

Seeing how everything has turned out, I see a long happy relationship ahead of me. :)

To my other half, thank you for this.


I have the sweeetest boyfriend, ever♥

I’ve had food poisoning or the flu since I woke up yesterday, I think that just says how I feel right now.  I didn’t go to school today because I knew I wouldn’t be better. So I told my boyfriend about how I was doing, so he took the bus from school, then walked to my house to give me Gatorade and Sierra Mist. Apparently those are supposed to make you feel better but it was all about the thought. No one has ever done something like that for me before, and I felt so touched that there’s someone in this world who really cares about me like he does. Thank you so much for being my superhero♥


January 16, 2012 ~ Herrrrrrro :) I think he will kill me for uploading the second picture because of his eyes, hahahaha. I don’t know what it is but he makes me happy even when he doesn’t do anything. ♥


Your eyes give butterflies, your personality gives smiles, your heart  brings comfort, your voice makes my heart skip a beat. The greatest feeling is this happiness, and it’s everything I could ask for ♥