Someone commented on my drawing “The Healer and the Impossible” and it made me really happy to know that the piece actually made an impression. I always take great care in drawing faces because it tells so, so much about what the person is thinking and feeling and just what kind of person he/she is. I imagine The Hybrid as a sacred bond between the (Twelfth) Doctor and Clara, their souls connected, their hearts seared onto another by the universe. I used a lot of reference too because I thought it wouldn’t mean anything if I couldn’t make them resemble Peter and Jennna. So this may not look so complicated, but it’s a tough work.

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The Weight of Us

Chapter I

~The fam goes on vacation and Maks and Meryl reconnect. Let me know if I should continue

“Okay everyone is finally here!!” Jennna squealed in excitement to the group in the huge crowded living room. She had put together a huge vacation for everyone in the fam and she made sure every single person could make it niw everyone was here. The room consisted of: Henry, Sharna, Paul, Val, Jenna, Niclole and her new husband; Artem, Peta, Emma, Meryl, and the last to arrive, Maks. Clearly this was going to be an interesting vacation.

“Okay so Maks has finally arrived and now we can assign room assignments. Some are gonna have to share because there’s not enough room for singles” Jenna explained happily with her little plan. A certain bird informed her that Maks and Peta had broken up about a month ago and she was ecstatic to begin her misson.

“So I have put Sharna and her boyfriend together in the downstairs bedroom next to the newlyweds in the west wing, is that okay?” she asked, earning nods from both couples.
“Great. Now Peta and Emma will be downstairs also but in the east wing by the kitchen. You good with that?”

“Yea perfect.” Emma smiled, but Peta just grumbled, earning an awkward silence.

“Okay then, Henry and Artem will be on the first up stairs annnnnd Val you have the option if rooming with me or Maks.” she informed him.

“I don’t mind sharing with you.” he said casually.

“Perfect, then that means Maks and Meryl will have the last room on the third floor.” she chirped happily dismissing everyone.

Locking eyes from across the room, Maks made his way towards Meryl.

“Hi…” she said quietly as she rose from the couch.

“Hey. Where’s your stuff? ” he asked gently, wanting to get up to there room.
Pointing to a corner with her suitcase in it, Maks grabbed her belongings and took her hand in his, heading towards the stairs. They both felt curious eyes on them but they ignored them as they made there way up the stairs to find their room.
Opening the door they were instructed to find, they both made there way inside and shutted the door behind them. Setting the bags down, Maks and Meryl took in the enormous room. The entire room was painted a deep blue with white trimmings, a balcony with french doors were spread open as grey draps moved with the breeze, a king sized four poster bed decorated the center of the room as a grey silk comfort set overflowed the tall matress with tons of throw pillows.

“This is gorgeous…Jenna really went all out.” Meryl said happily while inspecting the room.

“Yea, she did.” Maks agreed looking at her. Making his way over to her, Maks slowly embraced her in a hug, desperate to have contact with her.

“I missed you.” he breathed into her neck as she returned his embrace hesitantly.

“I missed you more.”
Pulling apart, they busied themselves with unpacking, Maks having to sprint downstairs to retrieve his luggage.

“Jenna said dinner will be in a few hours babe.” Maks informed her as he came in with his bags.

“Well until then we should probably settle in a little bit.” Meryl suggested.

“Okay. The closest is a walk in so we can share that.”

“Yea its similar to yours actually and theres a dresser that we can put socks and stuff in.”

“What do you want to do about the sleeping arrangements, there’s only one bed.”

“Well…we’ve shared before Maks.”

“I know I just want you to be comfortable.” He said gently.

“You don’t make me uncomfortable…so I don’t see the problem.”

“Neither do I…”

“Then it’s settled then, we’ll sleep together.”

“Fine with me. Are you ready to go down to dinner ?”

“Yes I am starving.” she replied heading for the door.