My friend’s dad used to work on Kim Possible and one time we went with him to work and I remembered how a classmate of mine had asked me once why Bonnie’s boobs were round and Kim’s were pointy so I asked my friend and her dad walked in and my friend immediately spun the question on him and I was like no wait stop but without even blinking he just said ‘because Kim’s are real’

Btw, Tumbles, I’ve made my way into two theatrical productions this summer!

Warehouse - an original musical written by a good friend of mine

Wherein I’ve been cast a mysterious and bitter woman known only as Her. She’s the shadowy figure all up in the front and center. So that’s pretty nifty, I think.

and Clue: the Musical - which is pretty self-explanatory, I’d hope.

In which I play the Detective.

Rehearsals have already begun for both productions and I am really, really excited about them!

I just wanted to introduce them to you, because I’ll probably be blogging about them often, what with how much time I’ll be devoting to both, and I’d like to document the processes a bit. (This will probably devolve pretty quickly into stupid jokes made in rehearsal and pictures of people being big doofs).

If you couldn’t give less of a shit about my escapades in theatre, I’ll be tagging them as Wurrhaus and Clue-hoo-hoo respectively, so there’s your way out of it! (Or Jennlife if you’d like to avoid my personal posts about my IRLadventures altogether).