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“Having such a supportive family has really shaped the person that I am today. [My parents] say I was born with a natural confidence — but that wouldn’t be discovered without the unconditional love and support that they provided. Having that [kind of] family helps you really discover who you are.”

Jazz Jennings And Her Mom Give Honest Advice To Parents Raising Transgender Teens

whose videos/photos have killed you (from cuteness) more this month

Jensen and Danneel


Jared and Genevieve


Joshifer Daily Reminder: Josh and Jen have spent a lot of time with each other’s families. 

Jen’s grandparents have pictures of Josh and Jen playing on set. Josh’s grandfather has been out to eat with both of them. Josh texts Jen’s dad to trash talk over Louisville/Kentucky basketball. 

And nothing says comfortable like Jen kissing Michelle’s cheek or Josh playing with baby Bear in Hawaii. And we all know how Bear feels about Joshy. 

Jen and Josh - connected.


 Gif borrowed from @jennifirlaurence.

anonymous asked:

Is she gonna be staying in NYC till cinemacon?

Her makeup artist is supposedly on set today. She posted a pic saying she was on location….in Budapest. So I assume Jen is as well. Which means someone is not telling the truth. Either the makeup artist or these pics they are trying to push as today.

Jen has no been confirmed as attending cinemacon, I don’t know why you people believe an idiot blog who stalks Jen’s family.

We don’t know if she will be there. She may or may not, how about we wait and see.