Gowns by thisbrunettestyle featuring white gold jewelry

Elie Saab blue gown, 152.416.060 IDR / Elie Saab red ball gown, 121.440.045 IDR / Elie Saab beige gown, 55.159.830 IDR / Bride gown, 38.720.015 IDR / Casadei white pointed-toe pumps, 10.308.655 IDR / Christian Louboutin black patent leather pumps, 13.024.005 IDR / Gianvito Rossi genuine leather shoes, 8.160.020 IDR / SJP leather pumps, 5.280.000 IDR / Oscar de la Renta pochette, 20.416.010 IDR / Emilio pucci handbag, 8.807.045 IDR / Love Moschino chain strap purse, 2.323.200 IDR / Kiomi purse, 415.520 IDR / Paloma Picasso cuff jewelry, 176.000.070 IDR / White gold jewelry, 125.452.850 IDR / Effy Jewelry gold diamond earrings, 30.356.490 IDR / London blue topaz jewelry, 33.088.015 IDR / Dolce Gabbana red pendant, 20.229.145 IDR / Cz cuff bracelet, 3.083.520 IDR / Kate Spade clear earrings, 957.440 IDR / Jennifer Behr silver hair comb, 17.214.635 IDR / Vittorio Ceccoli swarovski crystal hair accessory, 7.138.565 IDR

GeekShot Exclusive Photo Series Vol. 2 (Week 32)

About This Photo

Less than half of the people on stage at the end of the Fox panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

Today we’re going to talk about copyright.

It’s the part of the law that helps and protects photographers and the photos they create. It’s also the thing the internet mostly tries to ignore, either willfully or through ignorance.

In the last few weeks Beth and I have had online run-ins with a rash of people stealing our photos. They posted them on Instagram, or tumblr, or who knows where else. We sent DMCA takedowns and commented on their posts informing them of such. What was the most common response? It was either “I just found it on the internet somewhere” or anger that we would dare call them out on taking our photos. They also claimed they were doing no harm and that they “always credit”. We of course saw no credit, except the one instance someone credited the person who stole it from us before them. Such is the way of the internet today. I could go on for hours and many words about the idiocy we came across dealing with these people. But I won’t.

This leads me to the main point of this post today – I’d rather our audience here on the blog learn something rather than hear me rant. So here goes.

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