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Happy 5th Birthday Stickyfrogs! 😊🎉🎈🐸🐸🐸🐸🎁🎊😊
The Stickyfrogs have had a wonderful party today to celebrate their 5th Birthday!
Everyone had an exciting party hat!
They got a special giant frog card from the small frogs!
And Barry gave them a rock on behalf of the Pobblebonks!
The Stickyfrogs had a wonderful time and finished off the day with some Birthday treaties!


“Having such a supportive family has really shaped the person that I am today. [My parents] say I was born with a natural confidence — but that wouldn’t be discovered without the unconditional love and support that they provided. Having that [kind of] family helps you really discover who you are.”

Jazz Jennings And Her Mom Give Honest Advice To Parents Raising Transgender Teens

whose videos/photos have killed you (from cuteness) more this month

Jensen and Danneel


Jared and Genevieve

Gif not mine found on Yahoo Jen’s Strange Pairings Challenge I hit 580 followers so I decided to do a challenge that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I have ships I love, pairings I love and I also love Reader inserts so here’s your challenge pick your favorite pairing and if you want to do a reader insert that’s fine. Choose a prompt and a place, these will be strange. Message me with your choice of prompt and place and what pairing your doing. Tag me @deanjensengirlmaggie and “Jen’s Strange Pairings Challenge”. Fics are due by July 6th. *Prompts: “Why is there blood on your hands” “What licked me” @waywardmoeyy@manawhaat “Why is that melon warm” @superbasementflower “Please stop singing” “Why do you have a gun” “I love you, you jackass” @deanwinchester-smut “Get your hands off my Angel” “Without you, there’s no me” @deanjensengirlmaggie “Kiss Me” @wayward-oneshots “I haven’t had sex with a woman/man in a year” @purplejellybean “Who’s this” “Demon, it’s a demon” “God has a sister” “You broke my heart” @spn-twd-smut “What’s that behind your back” @jenkarev *Places: Old house @waywardmoeyy Street Corner @spn-twd-smut Closet Plane Pool/spa Graveyard @purplejellybean Dumpster A Mall @wayward-oneshots Hotel room @superbasementflower Baby’s backseat @manawhaat The woods @deanjensengirlmaggie Hell @jenkarev Heaven Lucifer’s cage @deanwinchester-smut A Different Country

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The Americans S1.09 | Episode Synopsis
Not content with merely shattering their children’s hearts, Philip and Elizabeth decide they’ll murder the kids’ love of fried chicken too.