anonymous asked:

Who are your top 5 blogs/people on tumblr!

Ahh, I’m so late since I just saw this, but here we go! This will likely be more based on the person who runs the blog, versus the things they post, because that makes sense in my head. And I follow something of a bubble of blogs that tend to post the same/similar things, so there’s that as well. Not to say they aren’t wonderful, however. :)


I can definitely say I don’t know the last two personally, but before I followed a lot of Swanfire people who seem to enjoy Charmed as much as I do, charmedxconfessions was my daily source of Charmed things. And while I may not agree with all of the confessions [just like everyone else], I really enjoy reading them and seeing everyone’s different opinions. I used to talk theories and discuss the characters/storylines with my best friends, but I never had someone to do that with on tumblr, so I kind of think of that blog as my source for that.

And the last person, well, her url is flawless and she showers my dash with Swanfire/Nealfire appreciation, which is always more than welcomed.

Everyone I follow is flawless, though, so they should all be on this list, really.